This is how Samsung crack some jokes on Apple about Camera and Bendgate.

Samsung Galaxy S6 review (4)-650-80

In the Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge unpack event the presenters from Samsung went on introducing the new features in their upcoming flagship device but they didn’t forget to crack some jokes on their rival smartphone makers i.e Apple, the only smartphone which is currently challenging Samsung empire.

The female presenter at the event was seen quoting “May be engineering is not my language but em sure that We’ve built our phones using the metal that won’t bend” while the crowd starts laughing and enjoying the light poking by the presenter to their rivals. This was a clear pointing the BendGate issue as they made cracked some jokes when the iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate pops up last year.

On another occasion another presenter focusing on the camera feature of device, didn’t forget to mention the poor result of the iPhone 6 Plus camera in low light photography and video making. Just to show how the Samsung Galaxy S6 has the better specs including the high quality optical image stabilization featured camera that can shoot awesome images even in the low light situations.

Here is the image from the keynote event.


Here is the official video of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge:

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