23 Best Hulu Alternatives to Watch Free Movies & TV Shows

Hulu is the old movie streaming site and has always stayed at the top list of legitimate movie streaming sites with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. It is one of the leading players in the niche of streaming services. It has risen in popularity among movie streaming fans.

But because of many drawbacks and shortcomings, many movie streaming fans are also looking for alternatives to Hulu. That’s why we are here with the list and overview of the best alternatives to Hulu to watch movies, TV shows, and TV dramas online for free.

Here you will know many of the best working sites similar to Hulu or the ones that have features like Hulu.

New Hulu Working Links (Hulu Mirror Links 2023):

Since Hulu is one of the most authentic and legitimate movie and show streaming sites, there’s no chance of its closure. The only link to visit is Hulu.com and it will stay live till the existence of the company.

The biggest drawback of Hulu is that you can’t watch free unless you subscribe or sign up for a free trial. However, for whatever reason, you may also like to check Hulu alternatives as there are so many other good websites with different names offering the same services to watch movies, TV shows, and TV dramas online for free.

So, here you will know many of the best working sites similar to Hulu or the ones that have features like Hulu.

Hulu Alternatives

23 Best Hulu Alternatives:

We have prepared a list of the 23 best alternatives to Hulu with an overview of each site and features followed by the working site link.

1. HiMovies

One of the greatest sources on the planet to watch online movies for free is HiMovies. Being a new site in the contest of Best free movie streaming sites, it is gaining a great amount of attention day by day.

Coming with various genres, it features overall a diverse selection of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. You will have a holistic experience with its helpful playback features and less intrusive ads.

Upon test, we came to know that it runs only two ads on a movie stream and streams videos without buffering. You can use a Chromecast device to watch movies directly on your TV.

HiMovies - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Salient Features

  • Low ad annoyance
  • Large collection of movies in the catalog
  • Multiple playback features
  • It supports Chromecast

You can access HiMovies here

2. Crackle

The Sony Crackle can be your next stop as a legitimate source of watching free movies. It is one best legitimate Hulu alternatives with an extensive list of free movies including all the Sony Pictures films.

It has a library of high-quality content and a bundle of playback features It has unique categories like British, Foreign Language, Stand-Up, Variety, and Unidentified. So, you can browse through these interesting categories and then there are also dozens of genres. Don’t forget to try its Watchlist feature.

It doesn’t require you to make an account in order to watch free content but users can sign up to utilize features like parental controls. You can try the Crackle app as well on your smartphones.

Crackle - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Primary Traits

  • Save movies and TV shows to Watchlist
  • A smartphone app available
  • Option to give your views via the comment section
  • Minimal ads

You can visit the Crackle site here

3. TheWatchSeries

TheWatchSeries is one of the best movie streaming sites on the planet that every free movie-watching fan is searching for. We can consider it as the best alternative to Hulu to watch movies, TV shows, and TV dramas online for free.

It is undoubtedly one of the best free movie streaming sites around the world. You will see so many mirror sites currently active with the same name offering the same services but we will present only the best mirror sites. It provides you access to thousands of movies in different languages. You can stream your favorite Movies, TV series, and web series anytime from the comfort of your screen. There are multiple servers including Vidplay, MyCloud, and Filemoon to help you watch movies without any issues.

Almost every existing movie and TV series is available on this site and you can also download the content. You get original size, language, and subtitles in various languages in the download package.

There is a large range of genres to choose from and you will see some most popular and most watched movies on the homepage to stream them in no time.

Here’s a long list of TheWatchSeries mirror websites:

  1. watchseries.id
  2. watchseries.net
  3. watchseries.im
  4. watchseries1.video
  5. watchseriestv.top
  6. watchserieshd.pro
  7. freemovieswatch.tv
  8. serieshd.watch
  9. watch-serieshd.cc
  10. watchserieshd.ru
  11. www9.watchserieshd.ru
  12. gowatchseries.eu
  13. swatchseries.su
  14. watchseries.world
  15. watchserieshd.vc

If any of the above-mentioned links don’t work you can try these Alternatives.


Significant Features

  • Best working servers
  • Experience the smooth streaming
  • Every popular movie is available from a large range of genres
  • access thousands of movies in different languages
  • No need to create an account

You can get access to the best working TheWatchSeries Site Here.

4. BedRoz

BedRoz is a unique streaming site with an awesome user interface and a soft look that’s why it can be termed the best alternative to Hulu. Having a huge library of Movies and TV shows, its playback is also great with three superfast servers to switch between in case of loading issues during the stream.

