7 Best Offline Football Games That You Can Play Even Without Internet

Offline football games can be played without an internet connection, providing more mobility by making them perfect for playing on the go or without having to worry about finding a Wi-Fi connection in areas with poor connectivity. It can be convenient depending on your situation or living area with poor connectivity.

Offline Football Games

Offline football games usually offer a variety of game modes, such as career mode, and tournament mode along with multiplayer mode as online mode. This gives you a lot of options to choose from and keeps the game more entertaining.

Many offline football games offer offline customization options, you don’t need the internet to do any customization like you can choose your team’s kits, logos, and players.

The best offline football game depends on your preference and requirement. However, if you are looking for an offline football game, there are a number of game titles available that you can try.

Let’s check out the best offline football games. We will be covering the 7 best offline football games with all the necessary details. 

7 Best Offline Football Games for Android / iPhone and PC Windows

Here are some of the best offline football games for mobile devices:

1. Dream League Soccer 2023

Offline Football Game Dreams League Soccer

Dream League Soccer 2023 is a wonderful offline football game developed and published by First Touch Games. To play this offline, you need to simply turn off your internet connection before launching the game. Once the game is launched, you can choose to play different offline modes including the Career Mode.

Build your dream team from over 4,000 licensed players. The offline game mode lets you play against AI-controlled teams and participate in various offline tournaments and friendly matches in the offline mode.

In the Career Mode, you can upgrade your stadium and create your own team and manage it through a series of matches. Get rewards by winning matches and completing challenges and using them to upgrade in-game items.

It gives a variety of different kits, logos, and players to choose from for creating your own unique team. The game also features a player skills upgrade option that lets you upgrade the skills and abilities of your chosen players as you progress through the game.

However, in the DLS 21 Live mode (online), you can compete against other teams from around the world. The game also has a reward system that lets you earn rewards by winning matches and completing challenges. This game lets you build your own dream team from scratch and make it the best team in the world by playing online.

This offline football game is a free-to-play game, but players can purchase in-game items using real money. The best thing about this game is the ability to modify the DLS 23 Profile. dat file and add custom features to it. 

Key Features:

  • 4,000+ FIFPro™ licensed players
  • Customizable team and stadium
  • 8 divisions to work your way through
  • Engaging soundtrack and realistic commentary


Free with in-app purchases.

Recommended Specs for Android:

  • Android 5.0 and up
  • 350MB of free space

2. Soccer Stars

Offline Football Game Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars is an offline football game for mobile devices with simple gameplay and great physics. This arcade-style football game is easy to play but gets harder with time when you have to master it. You’ll need to use all of your skills to defeat past defenders, score goals, and win matches. It is a fun and addictive football game that you can play offline or online. You can simply play it offline by turning off your internet connection.

With its simple gameplay and great physics, Soccer Stars is a perfect game for you whether you are already skilled in the game or not. It also has different table soccer stadiums and various customization options in the offline mode.

You will have to use your finger to control the players, Flick the ball to pass or shoot in order to score goals to win the match. The game offers different tiers and tournaments for players to progress and unlock new content.

However, the game relies on online connectivity to play against other players and synchronize all the game play progress. 

Key Features:

  • Online and offline multiplayer game
  • Simple and fun gameplay
  • Different cups and leagues


Free with in-app purchases.

Specs for Phones:

  • Android 4.4 and up
  • 52MB of free space


3. Score Hero

Offline Football Game Score Hero

Score Hero is one of the most popular mobile football game in this list. This game is developed by First Touch Games. You can play this wonderful offline football game without an internet connection. It features a single-player campaign where players can experience a story-driven gameplay and take on the role of a rising football player.

You get a full control for the actions of player during game matches by swipe controls on the screen to pass, shoot, and perform various techniques. With the progress within the game, you will unlock new skills and abilities. The game features a variety of challenges, such as scoring goals from long range or dribbling past multiple defenders.

The game features stunning 3D graphics and realistic physics. You can customize your player’s appearance and skills. This game lets you live out your footballing dreams as you take on challenges and progress through your career.

With over so many modes to play, this offline game provides you a great way to test your skills and improve your game. The game is played in a series of levels, each of which requires you to score a goal in a specific way. Online game mode lets you compete against other players around the world for the highest score.

