Download ACEStream for PC Windows 10 & Mac.

Acestream has been the best and most liked app for streaming live sporting events. So today we are here with the download link and installation guide of Acestream for PC Windows 10 & Mac. There are many new features added in the latest Acestream player for both Desktop and Laptop computers.

With the introduction of Fiber Optics and LTE, people now have really blazing fast internet at their homes. So many users have already switched to IPTV (Internet Protocol Television services) and cut off their home Cables. Since the FIFA Euro Cup 2020 is Coming soon, many people try to watch it their Mobile phones, Tablets, laptops or Desktop Computers. So we are here with the best solution for that.

The best and most unique media player for streaming is this AceStream media player. It’s a modified version of the VLC media player. Since the VLC is freeware, so some Russian programmers decided to inject their own AceStream scripts into it making it one of the best sources for streaming online.

Acestream for PC Windows 10 Mac

Acestream System HD Review:

This is an innovative media platform of a new generation, which will take you to a new high-quality level of multimedia space on the Internet.
 Ace Stream HD – multimedia stream manager (BitTorrent-client of a new generation!).
Universal cross-platform software application for working within P2P (BitTorrent) network.
 Ace Stream P2P Multimedia Plug-in – multifunctional web-player, based on libvlc (plug-in for web-browsers).
 ACE Player HD is an improved version of VLC multimedia player with BitTorrent support.
 TS Magic Player – an additional extension for browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.
Allows you to play online audio and video content on any web-sites, containing links on torrent-files, without any need to download torrent-files and without tedious waiting for content download.

The Windows version of the AceStream which you can download and install on your Laptop or Desktop PC, running any version of Windows, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, or even XP is here.

Acestream working HD Links 2020

How to download Acestream for PC Windows 10 & Mac in 2020:

All you have to do is download the AceStream for Desktop and Laptop and the Android PC integration software named BlueStacks from the links below and follow the steps to get the app on your PC. Acestream For Mac can be installed using tons of other Android/iOS apps emulators as well.

Step 1: First of all you have to Download Acestream apk File on your PC

    • AceStream_Apk
    • Size: 94.2 MB
    • Version: 1.4.495
    • Supported Devices: Android 4.4 or Above.
    • Developer: Acestream

Step 2: Now install the Android app emulator BlueStacks For PC.

Step 3: If you are new and don’t know how to Install Blue Stacks on your PC read this Guide.

Step 4: Or simply open these files one by one in your BlueStack Player. You can simply drag and drop these files on your BlueStacks player to install them manually.

Step 5: You can get the game installed on your PC using these steps.

Step 6: After you finished the installation of BluStacks, open the double click on the downloaded file and install it using BlueStacks. When the installation is done you have to wait for the additional data to get downloaded.

That’s it. Enjoy playing Acestreams Windows 10 PC Version. Download more apps for PC Category.

Now if you want to know more about the game, then read this detailed review guide.

AceStream for Android:

You can also download AceStream HD Player for Android smartphones and Tablets too.

[appbox googleplay id=org.acestream.core&hl=en]

How to get Working or Updated Links for AceStream HD:

Now that you have downloaded and installed the AceStream HD. It’s still useless until you have the Working links for it. Since it’s the Best FIFA league’s time going on, So you might be looking for the updated match links.

1- Reddit:

If you want to get access to the daily updates and Working Acestream 2020 links, then Reddit is the best place. With SubReddit r/soccerstreams has all the updated FIFA Euro Cup 2020 links that you are looking for.

It is a sharing-based community with no chance of any clickbait sponsored posts. So you can get ads and free streaming links over there. It also comes with the List of Paid Subscription Services and Other Streaming Options. You can also try nbastreams Reddit banned alternatives.

Acestream working Links 2020


This is also known as the den for the Acestream updated links. Most of the links here are shared from Reddit. Besides FIFA Euro Cup Matches Streaming links you can find other sporting and entertainment events links as well. Head on to to get more.

You can also check the new crackstreams.con, an alternative service available now.

Acestream for PC Windows 10 Mac links


This is yet another wonderful site with AceStream Working Links 2018. Many ISP’s have already put a block on this site. So you may need to have a working VPN to access this site.

It has all types of Sports, including Football, Cricket, and Hockey matches live streaming Links. So you might not any glimpse of Football World cup here too.

How to add AceStream Links Profile into AceStream Player:

If you have downloaded and installed the Acestream player and the working profile or the link, then you can follow these steps.

  • Open AceStream HD Player.
  • Go to the Media > Open AceStream Content ID.
  • Then a new window will pop up. Go to AceStream and Paste the content ID you got from the source links mentioned above.
  • Acestream Mac Links
  • You can see in the image below.
  • Acestream for Mac links pasting
  • Once done, just click on Play button.
  • In most cases it will show Starting and then Pre-buffering (connected to streams) message in the taskbar.
  • This means that the stream link is ok and working. Just wait for a few moments and your stream will start working.

That’s it.

AceStream Faster Streaming Settings:

If you are facing too much buffering while watching the live stream on your AceStream player. Make sure to change the links (Content ID), If it still doesn’t work. Make sure to follow this step by step guide to make AceStream Faster and better streaming.

  1. Open any Link, opening the AceStream app.
  2. Go to your taskbar on the lower right and right-click the AceStream icon, then go to “Options“;
  3. Change Live Buffer to 30s or more;
  4. Keep Download and Upload limits “0”;
  5. On the “Advanced tab”, keep the port “8621”;
  6. On the “Advanced tab”, change the total max connections to “500”;
  7. On the “Advanced tab”, change the max connections per stream to “100”;
  8. Click “Ok”;
  9. Open your router settings;
  10. Open port “8621” in your router settings;
  11. Enable UPnP in your router settings;
  12. Save settings and restart router;
  13. Enjoy!

That’s It.

Final Words:

For me, the AceStream HD for PC Windows 10 and Mac is the best live sports streaming player. So I do prefer AceStream whenever I have to stream something online. Besides sports, you can find some of the best movies and music shows being streamed using the AceStream links. So better get this player and enjoy totally Ads free popups free streaming online without the danger of being attacked by any malware or spam.

AceStream Windows 10 & Mac Download Links:

| AceStream for Windows 10 | & | AceStream for Mac |

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