Time to learn: Top apps with the best online courses.

When you can’t spend much time at the computer, but you want to study, your smartphone will help you out. Here’s a list of the best apps for studying with your smartphone, from management to IT.

The frantic rhythm of modern life dictates its own rules, and quite often the only free time you have is during a trip or while driving a car, and the most accessible way to get some information is a smartphone. However, if you do not give up and try to devote every minute to self-development, then your choice is learning through a mobile app.

We have selected for you the most useful programs for the smartphone with courses on any topic. Many of them you can listen to for free, you can even get a certificate.

Udemy – online courses

One of the most popular applications, offering a huge variety of courses – about 80 thousand. Disciplines are very different: from programming languages, such as Python or Java, to training in personal growth and self-development, design, drawing, yoga, and blogging.

In addition, there are both paid and free courses offered here, and access to materials is retained forever in either case. In addition, there is excellent language support, with courses offered in more than 50 languages. This app costs $9.99 for users, but it’s well worth it.

Apps for Online Courses

Coursera: Online courses

The well-known Coursera is no less popular. Here you will find more than 2,000 courses and about 140 universities around the world participate in the project. Lectures can be viewed both online and downloaded to view later offline. The application is free, but you have to pay to receive a certificate of the course you have taken.

Skillshare Online Lessons

This app offers more than 25,000 masterclasses in a variety of creative disciplines. This includes drawing, calligraphy, various types of design, photography, illustration, social media marketing, various efficiency techniques, playing various musical instruments, and even accounting. The free trial period here is 1 month, after that the application will be for a fee.

Khan Academy

Completely free and very wealthy, this app offers more than 10,000 videos and lectures. The content covers math, science, economics, history, and many other subjects. In addition, practical material is abundantly presented: interactive tests are compiled, with both step-by-step prompts and the ability to communicate with the lecturer. You can study with this program not only online but also offline, which, of course, is quite convenient.


An application with lecture material from TED conferences. There are more than 2,000 lectures on a wide variety of topics, mostly focused on the dissemination of innovative scientific ideas. The best web videos are available for free, subtitled in 100 languages, there is online streaming of the radio of the same name, all video and audio material is available for download, and you can also create your playlists.

edX e-learning – courses from Harvard

The application reflects one of the oldest resources in the field of e-learning and allows you to get almost a complete education in any field, and if you want, it can be confirmed by the appropriate certificate. The cost of such a document is not very low, but it is worth it. The courses presented here are related to computer science, web development, engineering, business management, the arts, linguistics, politics, mathematics, and so on. If you are a student and often wonder who can write my essay – the app will help you to quickly understand incomprehensible subjects and improve your grades at university.

Stepik: free courses

Stepik is a platform with free online courses. Here you can find lectures and training on programming, mathematics, physics, biology and bioinformatics, statistics, etc. The app features include viewing video lectures, solving assignments, synchronizing with your calendar, setting reminders, connecting with lecturers and classmates, and, of course, offline work.

You can find courses from many IT companies and specialized universities on Stepik.

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