23 Best Zorox to Alternatives to Watch Free Anime Online

Zorox to is a popular anime streaming site offering dubbed foreign anime and cartoon content with an extensive collection of cartoon and anime content. Users can access many series with all episodes added to stream for free. The homepage has awesome catalogs of cartoon and anime content.

So we are here to share the list and overview of the best alternatives to Zorox.to to watch anime and cartoons online for free.

Zorox to working Links:

ZoroxTo’s friendly user interface and easy-to-use navigation allow you to navigate content and locate your favorite titles. It has great filter options overall and you will see different categories on the sidebar as well.

You can also give your review and comment on any title or video by logging into the Disqus account and it also lets you connect with fans of anime & cartoons across the globe. You will not see any ads on playback while watching cartoon videos so you can consider it as an ad-free streaming. The site gives a buffer-free streaming experience for free and you don’t need to create any free account either. You may see annoying ads but provides mostly a disturbance-free streaming experience. You can watch up to 1080 HD videos.

Zorox to has multiple servers to switch so can try alternative servers if one server fails to load video.

However, many free anime streaming fans are also searching for Zorox to alternatives after experiencing a few drawbacks and issues of unavailability of sites in a few countries.

Zorox to Alternatives

23 Best Zorox to Alternatives (ZoroxTo):

Here are the 23 best Zorox to Alternatives with an overview and their features followed by the working site link:

1. Soul Anime

Soul Anime is a free anime website that hosts a vast amount of anime content to watch for free and even without ads so it can be considered as Zorox to alternatives. Don’t go for its user interface that may look flashy and unattractive but this is the site providing everything that a common anime fan needs.

The anime library is arranged in genre and alphabet so you can filter out to find your favorite anime. You can use the search bar to find any favorite anime title out of over 60 thousand anime episodes of over 4 thousand anime series.

Soul Anime

Main Features

  • A wide variety of anime content can be browsed by categories, genres, and alphabetical
  • Search filter available with advanced options
  • Daily uploads of new episodes

2. Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy is another anime alternative site with a collection of anime in high-resolution format. It gets instant updates to its library of anime movies and TV shows. You can also ask for uploads in case you find any anime titles missing from the site. It’s a well-designed catalog and search filters will help you find your favorite anime titles.

Anime Frenzy also features a chat feature during anime playback. Signing up for an account on this site is not mandatory to watch anime for free. You can also download episodes like 123.

Anime Frenzy

Main Features

  • Features chatrooms on anime titles
  • Constantly updates the anime content
  • Content is well organized with sort feature
  • An alphabetically arranged list of anime titles is available

3. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is another alternative to Zorox to that allows you to entertain yourself with an extensive library of anime content. It is home to some of the best anime titles. This site is like a click-to-go to stream anime for free without requiring you to sign up.

You get unrestricted access to anime streaming for free and you don’t have to spend even a dime. The content is categorized into genres and alphabetically. You can browse the anime titles by genre including action, kids, horror, drama, sports, romance, adventure, etc.


Main Features

  • Free anime streaming
  • Playback in different resolution qualities
  • Content arranged in alphabetical order
  • Features a beautiful homepage

4. Chia-Anime

If you are a diehard fan of anime content, this website is the best place to land as a Zorox to Alternative. Here you can watch and download anime in high-quality videos totally for free. It also offers anime content in different languages and you will also get an English subbed version.

It has a beautifully designed website interface and a friendly user interface. Thousands of anime titles are available in different categories.

Browse your favorite anime with genres and there is also a search, making it easy for you to find what you want.


Main Features

  • English subbed version with anime titles available
  • Nicely designed interface
  • HD Streaming available
  • Also has an anime soundtrack

5. Animixplay

Animixplay is another great place as an alternative anime site. It is one of the best free anime streaming sites allowing you to stream anime videos without completing any task like asking to download anything or take any survey.

Here you can watch ongoing and old anime series and movies. Some popular names also include Black Clover, Hero Academia, One Piece, Boruto, and much more. You don’t need to create an account either.


Main Features

  • Free access to anime content
  • Don’t make an account
  • Additional features for registered users
  • Multiple servers for playback
  • Dubbed and subbed anime content is available
  • No ads or popups during playback

6. Anime-Planet

This is one of the very few anime sites on our list with a community base. Here, you can also discuss anime and manage things with others.

Anime-Planet is a legitimate source for free HD anime and manga content. It is in partnership with Crunchyroll and HIDIVE to provide free-of-charge content. It also hosts official anime content from YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.