The availability of servers like VidSourcePro, 2Embed, and SuperEmbed brings you a buffer-free streaming experience even on FHD quality.

It shows a comparatively smaller number of ads and don’t forget to press Ctrl+W on the desktop version if any click redirects you to a new tab also try some pop-up blocker extensions. There are subtitles available in multiple languages.

BedRoz lol

BedRoz Pros

  • Content available for users of all ages including kids and teenagers
  • Movies are available in all genres greatly organized into categories
  • No need to register on-site

Here is the BedRoz Link

5. FilmRise

A place known for featuring a wide collection of classic movies. It has a smooth site interface and has an easy way through content selection. You will find titles categorized in many genres.

FilmRise also has an app for Android, Fire TV, Roku, iOS, and a few more devices.

FlimRise - Alternative best free movie streaming site

FilmRise Features

  • Provides streams without buffering
  • Features app for devices of all major operating systems
  • Extensive library of classic movies

FilmRise Link

6. Cineb

Cineb is another new free movie streaming site in our list of best Hulu alternatives which has gained a large viewership for free movies. You will find quick updates for new releases on this site and the collection of movie content is expanding day by day.

Movies are categorized in a straight and simple catalog based on a user-friendly interface. Ads are minimal but you can remove them with the use of an ad-blocker.

Cineb - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Primary Features

  • Immediate content updates
  • Minimal ads
  • Doesn’t require a signup

Visit the official Cineb site here.

7. LosMovies

LosMovies offers a smooth streaming service for free. A site that can become your click-to-go arena for movie entertainment with extensive libraries and a wide range of genres. Enjoy buffer-free content of all types of movies and TV series. You get new additions of content on a daily basis. Every latest movie is available on this site because of the constant addition of new content. This is the best option irrespective of the movie genre. It has a vast library and all content is absolutely free. You won’t experience any hidden costs.

The content is organized according to genres, regions, countries, languages, actors, and directors. You can also search for your favorite movies and TV series by typing the name of the movie on the search bar. The site has also achieved popularity among kids because of kids’ and teenagers’ content. Every movie is packaged with its overview and other information including genres, ratings, actors, directors, etc.

Los Movies - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Salient Features

  • No annoying ads, pop-ups, pop-under ads and redirects
  • Wide range of movie genres
  • Availability of content for kids and teenagers
  • No need to signup

Currently working LosMovies site link.

8. Putlocker

Putlocker is a decent free movie stream site that features a nice search bar that helps the users watch their favorite movies. Its search filter lets users search by genre and rating. The site is synced with IMDb data and thumbnails of movies show IMDb ratings on it along with other basic information like movie plots, and video quality.

Putlocker features a list of trending movies and top IMDb content. The site has an extensive collection of movie entertainment content with high-quality video sources.

You get a well-sorted content on this site. This site runs a comparatively higher number of ads. However, you can enjoy all the best movies totally for free and it doesn’t require you to create an account. You can even try these similar sites to access more Free Movies streaming platforms.


Salient Features

  • Amazing search bar
  • Videos are available in High quality and in different resolutions including SD, HD, and FHD
  • User-friendly interface and well-organized content

Here is the PutLocker site link.

9. HuraWatch

Hurawatch is another best alternative to Hulu for watching movies and series online with high-quality movie streams. It has a nice navigation system and a catalog of available content. The movies page has a filter to narrow down the titles by type, genre, year of release, and country.

The playback page has enough information about the movie you choose to watch along with the option to watch the trailer. It also has the option of Toggle Light for a focused movie time. You can also add movies to your favorites and give views via the comment section on each movie. There are two servers to watch movies without any issues.


Best Features of HuraWatch

  • Detailed filters
  • Nice interface
  • Large collection of all types of movies

Here is the HuraWatch Live Link

10. FMovies

There’s almost no match to FMovies when it comes to the best free movie streaming sites. This can be named as the best Hulu alternative. This can be a click-to-go place to stream movies online for free as when you click on any movie it leads you directly to the playback. This site has an extensive library of Movies and all types of TV shows.

There are multiple URLs of FMovies and all of them are getting millions of views monthly. You can see all active URLs here.


Key Attributes

  • Multiple working links of FMovies
  • A huge amount of content is available
  • Minimal ads
  • Multiple servers
  • Buffer-free streaming

Get access to FMovies here.

11. Yes Movies

Yes Movies is another alternative to Hulu with a significant collection of movie content. Its helpful navigation feature makes it easy to find the titles you are looking for. You can utilize search options featuring advanced filters to search your favorite movies. You aren’t required to sign up in order to watch free movies.

