7 Must-Have Apps for Sports Fans.

Watching sport inspires passion, excitement, and all-around entertainment like very few other hobbies on the planet. As such, millions of people around the planet simply can’t get enough and desire to be kept updated on all things sport at all times.

Fortunately for you sports enthusiasts, technology has provided a perfect solution that fits in your pocket. There are a plethora of different sports apps that make sure you’re kept in the loop about the goings-on in your favorite sports.

There are news apps like ESPN, betting apps like the Bet365 Casino mobile app, and a host more that you can find below in our list of the 7 must-have apps for sports fans. We also recommend you to always read our guides.

Must-Have Apps for Sports Fans

The BBC Sport App

The BBC’s sports app offers a user-friendly and simple way to navigate through the news for your favorite sports. While it is a UK-based app, you’ll find news on all the most popular sports around the world. To make it even easier, you can select the sports you’d like to view in your feed.

The app also offers live reporting, commentary and even streaming on chosen sporting events. It must be noted that some of these services might be restricted for app users outside of the UK. For example, the ability to watch many events live will require a UK TV license.

Bleacher Report

This one is aimed towards fans of the most prominent American sports. The Bleacher Report app allows you to customize your home screen’s feed so you can follow the news of specific sports, leagues and individual teams. You’ll even be able to set up notifications for these so you can be kept as up to date as possible.

In addition, the app has a Fantasy team feature where you can sync your fantasy teams to Bleacher Report.


It’s almost impossible to write a list of the best apps for sports fans without including ESPN. This app is huge and probably covers the largest number of sports of all the apps on the list. Like the previous apps, it offers a level of customization so you can choose exactly what type of news you’d like to see.

You can even take it a step further with their paid subscription service and stream events directly to your phone.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports

When it comes to fantasy sports leagues, this app does it all. You can join leagues, manage your teams, and get all the data you need inside this app. It makes managing your fantasy teams simple and fun.

You can switch seamlessly between multiple teams and leagues from different sports with just a single app. It is an absolute must for fantasy league enthusiasts.

The Yahoo Fantasy Sports app is compatible with football, baseball, basketball, and hockey fantasy leagues.

Sports Betting Apps

There are way too many similar apps in this category to include a specific one but sports betting apps are a must if you’re looking for a simple way to place wagers on sporting events. The app you choose will depend on which company you like to bet with but almost all of these apps look similar and work the same way.

You’ll be able to search through multiple sports and find a wide range of different bet-types. Most apps will then allow to you set up notifications for instant updates on the events you placed bets on.

Nowadays, there are some sports betting apps with Livestream functionality so you can place bets and watch chosen events all inside the same app.

NFL Mobile

Football is the biggest sport in the United States and fans of the sport show their passion like no other. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or just like to keep an eye out for your favorite team, the NFL mobile app has to be on your smartphone.

After all, this is the official NFL app and includes news, statistics, and updates on all 32 teams in the league. You’ll also find exclusive content that won’t be available anywhere else.

Of course, the other major US sports organizations: NBA, MLB, and NHL have their own official apps as well so be sure to check them out if you’re into basketball, baseball and hockey.


Our final entry on the list comes out of the left field. Thanks to their rising popularity, eSports are becoming more and more intermingled with the traditional sports world. Even the BBC sports app recently added a section dedicated to eSports.

Strafe is one of the oldest eSports apps and works similarly to the ESPN or BBC app. Followers of eSports can customize the app to keep track of their desired games and teams as well as receive notifications for events.

Overall, Strafe provides a robust solution for staying up to date in the fast-moving world of eSports.

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