Prepaway – Core Skill Areas Measured in Oracle 1Z0-062 Certification Exam

The Oracle 1Z0-062 exam, also known as Oracle Database 12c Administration, is a part of the requirements for the Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate credential. The test is made up of 67 multiple-choice questions, and the candidates have the time limit of 120 minutes for its completion.

To pass the exam, a person is expected to score at least 64%. There are some specific objectives that the students must develop competence in before attempting this test. This certification guide will explore these topics.

Highlights of Oracle 1Z0-062 Exam Objectives:

To guarantee your success in the 1Z0-062 certification test, it is recommended that you first go through the exam objectives before you start your preparation. This is to guide you through the different contents to study at each step of the way. Focus your attention on the objectives and ensure that you can explain each point extensively before your test. If you are able to do this, it will be easy to interpret the exam questions and provide the right answers to them. There are the objectives below that the candidates for Buy Now for 39.99$ must understand prior to writing this certification test.

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Exploring Oracle Database Architecture:

The candidates writing this exam must develop competence in this area. They should be able to enumerate the architectural elements of the Oracle Database and understand the memory structures. In addition to this, they must be able to analyze a background process involved in the Oracle database.

Oracle Data Base Instance:

This entails the understanding of start& shutdown of an Oracle database instance and viewing alert log & access dynamic performance views. The test-takers need to develop skills in these areas.

Administering User Security:

Under this objective, the students are required to learn how to manage and create database user accounts; grant & revoke privileges; and design&run profiles.

Creating & Managing Table-Spaces:

The exam candidates are expected to be able to describe how the Oracle database server automatically runs space. They are also required to know how to use Segment Advisor and reclaim wasted space from tables and indexes.

Managing Data Concurrency:

The test takers must learn to describe a locking mechanism and the process involved in Oracle managing data concurrency. Additionally, they should learn how to resolve and monitor locking conflicts.

Backup & Recovery Concepts:

This involves the process of identifying the significance of checkpoints, archiving and redoing log files. The applicants are required to understand this process and be able to describe it during the Oracle 1Z0-062 exam.

Performing Database Backups:

Under this objective, the students are expected to understand how to create reliable database backups; incremental backups; manage backups; automate database backups; and backup database without shutting down.

Moving Data:

In preparation for the Oracle 1Z0-062 exam, the individuals are required to learn the different options to move data; utilize SQL*Loader to load data from the non-Oracle database; utilize outer tables to shift data through independent files. They are also expected to know how to describe the overall architecture of the Oracle data pump and use data pump import &export to shift data between the Oracle databases.

Creating Oracle Database Using DBCA:

This objective requires that one understands how to produce database creation scripts via the use of DBCA. The students are also expected to learn how to operate database design templates with the use of DBCA.

Introduction to DBASS:

This entails the ability to see the distinction between a Database Instance and a DBaaS. Additionally, the examinees must learn how to navigate with My Service Dashboard and generate Secure Shell Public/Private Key Pair. They also must learn about user authentication and roles.

Configuring Oracle Network Environment:

The candidates should develop competence in configuring Oracle Net Services; utilize tools for managing &configuring Oracle network; set up database connectivity.

Managing Database Storage Structure:

This involves the ability to explain the storage of table row data in blocks; creating & managing table-spaces.

Managing Undo Data:

To develop skills in this objective, the applicants should be able to describe DML & undo data generation; administer and monitor undo data; configure undo retention, and define the difference between redo data and undo data. They should also develop hands-on experience in implementing Oracle database auditing. Here, they must learn the process involved in enabling standard database auditing, as well as unified auditing. They are also required to learn all about backup and recovery configuration, which include configuring the ARCHIVELOG mode and fast recovery area.

Additionally, the test takers are expected to learn how to perform database recovery. Under this objective, they should know how to define the need for carrying out recovery; user

Recovery Manager and Data Recovery Advisor to carry out the recovery of the control file, data file, and redo log file.

The students must also understand how to automate tasks through the use of Oracle scheduler. Here, they must know how to use it to simplify the management tasks; make use of job chains to perform series of related tasks; utilize scheduler jobs; use other important scheduler features for prioritizing jobs. Finally, they must understand how to upgrade an Oracle database software, which includes describing the update process and data migration methods.


It is essential to go through the exam objectives and get the relevant study materials for your preparation. PrepAwayoffers different resources that you can engage for your effective study for the 1Z0-062 test. When you are ready to schedule the exam, you can buy the voucher from Oracle or register directly for the test via Pearson VUE. Within thirty minutes of completing the exam, you will receive the notification for the availability of your result. Simply log in to your CertView account and check your result.

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