4 Best Online Vocabulary-Building Games

Do you have a child whose vocabulary is just starting to bloom? Do you want to find ways to help them expand it further? While you can certainly take a traditional teaching approach, it may not be very exciting for kids.

If you can instead find a way to engage with them and make learning fun, the vocabulary expansion can come more naturally, and they can form a deeper understanding of the words.

Here’s a look at four of the best online vocabulary-building games that you can play with your kids. They will be focused on the fun all while broadening their vocabulary.

Vocabulary.com – Straightforward, Fun and Effective

The name of this game says it all – Vocabulary.com is all about building a person’s vocabulary. However, it’s not presented in a dry or basic way. Instead, words are learned through completing games and quizzes. There is a challenge behind it, which kids can find fun. Even adults can get into the action and work on expanding their vocabulary.

Highlights include a word of the day, vocabulary lists, commonly confused words, the vocabulary jam and even a built-in dictionary. This one has been built for students, so the approach it takes is a bit more formal than some of the other options.

Vocabulary-Building Games

Scrabble-To-Go – a Mobile Way to Enjoy the Game

You’re probably familiar with the traditional board game of Scrabble. This is a word-building game where you have a rack of tiles with individual letters on them, and you need to form words with those tiles to get a high score. You can shake things up, breathe some modern energy into the game and even play on a mobile device by downloading the Scrabble app.

Scrabble GO can be played on Android and iOS devices and is a mobile version of the classic game. It packs in the same fun and challenge as the traditional version and can be played with up to four people. There are daily puzzles, games and words which keep it fresh and each day it gives kids a way to train their brains and build their vocabulary. If they get stuck and can’t come up with a word to make with the letters they have, here is a great letter unscrambler that can help.

Words with Friends – Challenge Your Kids to a Battle

Here’s an opportunity for you to get in on the fun and make learning much more competitive and engaging. Words with Friends is an incredibly popular game and is free for players. You can play it online in the browser or by downloading the app on an iOS or Android device. It’s been around since 2009 and since then it has taken over the category of word games.

This one uses a crossword-style format and feels very much like a board game. You will take turns with your friends or your child, building words online. Each word is worth a specific point value, just like in Scrabble, so choose your words carefully.

PowerVocab – Perfect for Quick Games

If you have limited time available but you still want kids to have access to an online vocabulary-building game, then PowerVocab is perfect. This game uses flashcards to show a word and then you must pick the correct definition from a list of choices. Kids can also play against other players in this game.

Who Says Learning Can’t Be Fun?

Each of these games proves that learning can indeed be fun, engaging and exciting. They are the perfect solution to helping your kids expand their vocabulary in a fresh and modern way.

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