How to Unlock a Full Potential on Android – 9 Hidden Features of Your Device

Although Android is a very simple and popular mobile OS in the world, it is very powerful in terms of functionality and has some hidden features that ordinary users may not even be aware of. On the appslikethese website, you can learn about one of these features. In this article, let’s consider 9 hidden secrets.

Quick access to settings in the notification panel

Usually, it takes two actions with one finger to access the settings on the notification panel. First, swipe the top bar down and then either use the settings expand button or swipe it again to expand it.

But not many people know that you can use a two-finger swipe to go straight to the phone settings in the notification panel.

Instead of two actions, you do one, but with two fingers. It’s easier and faster than doing two.

Android Hidden Features

See the world through the eyes of a colorblind person

In the developer settings, you can also find modes for simulating anomalies. They allow you to switch the screen to black and white mode, as well as simulate visual impairments (color blindness) of various forms.

It is noteworthy that when you enable this emulation, you will be able to see the world as people with this disease see it – turn on the camera and just look at the screen.

Disable background data exchange for selected programs

If your phone is running out of battery power quickly, but you don’t want to delete a lot of programs, then you can prevent them from transmitting data in the background. In this case, the applications will sync and share data over the Internet only when you launch them.

Some applications simply need such procedures. Others can also not include it. You can see the power consumption of the applications in the statistics in your phone settings.

Easy navigation in the Chrome browser

If you use the Chrome browser on your phone, remember to switch between tabs by clicking the number to the right of the address bar, and close unnecessary tabs by swiping to either side for their headers.

This way you get rid of unnecessary tabs, which makes navigation a lot easier. This is especially handy when you need to switch between different tabs to collect data.

Quick switching between tabs

There’s another quick way to switch between tabs – by swiping left and right behind the address bar you can instantly switch to adjacent tabs.

This is especially handy when you don’t have any unnecessary tabs already (see point above).

Smart Lock

One of the most convenient features of the Android operating system. Allows you not to set a lock when you are in trusted places (at home, for example).

At the same time, in other places, the phone will be blocked and ask for a PIN code to unlock. This will save you a lot of time by not having to unlock your device in places where it’s not necessary.

If you hide the contents of your phone from your siblings or parents, then this feature will clearly not be for you.

Move the cursor to the right place with the space bar

When editing text, you need to set the cursor to the desired position, but it does not stand where you would like it to.

In this case, the space bar on the standard Google keyboard will help. To move the cursor with it, move left or right on the space bar – the cursor will move to where you will move your finger. This will allow you to accurately install it in the place that you need.

Smart answer in all messaging apps

Smart response technology is one of the best Google has ever introduced. It can predict responses to requests and display them quickly. Previously, the feature was only available within Google’s services, but now it works with all messengers on Android 10.

In other words, you can get answers in both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This is a convenient option to save time, as the method allows you to get short answers to most questions of interest. The technology is based on machine learning. From Google’s statements, information about requests is not transmitted to the company’s servers, so there should be no damage to privacy.

Focus Mode

One of the most talked-about features of Android 10 is Focus mode. The technology has nothing to do with the camera, as you might initially think, it allows you to focus. The essence of the function is to lock all applications for the duration of the work. It avoids the situation where a new notification interrupts your work for a significant amount of time.

The technology is now part of the Digital Wellbeing suite, a toolbar that tracks user actions. It also includes parental controls. A similar feature was previously present in Google tools, but the support out of the box looks better.

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