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A great way to provide customer satisfaction to your site viewers is by setting up a chatroom on your site. It would even be better if that chatroom of yours is trendy looking or fits the theme of your site as it would easily gain the attention of your avid viewers. You can do that by using a chatroom that can be easily and thoroughly customized like Chatwing. The customization process of this chat software is so detailed that it will change the chatroom down to its very last detail.

Here is the detail guide how to use the Chatwing app with the Advanced Mode Customization features.

Getting an Account First

Another great thing about customizing Chatwing is that you can make use of its additional features that will help you provide further customer service via live chat. You need to have a Chatwing account first before you can acquire a chatroom to modify. But don’t worry because the registration process is very simple to the point that you can finish it in less than a minute. Just go to Chatwing’s homepage and find the Register button to start the process.

Creating the Chatroom

Once you’re done making an account, you’ll be redirected to the Dashboard page which is where your chatroom will be stored for management. Since it’s your first time making one, your chatroom is going to be empty. To create a new one, you need to press the “Create chatbox” button. You’ll be redirected once again to the next page which is where you’ll finally get to modify it – the Customization Page.

The Customization Page

The first thing you might notice on this page is the chatroom on the right. That’s the preview window showing you what your chatroom looks like for now. Now look at the buttons lined up at the upper part of the page. These buttons are important so you need to know what they do.

  • Save – This button will save the customization settings you’ve changed and in turn, these changes will be implemented on your chatroom.
  • Use – This button will redirect you to the Embedding page prompting you to utilize the chatroom. Press this if you’re done customizing it.
  • View – This will open your chatroom in your browser. You can actually start using it once you do so. The View and Use button are also found in the Dashboard Page.
  • Message History – Opens the chat log of your chatroom. You can erase the previous messages there too.
  • Switch to Advance mode – This button also functions as the Switch to Basic mode button. This will toggle your customization modes to Basic or Advanced (this particular button will lead you to the latter.)
  • Delete Chatbox – This will erase the chatbox you have.

Before you start browsing through the tabs, you need to press the Switch to Advance mode button first. Customizing the chatroom thoroughly can only be done in the Advance mode so it is imperative that you customize it this way. Now, let’s start modifying your chatroom!

Chatbox Color

This is the firs tab and it is designated to change Chatwing’s outward appearance. There’s a long list of the names of the different parts of the chatroom there with a color box for each one. Click on the colored box to see a bigger box. There’s a spectrum bar on the side – adjust it to pick the hue you want and then use the cursor on the box and drag it around to get the desired brightness and saturation of the said hue until you get the resulting color you want.

Another way to change the color is through the use of the color codes. If you have a desired hue in mind and you know its code, just paste it on the bar after the color box. After shading your chatroom all over, you can save your progress and head on to the next tab.

Background Image

If you’re unsatisfied with the color scheme of your chatroom, then you can make use of Chatwing’s unique background images. You can choose from a thousand unique images that can be applied to your main background and the message area. These unique images are sure to make your chatroom much more appealing to see.

And that’s not the end of it. You can even use your own images and apply it to your chatroom. You just need a URL for that image and paste it on the bar provided and you’ll instantly have that image embedded as your chatroom background!

Look how the changes take effect on your chatroom. If you’re satisfied with it then head on to the next tab. Don’t forget to save your progress though. Just click on the Save button below.


This is one of Chatwing’s additional functions. It synchronizes your chatroom with the others by joining it inside a Network channel of your choice. You can potentially increase your web traffic as you can chat with people that aren’t on your site and try inviting them over. In other words, the chatroom can act as a tool that can increase your site’s marketing capabilities.

Using it may seem a great idea however, there’s one disadvantage to this. You’ll lose your administrative rights over the chatroom once you enter a network channel. Because of this, you may not ban a person out of the chatroom – you can only ignore them for you to not see their messages. This might come as trouble especially if you want the chatroom to act as a supporting tool for your site.

Using the Network function is not compulsory so it’s up to you if you should use it or not. It all depends on your preferences and what’s best for your site.


This is a premium feature which it can’t be accessed unless you purchase it via Chatwing coins. If you’re not using it, the tab will be empty, save for the Purchase feature button. However, if you did purchase it, then it would look like the picture below. The Logo function will replace the current Chatwing logo on top of the chatroom with a picture image of your choice.

You can adjust the size and the alignment of the logo before finalizing it. If you’re done, press the Submit button.

If you don’t want to use the feature anymore, just press the Cancel Feature button. This applies to all premium features that Chatwing has.


If you’re one of the many people who love music, then you might like the idea of playing your favorite one while chatting. You’ll only need a URL for that particular audio file. Go to this tab and paste the URL on the space provided and name the file. Save it afterwards and then you can start playing it!


This tab is all about how your chatters are going to log in. You can either be lenient enough to choose to permit every method of joining in the chat room for everyone or turn the chatroom into a personal abode where only you and your select few are allowed to chat inside.