You can stream movies up to 1080p resolution and the content is not limited to English; you can also watch movies in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

YesMovies - Alternative best free movie streaming site

YesMovies Features

  • Less ad annoyance
  • HD Streaming
  • Movies in Multiple languages

Here is the working Yes Movies Site link.

12. AZMovies

AZMovies is a popular and long-standing site with a vast collection of free movies to stream in HD and FHD video quality. You can locate and watch your favorite Movies from the movies catalog or by using the search bar which has helpful filters.

The site has well-organized content, interactive menus, and an awesome user interface as a whole. It is also mobile-friendly. It features HD streaming capabilities and you can watch your favorite movies totally for free with bearable ads. Two drawbacks or shortcomings of this site are that you can’t switch between different video resolutions and you will have to face many popup redirects before starting streaming.

AzMovies - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Key Characteristics

  • You have many Categories to choose from
  • A friendly user interface
  • Interactive menus
  • Default video streaming in High-quality

AZMovies working link

13. 123Movies

123Movies is the site to stream movies as a Hulu Alternative for free like 123 go. It is the oldest streaming service network but it was shut down a while ago now we have some mirror sites to try. These working 123 site domains offer thousands of movies that’s why this can be the best ABC alternative. This site’s URL keeps changing sometimes but if you don’t find the site available on our provided link then just search 123Movies on Google, and you will get an active site link in the search results.

You will experience a smooth and buffer-free streaming service with the option of three servers. Upon searching any term, you will find a bunch of related movie results to choose the one that you were looking for. You can also switch between different video quality resolutions on playback.

You won’t be bothered with so many category options and tabs, if you like this aspect then this site will become your favorite one.

123 Movies

Major Features:

  • Comparatively fast video loading time
  • Superior Quality
  • Extensive collection of movies
  • Simple interface

You can access the working 123Movies site here.

14. YouTube

Do you know YouTube? Yes you know it but you haven’t checked about the availability of free movies in remarkable numbers that’s why we have added to the queue of Hulu alternatives. Here we aren’t going to talk about YouTube overall but YouTube’s own Movies Segment.

It’s a legitimate way to watch free movies that are uploaded and managed by the YouTube team. Almost all movies have subtitles. You can give feedback by liking, rating, and commenting on movies.

It has the simplest user interface and a great catalog that most users would feel comfortable with because of familiarity with YouTube itself.

YouTube - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Main Characteristics

  • Original rated movies
  • You can comment
  • Nice and easy interface
  • Great catalog
  • Subtitles for available almost for all movies

Visit YouTube Movies Page Here

15. Filmzie

So now we are heading to the 21st movie site if you don’t stop browsing this article and want to check all movies in our best Hulu alternatives list, then you should know Filmzie is another ad-supported free legit movies streaming source in our best free movie streaming sites list.

The site content is based on horror and action films that are mostly no-hits and low-budgeted but you will also find hidden gems that you can watch totally for free. Short ads load up during the stream.

This site is available for the US, UK, France, and Germany but you can use VPN to bypass your location. You can also check for the availability of subtitles in English or any other language.


Salient Features

  • Less intrusive ad-supported platform
  • Offering a legit way to watch movies totally for free
  • Option of subtitles available
  • Smooth playback with less intrusive ads

Here is the Filmzie Working Link.


MoviesJoy is another station for many free movie lovers and can be the best Hulu alternative. You can see trending movies and TV shows on top of the homepage catalog. You also get the option to watch movies from many countries. It features a great search function that helps free movie lovers to watch their favorite movies as well as TV shows.

The site gives a buffer-free streaming experience for free and you don’t need to create any free account either. You may see annoying ads but provides mostly a disturbance-free streaming experience. It plays the content with numerous server options.

We have added the working domain URL and will update MoviesJoy link with the new one if this domain stops working.

MoviesJoy - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Main Features

  • Comparatively more servers to try
  • Features content from many countries
  • You can watch upto 1080HD videos

Working link for MoviesJoy

17. Vumoo

Vumoo is another popular site as an alternative to Hulu to watch free movies and TV series because of its vast library, and simple and friendly user interface that makes it easy for the users to browse all movies.

Here, you can watch content in HD quality and every movie is available in 720p and the minimum quality of video would be 360p. However, I haven’t found the option of switching between multiple video resolutions. One of the best things in playback is that you also choose to show auto or English subtitles on every movie playback. Another trait of the site is that you will find comparatively more classic movies as compared to the latest releases.

You don’t need to register an account to stream free content. Keep in mind that you get less number of categories of movies to choose from.


