Top 10 Galaxy S4 Cases and Covers


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is yet to hit the store shelves, but due to the anticipation the manufacturers of smartphone cases seem to be quite ready to cope the demand which will be at peak when the beast came out to the market. Different companies started making the best possible designs to meet the ever growing demand when the Galaxy S4 will be available throughout the world. We have found some cool cases for you to select from when you get your most anticipated Galaxy Device.

1- The Galaxy S4 is quite similar to the its older version Galaxy S3, and didn’t even came out with an unbreakable display as was expected by the rumors before the Official announcement. The most demanding cover will be a screen protector so Samsung has officially announced it’s own S View Cover, The case came in some cool eye-popping colors and cuts a rectangle peehole so you can see the notifications even if the cover is still closed. The most seen notifacations such as battery status, time, messages, and Caller ID can bee seen easily.




Galaxy S4 Covers Galaxy S4 cases

2- If you are ntrested in a subtle looking case, this Vintage Woodies cas will be your inspiration. It’s a case made by Case-Mate with the original looking crafted woods line with a slowley lined polished brush aluminum. It’s also available in Light broen and pitch black versions.




3- The new taxtured case “Engage from VR” is one of the best case made with high profiled polycarbonate material making a unique look with high profiled protection for your Galaxy S4 device. There are more metallic colors like silver, pink, blue and Black with the top soft-touch finish.


4- This is a device pouch and if you are a looking in touch with their animal instincts who still wants Galaxy S4 protection. Waterfield Design’s Seude Jacket is specially made  for you. The case is made keeping in mind the sleek and thin profile of th Galaxy S4 with all the space for your handfree too. The pouch is  Available in Cheetah Print, black and Zebra Print.

5- For all Leather stuff  lovers this is the best Galaxy S4 cover for your device. Belkin’s Wallet Folio doubling as a wallet featuring an inner pocket for your cash and essential cards.

6- Griffin has been renowned as the makers of some heavy duty cases for most smartphones. This Griffin’s Survivor Military-Duty case has been designed adn tested to meet all the toughest conditions. This will sure be the best tough case fro your device.


7- The same Wallet design made for Apple’s iPhone 5 is now availabe for Galaxy S4 as well. The SmartFlux Card Case is regarded as the best for a multi purpose case.


8- The Case-Mate has always been the most impressive case designers for smartphones and here comes another example of their high quality Genuine Mother of Pearl case for the Samsung Galaxy S4.



9- X-Doria’s Dash professional case is also a luxurious addition to the cases. Available in Black, Brown, Slate and Cabernet.


10- This one is for Kid’s lovers and Peanuts fan. iLuv case is another from snoopy series that is durable and hard material.



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