Main Features

  • Anime content in HD Quality
  • Free legitimate anime titles to watch
  • Comparatively minimal ads

7. My Anime List

MyAnimeList is the second free anime streaming site in our list which also features a large community of anime fans aside from offering a large anime collection. This site claims to feature the largest anime and manga database in the world. It also features recommendations and review sections.

Here you will find people with similar anime interests to spend a good time on site and it also gives the option to make your own fan club. It’s a free site but you can get a subscription to get rid of ads.

My Anime List

Main Features

  • Has a large community of anime fans
  • Largest anime database
  • Ad-free version available
  • Features reviews and recommendations of anime titles

8. Funimation

Funimation is an anime site owned by Sony which offers you streams of anime episodes within a few hours of live broadcast. It is best known for its popular anime titles, great user interface, and helpful search filter. The site hosts thousands of anime episodes to watch for free with ads. The ad-free option is also available with a subscription.

You will see all general anime genres like action, adventure, romance, horror, drama, idol, etc. It also features a store with anime and manga merchandise.


Main Features

  • Instant uploads of the latest episode release
  • Amazing user interface
  • Search filter available by genre, version, rating, and language
  • Subbed and dubbed versions are available

9. Kissanime

Kissanime is the best free anime website according to many anime fans. It is the wonderland for high-quality anime content. Thousands of anime episodes get uploaded on a daily basis.

You can search your favorite anime through its search bar and get both subbed and dubbed episodes of your favorite anime titles. It has a greatly designed homepage and has a better user experience along with the availability of high-quality resolutions like HD,4K, and UHD.

This is the site where you will find everything related to anime under a single roof.


Main Features

  • Daily thousands of new uploads
  • High-quality resolution including HD, FHD, and 4K
  • Dubbed and Subbed versions of anime available
  • Advanced search filter
  • Download anime content and watch offline anytime
  • Fast playback loading speed

10. Masterani

Masterani is one of the most popular alternative anime sites that has a vast collection of anime series and movies in all genres. Here you can watch content in high-quality resolutions like 1080p, 720p, and 480p.

It has a catalog of the latest uploaded anime titles on the homepage and is also classified by genres, alphabetical arrangement, and release years. Moreover, you can also search for your favorite anime titles in the search tab but without any filter. You will also be able to download anime videos along with the option of streaming.


Main Features

  • Subtitles of anime content and subbed and dubbed versions are available in English and Chinese language
  • Download your favorite anime titles to watch offline
  • Friendly user interface
  • Features a chat functionality

11 AnimeFLV

AnimeFLV is home to some of the best anime titles and has an extensive library of HD anime collections. You get unrestricted access to anime content for free. This site is known as the best anime site to watch anime for free according to many anime fans.

The site is almost ad-free even being a free streaming provider. You can select video quality for the playback. It also allows you to download anime titles to watch them offline anytime.

The content is categorized in a way that makes it easy to choose your favorite anime content in no time. You can also utilize the search tab for your desired anime titles.


Main Features

  • Doesn’t require you to register
  • You get additional features upon signup
  • Multiple video qualities
  • Download feature available

12. 4anime

4anime has a huge collection of anime titles to watch online for free that’s why this is also a consideration as an alternative anime site. Along with eye soothing user interface, its easy-to-use search feature makes it the best place for anime fans to find their favorite anime.

Here, you will get high-quality anime up to 1080p resolution. It offers buffer-free streaming because of its fast speed of playback loading. You can download anime content for offline viewing.


Main Features

  • Save videos for offline viewing
  • Convenient search tool
  • Friendly and interactive user interface
  • Playback in HD quality and fast video loading speed
  • Customer support available

13. Animeland

Animeland is better known for the availability of dubbed versions in different languages. This alternative anime site offers dubbed versions of almost all important anime series and is considered a popular choice for anime for free. It uploads the latest episodes in a matter of just a few hours following the live broadcast.

You can also download complete episodes to watch offline anytime in different resolutions including HD quality depending on your requirements.


Main Features

  • Dubbed versions of all popular anime series available
  • Download feature available
  • No need to create an account
  • Rapidly uploads latest episodes


On HDIVE, you will see a wide variety of anime titles from all the popular classics (including of the 90s) to the latest releases with the addition of dubbed versions. The site is available worldwide and offers a 7-day trial to watch anime total for free.

This site also gives the option to switch between censored and uncensored content. You also get chat functionality to chat or see the views of other anime fans.