Key Points

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Vast content library
  • Buffer-free streaming in HD quality
  • No need to sign up

Get access to Vumoo Here.

18. LookMovie

LookMovie is one the best platforms to stream movies for free. It can be termed as the best Hulu alternative. With an extensive library and great video playback, this site lets you watch your favorite movies in HD and FHD. You will also see the option of subtitles in multiple languages. Each movie page has a great amount of important information.

LookMovie was taken down a while ago. Its last working domain was LookMovie.io. which was also shut down later. We have added a working link at the end of the description. On research, we have found a domain based on LookMovie currently working i.e. lookmovie2.to. This is not exactly the main LookMovie site but you still can access all the content for what LookMovie stands for.

It looks and works like the original website so you can use this website. However, LookMovie2.to can also be removed anytime later but If you love LookMovie then lookmovie.ag is the site where you can find the working link. We will also be updating the links. Stay tuned


LookMovie Main Features

  • Extensive collection of movies to find your favorite titles
  • Great user interface
  • Complete details on movies available
  • Nice playback features

Click on this link to get direct access to the site: LookMovie

19. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is one of the best Hulu alternatives that contains movies of various categories including action, comedy, horror, family, documentary, foreign, etc. You will find over 1,500 popular movies and TV shows to watch. You don’t need to create an account or sign up to stream movies for free.

The homepage has a great catalog of Movies to find the ones that you love to watch. Many sections like Trending Now, Most-watched, New Movies, etc., and some other specialized sections in the catalog are also added like War & Military, Creature Features, Disasters, Adventure Hour, and a few others. The best thing about Hulu is its Large library of movies, decent interface, and minimal ads.

PopcornFlix - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Pros of PopcornFlix

  • user-friendly interface
  • Smooth streaming experience
  • Stream with fewer ads

Here is the working link for PopcornFlix.

20. Tubi

Tubi is another top-notch Hulu alternative site that features thousands of free movies and TV series to stream with minimal ads. It has a smooth and eye-southing design and a friendly user interface, providing ease of use and it is also a mobile-friendly site.

It has an extensive library of movies with HD streaming capabilities to stream without any subscription or even you are not required to sign up. You can also try the Tubi TV mobile app. Its homepage has a great catalog of movies with sections including trending now, popular, latest, etc.

This free movie streaming site features parental controls and also focuses on content for kids and teenagers.


Tubi Pros

  • Minimal ads and no pop-ups
  • Buffer-free streaming
  • So many options on playback including the choice to switch to different video resolution
  • Doesn’t require an account to watch movies for free
  • Additional options for registered users

Visit Tubi Site Here

21. Peacock TV

Peacock TV is another best site featuring free movies, TV shows, and live channels for users. Here, you will find high-quality content. It contains most of the popular TV shows and is also known for exclusive NBC content.

The nice and friendly user interface makes this site more attractive for users. The mobile app is also available for free movie lovers to stream free content on their handsets. It comes with free and paid subscriptions.

Peacock TV doesn’t allow watching movies on VPN.

Peacock TV - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Main Attraction

  • Legitimate status
  • Popular and exclusive content available under free and paid plans
  • App available for Android, iOS, Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV

Active link of Peacock TV

22. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another legit free movie streaming site that is also known for featuring live TV channel streams. Overall, you will be having an experience like Tubi tv. It offers a smooth playback experience with complete buffer-free streaming with minimal ads and pop-ups and you get an interruption-free experience.

You will find thousands of free on-demand movies in various categories. It features hundreds of live entertainment channels from multiple partners.

Pluto TV - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Basic Features

  • Great user interface
  • Hundreds of free TV channels to watch live
  • A buffer-free streaming experience

Here is the working link for the Pluto TV site.

23. XumoPlay

Xumo Play can be your best legitimate click-to-go site for watching free movies. You also watch Live TV aside from original free movies. It has many free titles available live to watch and provides the option of VOD (videos on demand). It offers buffer-free playback but you will have to face video ads of a few seconds each before and during streaming for at least 10 times.

You can stream thousands of movies and TV shows totally for free with just the click of a button. It also provides access to over 190 TV channels without making any account. It’s a legal streaming site but still has limited content to watch.


Important Points of XumoPlay

  • Live and on-demand movie content available
  • App available with the same content
  • Smooth playback

Website Link of XumoPlay

We hope this article on the best Hulu alternatives was helpful for you. You can watch free movies absolutely for free by trying these alternatives.

Now try multiple sites from this list of best alternatives to Hulu to watch movies online for free and don’t forget to give your feedback in the comment section below.

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