Tips about How to improve Internet Speed on Android devices.

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Sometimes you have to accept that you are using your Android within an area that has a poor signal. If you are using Wi-Fi or mobile Internet, then you may have further problems connecting because of the people around you, or even because of the building that you are in. Other times it may be due to your Android itself. It may be due to your Androids Internet capabilities or because your processor is being bogged down. Here are a few tips to help you improve the Internet speed of your Android device.

We have compiled different methods all together to creat a list of most needed tips to improve 3G, 4G and WiFi internet speed on your Android devices. One thing is for sure the better Android device you have with better specs sheet and fast processor, there will be more chances of getting better speed after following these given tips.

1 – Keep your Android up to date

This includes keeping the operating system up to date and the browser(s) that you use. The latest updates will probably have functions that speed up your Internet, and there may be bug fixes in the program that speed up your Internet too.

2 – Use a faster browser

The Android does have a good browser, but it is not the fastest on the planet. Try installing one or two and see if it increases your Android Internet speed. Try out a few different ones and see if you notice a difference. You could even try the Google Chrome browser on your Android device. The interface does not need a massive amount of CPU power to render and use, and the browser is pretty fast.

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3 – Widgets may be slowing things down

There are sometimes widgets on your Android that you do not use. Many people say that they do not use the weather widget. If there are widgets on your Android that you do not use, then disable them or remove them. They will speed up your Internet a little, and there is a chance that one of the ones you installed is causing you all the problems. One of your widgets may be the very thing that is bogging down your CPU power or Internet usage.

4 – Move some of your apps to your SD card

Your Internet is going to run faster if your device does not have a full memory. The processor power is slowed a little when you fill up your Android device memory. So, instead of removing some of your apps, you can move them to your SD card. This may allow your Android to run a little faster, but it keeps the apps that you paid for a little closer to your Android device memory.

5 – Consider removing some apps

Some apps may be bogging down your processor power and making your Android run slower. As it said in tip four, your processor is going to run a little slower if you have a fuller memory, and this is going to slow down how quickly you are able to access and use the Internet. Added to which, one of your apps may be running in the background and taking up all of the processor power that could be better used by your Internet browser. Plus, if one of the apps is running but is made up of poorly written code, then it could be sucking down your much needed processor power.

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6 – Do not use defragmentation software

This also applies to task killers too. Mobile devices do not work the same way that modern PCs work, and the truth is that modern PCs do not really require frequent defragmentation either. An Android is built to optimize its own tasks for best performance, and the internal SSD drive of your Android does not need defragmenting. It would be like trying to pump air into the caterpillar tracks of a tank. There are even some defragmentation and task-killer apps out there that may damage your Android device.

7 – Lower your amount of home screens

This is just another way of removing the unneeded elements of your Android so that the processor is not bunged up with needless processes. If you do not have as many home screens then the Android does not have to load as many screens into the memory.

8 – Adjust the graphics on your device

This is really a last choice option because sometimes there is only so much you can do to speed up your Android. And, once you have done everything else and it is still running slowly then lowering the graphics on your Android is your last option. It is annoying that you have had to pay all of that money for you to have to look at lesser graphics, but it is the final thing you can try when improving the Internet speed.

Maybe there is a big program that runs in the background that you do not want to switch off or uninstall, and in that case, you are going to have a slower Internet speed because of it. This is because your Internet speed may not simply be related to connectivity. It may be due to the fact that your Android cannot process the information fast enough. So, consider speeding up your Android as a whole when you are trying to make the device faster.

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