Chatwing allows the use of social media networking sites as methods of logging in. The chatters can use their Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Tumblr, Instagram and even VK to do so. Aside from these, they can also use their Chatwing accounts or join in anonymously as Guests. It’s very easy to chat inside with this much ways of logging into the chatroom but it’s entirely up to you which method is allowed – you can either select all or just permit a few.

The forced login function that is included here can be used to lurkers inside the chatroom. What this nifty function does is to prevent anyone from seeing the conversations held unless they join the chatroom. Finally, the password function is a great security function that you can also implement on your chatroom. Unless they know the right password, they can’t join nor see the chat inside.

Sub Header

This here is another Chatwing premium function. It replaces the sub header of your chatroom into your liking. The subheader is the “get_chat >” text you see just below the Chatwing logo. The text might not large enough to be noticed instantly but what makes this a premium feature is that the text can be hyperlinked. You can any link there and redirect anyone who clicks on it to the page you want them to see. This is another nifty marketing function that can help boost your page visits on your web pages.


This is tab with the longest line of customization options and it’s designated to change the texts inside the chatroom. You can change their fonts, sizes and even their color. You can also enable rich text formats and allow images and videos to be viewed in the chatroom. There’s also a function that can prevent spam incuded here.

In a nutshell, this tab makes chatting with others much more entertaining and fun.

General Options

Changing the name of your chatroom is ideal to make it easier for you to recognize it when you have a long list of chatrooms aside from this. You can find that function on this tab. This is also where you can enable your chatroom and turn it off.

Once offline, a message will show up, notifying the chatters that the chatroom is currently down.  You can change the message on this tab too. You can also find the Idle Timeout here – this determines how long will it take for the system to consider a chatter idle.


The alias is a great function for inviting new people to your site. The chatroom can be normally accessed via URL and opens the chatroom directly in the browser, just like when you press the View button. The chatroom link is quite long and very hard to memorize. However, with the Alias function, you can make it shorter and much easier to remember.


For now, Chatwing has two forms for its chatroom. You can choose one for your chatroom here. The first one is the Default Chatbox which is the current form of your chatroom. The other one, ChatRoom Style, has a userlist panel on the side, making it look like a traditional chatroom.  The userlist panel can be customized too – you can change its background.


The Moderator tab is where you’ll add moderators that can help you manage the chatroom. However, you can only add them if they have Chatwing accounts too. You can also change the color of their chat bubbles here, as well as yours too – this will make it easier for your chatters to recognize your messages.

The moderator controls can be changed here. You can allow them to ban chatters, erase messages and use the word filter. Setting this up is very important if you want to lighten your workload and share it to people who you can trust.


Word filters are not uncommon in today’s chatrooms, so it’s only natural that Chatwing has one. Using this, you can make your chatroom more wholesome. Type in all the words you don’t want to show up on your chatroom here and they will be censored in no time. You can even apply this to the usernames of your chatters to make sure your chatroom’s clean of these words.


This tab is where you can see the list of all the people you’ve banned on your chatroom so far. You can see how long their ban will persist on the list and have the option of lifting it. You can also ban people here through their IP address, though the option of doing that is usually done on the chatroom itself.

Social Network

This tab features the option of sharing your chatroom much easier through social media sharing buttons. Most of the options here are premium features, so if you don’t have enough Chatwing coins, then you can just leave it at that. However, if you do intend to purchase the features here, then here is what you can do with them.

  • You can choose which social sharing button to use.
  • You can change how the social buttons work (Example: For Facebook, you can either Like, Recommend or Share.
  • You can toggle the Social sharing function.

If you want to share your chatroom easier, then this function will be beneficial for you.

Finishing the Process

This is comprises all of Chatwing’s customization options as of now. If you have undergone your chatroom through the whole process, then it would become one of the most unique chatrooms out there. However, that doesn’t end there – Chatwing continues to improve this chat software. It wouldn’t be surprising that after a few months or so, they’ll be adding a new feature to this impressive chatting tool.

Using the Chatroom

After setting up the chatroom on your site, your chatters can easily use it just like a regular chatroom. The chatters however, have the option of logging in using multiple methods, just like what’s stated before in the Privacy tab. One of the reasons why your chatters will love using this is because of this function. After all, who would like to create an account just to chat inside a chatroom when you can skip all that and head directly to chatting?

Another thing to consider is managing the chatroom. With the aforementioned security functions, dealing with spammers and other rude people is as easy as pie. You can sit back and do other jobs on your site while your moderators take care of supporting the clients via live chat.


Get More from Chatwing

The chatroom is a good way to communicate with your viewers and maintain a closer relationship with them. That way, you can provide customer support easier and by making the conversations a lot more interactive and enjoyable, they’ll be sure to experience the best chatting experience.

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