Two Certificates with High Gold Content in the Information Security Industry (it is recommended to refer to them)


CISSP is the most authoritative and comprehensive international information system security certification in the world. CISSP covers a wide range, basically covering all fields of safety, and will add new contents according to the changes of the new situation of the industry. For example, in the current updated teaching materials, mobile security, cloud security, industrial control security and other technologies are all included.

By learning spoto CISSP, you can keep basically consistent with the ideas of most people in the industry and standardize terms, so as to greatly reduce the communication cost. However, CISSP’s explanation of technical operation is relatively shallow, and most of the knowledge points pass by, which is not conducive for learners to learn pure technical skills..

CISSP Certification

Issuing authority:(ISC)2 International Information System Security Certificate Association

Requirements: work experience is required

Exam difficulty: ★★★★★ (6 hours of test time, more destructive)

Advantages: at present, CISSP has old qualification and high recognition from domestic and foreign enterprises. It is suitable for people who have worked in information security for more than 5 years

II: Security +

At present, domestic information Security related authoritative certification is basically for practitioners with several years of work experience, partial theory, partial framework, partial guidance, the lack of a basic level, partial operation, practical, and high gold content of Security certification, and Security+ to fill the gap.

Whether it is a graduate, or a novice without orthodox Security education, or even a senior information Security management position and non-security positions of operation and maintenance and development personnel, Security+ is an excellent Security technology practical operation training. This certification demonstrates capabilities in network security, compliance and operational security, threats and vulnerabilities, application, data and host security, access control and identity management, and encryption technologies. Because of its difficulty and high value, it has been widely adopted by enterprises and security professionals around the world.

Issuing authority: CompTIA (Computing Society of America)

Requirements: No work experience requirements

Exam difficulty:★★★ ★☆

Advantages: upstart certification, high gold content, moderate price, suitable for preparing to enter the information security industry and already engaged in information security personnel
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