Key Features:

  • 4,000+ FIFPro™ licensed players
  • Customizable team and stadium
  • 8 divisions to work your way through
  • Engaging soundtrack and realistic commentary


Free with in-app purchases.

Android Recommended Specs:

  • Android 5.0 and up
  • 350MB of free space

4. Real Football

Offline Football Game Real Football

Real Football is a mobile football game with offline gameplay option series that lets you play without an internet connection, so take the game with you wherever you go.

Developed by popular game developers Gameloft, Real Football is a perfect game for football fans who want to play an offline football game. It offers the offline playing option with great and stunning 3D graphics. It features realistic graphics and realistic physics in gameplay that bring more excellence to the game and makes the game feel like you are playing on a real field.

This offline game has a wide range of game modes that won’t let you get bored anytime. The game modes include Quick Match, Career Mode, and Tournaments.

You can also play online matches (online mode) against opponents from around the world as the gameplay includes the multiplayer mode to participate in tournaments, and build and proceed with your own football team. You get also various other features including team customization, player transfers, and strategic gameplay. You can also customize your team’s kits and stadium. 

Key Features:

  • Realistic graphics and animations
  • Wide range of game modes
  • Build and manage a team


Free with in-app purchases.


  • Android 4.1 and up
  • 34MB of free space

5. World Soccer League

Offline Football Game World Soccer League

World Soccer League is an offline football mobile game offering offline gameplay aside with online gameplay options so you could be able to enjoy the game even without an internet connection.

Having a lot of fun to play, this game is a great choice for classic football game fans with simple controls and addictive gameplay. The game is packed with over 6000 players from 600 teams and a variety of game modes, including Exhibition, Cup, League, and Training.

In the World Soccer League, you can play offline matches against AI-controlled teams. The game provides various modes including Exhibition, Training, League, and Cup, where you can prove your gaming skills and compete against computer-controlled opponents. You always have the option to customize your team, manage formations, and make tactical decisions during matches.

Additionally, this game also offers an online multiplayer mode where you can compete against other players worldwide.

The game features simple but meaningful and effective graphics, and the gameplay is fast-paced and exciting. This game is one of the best options for football fans who are looking for an offline football game to play.

Key Features:

  • Variety of teams and players
  • Achievements and global activity are provided
  • Real football game for you to enjoy splendid dribble and thrilling shooting!


Free with in-app purchases.


  • Android 4.0 and up
  • 41MB of free space

6. First Touch Soccer 23

Offline Football Game First Touch Soccer 23

First Touch Soccer is a popular offline football game that has similarities to the Dream League Soccer game and was developed by the same developers. It was later removed and moved to the game DLS. However, you can download the MOD APK of First Touch Soccer 23 and enjoy the same game which was released by First Touch Soccer. First Touch Soccer offers offline modes where players can enjoy the game without an internet connection.

Earn points by winning matches that you can use to upgrade the game items including stadiums and get higher divisions for more perks. This game has amazing graphics based on a small size of just 300MB.

It lets you build your dream team by recruiting players, upgrading their skills, and customizing the kits and logos of your team. The offline football games mode provides a single-player experience where you can proceed through different offline competitions and improve your team’s performance. It can also be helpful in improving and mastering the game skills that are required to become one of the top players of First Touch Soccer. 

7. FIFA Soccer

Offline Football Game FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer can be another good option as an offline football game but it has just a few options in the game to be played offline. You can play Skill Games and Challenges modes without the internet.
In Skill Games, you can practice your skills with a variety of skill games to choose from, such as shooting, passing, and dribbling.

While Challenges mode lets you play against the AI player with different matchups and difficulty levels. Challenges mode also gives you the option to play against your friends or other players but it requires internet. You can also try to play FIFA 23 PPSSPP Roms on your Android phone for offline play.

Keep in mind that there is no full experience of FIFA Soccer in offline mode. You will have to connect to the internet for all important features and modes. Internet is required to keep the game up-to-date along with new features and game items updates including the latest player transfers and team lineups.

The download size of FIFA Soccer is incredibly small.

Final Words

So these were the best offline football games that you may like but it also depends on your personal preference and requirements. There are lots of other offline soccer game titles as well for you to play on your mobile without internet connectivity. Feel free to ask anything in the comments section below. 

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