Main Features

  • Allows you to choose between censored and uncensored anime while streaming
  • Subtitles color change option available
  • Dubbed versions of anime titles available

15. Masteranime

If you are looking for a platform to enjoy anime movies and titles for free? Masteranime is another alternative anime site to fulfill the needs of anime fans with its database of extensive anime collections.

The site has an awesome interface, making itself eye-soothing for the users. You don’t need to create an account for free streaming. The site keeps the users updated about the release schedule of new episodes.

Main Features

  • Beautifully designed
  • User-friendly interface
  • HD anime content quality
  • Gives updates about releases of new episodes

16. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is another free anime alternative site best known for its vast collection of anime content featuring popular anime. It is a wonderland to watch HD anime content hosted in Japan. The site constantly uploads episodes of anime series.

Here, you get an extensive content library arranged in many subcategories based on genres and exclusiveness. It features anime from the classics of the 90s to the new blockbusters.

You don’t need to sign up to access anime content.

Main Features

  • You get subbed as well as dubbed versions of anime titles
  • Anime playback available in multiple resolutions including HD-quality
  • Doesn’t require you to register on site

17. Anime Owl

Anime Owl is another free alternative anime site where you can watch clips without completing any takes or surveys. The site has a vast collection of anime titles categorized by numerous genres. There are also dubbed anime versions available in case you experience a language barrier while watching anime titles.

Here, you will get unrestricted access to anime streaming on this anime content junction and you aren’t required to sign up. Use the search bar to easily find your favorite titles.

Anime Owl

Main Features

  • Intuitive design
  • Numerous genres available
  • Advanced search bar
  • Doesn’t require you to register

18. Anime8

With the availability even both dubbed and subbed versions of anime titles and episodes, Anime8 is another alternative site to Zorox.to to watch completed and current anime content.

Its directory of anime content is well-designed which makes it easy and quick to find your favorite content. You can use filters by genre to browse the content or you can also use its search bar.


Main Features

  • Dubbed and subbed versions are available
  • Funnel down content with so many different genres
  • The search filter is available

19. Anime sama

Here you will find everything to watch anime for free in one place. With a nice and user-friendly interface, you will feel comfortable while browsing a vast amount of anime content. You can find your desired anime movies and TV series through its search bar.

You just need to create an account on the site with any username to access content totally for free.

Anime sama

Main Features

  • Free access to anime content
  • The search bar is featured with advanced filters
  • Content arranged in categories

20. Anilinkz from ZoroxTo

Anilinkz is another anime alternative site to consider as it continuously updates anime content and has a wide variety of anime titles with complete episodes. A range of anime content from new releases to classic ones available on this site.

You can watch anime titles totally for free and you don’t need to sign up or complete any task to access content without spending a dime.


Main Features

  • Fresh content
  • Stream totally for free
  • No need to sign up

21. Animedao

Animedao is another free anime streaming site that features a lot of anime content with an easy-to-use and beautifully designed interface, and a helpful navigation system to easily find your favorite anime titles.

Its search feature also comes with an advanced option that you can utilize to find your desired anime. It also lets you save videos with its bookmark feature.

Here you will get high video quality and buffer-free streaming. You can also switch between video qualities between 380p and 1080p.


Main Features

  • HD videos
  • Switch between resolutions
  • Greatly designed interface
  • You can switch between dark and light theme
  • It also has a bookmark feature to save your favorite anime titles

22. Hulu

Hulu is a popular platform that gives users access to a vast library of anime content along with movies and TV shows. It is best known for anime content of premium quality. It is totally legitimate site with licenses of all well-known anime titles of Japanese anime studios with no ads.

You can download all available titles to watch them anytime without the internet. You get a personalized TV experience.

Hulu Alternatives

Main Features

  • Vast collection of anime content
  • Premium quality anime content
  • Download anime titles to watch offline anytime
  • A screen recording as an extra feature
  • Advanced playback features

23. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is another perfect alternative to Zoroxto with 15 thousand hours of licensed anime content with 25 thousand episodes.

You can watch all popular anime here and it gets rapid episode releases. It has a nice catalog of anime titles that you can browse to find your favorite ones.

It offers a trial version of exclusive premium content that doesn’t require any payment details unless you decide to buy the premium plan. It also features a store with anime merchandise.


Main Features

  • A large amount of licensed anime content
  • Multiple languages
  • Features an anime store
  • Rapid uploads of the latest releases

We hope this article on the best Zorox.to alternatives was helpful for you. Now try multiple sites from this list of best alternatives to Zoroxto watch anime online for free and don’t forget to give your feedback in the comment section below.

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