Download Top 10 parallax iOS 7 wallpapers for iPhone 4S.



We have published recently some eye pleasuring iOS 7 wallpapers for iPhone 5. Today we are adding some new cool looking Parallax iOS 7 Wallpapers for iPhone 4S.  These  Parallax wallpapers have been extracted from the genuine Photographs shot by NASA, PSD Graphics, Nick Wright and other famous New Zealand photographers.

For users who still don’t know the Parallax Wallpapers, which are the new images with additional 200px to each side of the resolution of the iPhone 4S. This feature is not supported in the iPhone 4 so these wallpapers won’t work perfectly with iPhone 4.  These wallpapers work perfectly with iOS 6.1.3 on iPhone 4S.

These wallpapers are in a resolution of 1360 x 1040 which can not properly set with iPhone 4. But works fine on iPhone 4S both on the latest iOS 7 or iOS 6.1.3 firmwares.

The wallpapers can be downloaded from the Gallery below or you can simply download the whole collection by clicking the link below

Top 10 iOS7 parallax wallpapers for iPhone 4S.


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