Wireless charging kit for Samsung Galaxy S4 now available for $90.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the only Samsung smartphone that has more than 5 official accessories including S-Health pads, Belt, weight pad, S-band etc. Among them is the well known wireless charging kit which has been made available online for $ 90.


The Samsung accessory store is the online shopping site where you can buy one, this hassle free charging kit is available in two colors White and Black while other colors will be added soon. The Wireless charging kit is composed of two accessories that includes a wireless charging pad and a special back cover that supports the wireless charging. You have to replace the original back cover with this wireless charge supported cover in order to make your Galaxy S4 capable of wireless charging. The back cover price is around $39.99 while the Charging pad costs $49.99 . 

The best thing about this charging pad is that it supports all Qi-certified charging products that you have in your household, even other company smartphones like Nokia Lumia or HTC smartphone which has the capabilities of wireless charging.

The images and the link to the online store has been given below.

Wireless charging kit, Galaxy S4 wireless charging kit, galaxy s4 kit (1)


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