Why Samsung is the Best Android Brand Out There

It has been a long time since Android was the second choice to Apple. For years now, the two operating systems have been neck and neck, with different apps and functions being extolled by different users. There has been much hot debate recently though, about which Android brand is the best.

We say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is Samsung. All of the new Samsung devices offer incredible cameras, a wide variety of games and apps and incredible memory capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at why we believe Samsung is the best Android brand.

Easy Switching Between Devices

Upgrading to a new device when yours has reached the end of the road shouldn’t be a nightmare, but sometimes it is. Samsung has an app called Smart Switch, which backs up all of your data and transfers everything from your existing device to a new one all in one go! No-fuss, no mess, no problems.

Samsung Phones

Best Cameras

These days, a good camera is one of the most critical factors in which phone you purchase. Not only is your phone camera used for capturing memories of your friends and family, but for some people, it can also be used to generate income. The wide range of camera configurations offered across the full range of Samsung devices is staggering. You can shoot and edit all in one place, with no extra apps necessary. The most exciting new feature that Samsung offers is the Live Focus editor, which lets you adjust the depth of field (background blur) in your images. Large camera sensors also mean that the camera has excellent low light capabilities. Video is also right at your fingertips with any Samsung device: you can even capture video with the front-facing and rear cameras simultaneously on some of the devices.

Linking Up to Your Smart Home

Since so many more people are now working from home, people have been paying more attention to configuring their homes to be “smart” and operate electronically. Samsung has its own SmartThings intelligent home platform built into many of its new devices.

This app enables you to check if you turned that light off upstairs or started a load of washing or even turned down the thermostat all from your device. The app works with a wide range of appliances, from video doorbells to Philips light bulbs and connects to Amazon Echo and Google Home. Complete control over your home environment from anywhere, at your fingertips.

Samsung Apps

Find My Mobile

If we had a dollar for every time we’ve misplaced a phone, we would be RICH. Samsung devices have the Find My Mobile service attached to all of their devices. This service tracks your phone using your location data (so the location will need to be switched on for the service to work) to locate your phone, whether it’s been stolen and is miles away, or whether you left it in between the couch cushions again. You can get your device “last location: sent to any other device with an update every 15 minutes. You can also make your phone ring on maximum volume to help you locate it, even if you had it set to vibrate.

Samsung Pass

Losing passwords and login details is a huge problem, but not if you have them all safely stored in one convenient location. The Samsung Pass app comes installed on every Samsung device, and if you activate it when you’re setting up your new device, you’ll have all your details from every account that you use all saved and easy to access. Samsung Pass can also be used in conjunction with biometric security, so ensure that no one but you has access.

Android Ecosystem

Apps aplenty are what you’ll have with a Samsung device. Google Play has long since outpaced the Apple App store in terms of what high-quality apps are available to Android users…by now; it is almost the world’s largest app store.

While some sour grapes Apple users might say, “it’s about quality, not quantity”, they don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to Android apps in the Play Store. There are almost no app developers that leave android off of their roadmap these days since their share in the market is so large.


The fact that Samsung is the perfect portal for Google apps like Workspace, as well as Microsoft programs like Word, Excel or Powerpoint, means that you have access to work documents wherever you are. Samsung and Microsoft have worked closely to ensure that Office integration with Samsung devices is as flawless as possible. Of course, this does mean that you’ll have to keep an eye on how many hours you’re putting in at work and be sure to charge for that overtime!

Biometric Security

One of the biggest concerns people have about their mobile devices today is protecting the data they have stored on them. These days, we keep our whole lives on our phones, everything from identity documents to birth certificates to home addresses. We need to guard this information well, and Samsung devices do this with advanced Biometric security. You can choose between ultrasonic fingerprint ID to unlock your device, or you can use facial recognition and unlock your device with just a look; Samsung does, of course, still have pattern recognition unlock, and the traditional password unlock options.

Samsung Phones apps

Wrap Up

Samsung is without question the best Android device around! The ease of access, the safety, the app and storage capabilities. All of these and more are the reason that more Android fans are choosing Samsung than any other brand these days. The devices are modern, they vary widely in size and shape, and they have a beautiful sleek design to boot. When you shop for your new Android device, will you be choosing Samsung too?

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