Best 7 Microsoft Office Alternative for Windows 10/11

Today we will let you know 7 of the best Microsoft Office alternatives that you can run on Windows 10 for the latest version of applications available right now. On PC’s running Windows, Microsoft Office used to be the most popular program which consisted of a collection of different programs that included word processors, presentation programs, spreadsheets and even some programs for Web development and publishing for Windows Operating Systems. But with the introduction of Windows 10, more 3rd party developers jumped into the scene and started creating some cool office suits for your pc or mobile devices as well.

Today we will let you know 7 of the best Alternative programs to Microsoft Office which you can run on Windows 10 or Windows 8/7, all these programs can be installed on mobile devices including tablets and smartphones running Windows Phone 8 OS. Beside this the new high price tags with Microsoft Office suit made users to search for better alternatives. So here we have chosen some of the best free alternatives to office suits. You will find most of the programs listed on this article to be handy if you if are working in an office or business setting.

Best Microsoft Office Alternatives

Microsoft Office Alternatives

1- YouSendIt

There are often limits to how much information you may send via email. You have the choice of uploading your file onto a cloud service and giving someone else permission to see it, or you can use the YouSendIt program Which is the best Microsoft Office Alternative. This program will allow you to upload and send files that are up to 2GB in size. You can put your files into an online storage area so that you may have them sent on to others or so they may log in and see the file. You may store as much as you like online as far as the fair use policy extends.


It has a 128-bit SSL encryption and file-specific passwords. You can also track who downloads the file and there are authenticated delivery options you can choose from. It is a subscription service, so you will have to pay money for it. Link

2- Invoice 360

You are given a few customizable invoice templates which you can use to create your invoices or quotes. You can copy and paste from one invoice to the next, and your invoices may be easy printed, emailed or turned into PDFs. Link

3- LibreOffice

There is OpenOffice and LibreOffice. Both have the same source code but have gone in differing directions. It is like giving two car manufacturers the same engine, and one creates a bus whilst the other creates a milk tanker.


With this version you may publish direct to wiki/Wikipedia, you my import PDFs and expand the functions of the program. You may use it as a writer or to draw, or as a spreadsheet program. You may use it for databases, math and for calculations on things such as spreadsheets.

LibreOffice download

4- Box

You get 7GB of SkyDrive storage and they get it free from Microsoft. It has a high up-time rating and it easy to use. It is also easy to search around the program and find what you are looking for. It has a good level of security and has enough customization features to please most people. Box Link

5- Apache OpenOffice

This is a software suite that allows you to save your files in their format. This may mean that if you are sending written features to outside entities then you are going have to convert the files to Microsoft readable. The programs will read Microsoft documents, and the suite comes with six tools you may use.


There is a spreadsheet program with calculator functions along with things to help you create graphics and such. There is a writing program that you can use for both small and large tasks. It allows you to create multimedia productions such as slide shows, drawings, notes, etc. There is an imaging application that allows you to draw in 3D on the program. There is a program that will do your math for you, and there is a database section that allows you to create and maintain databases.

Open Office download link

6- Google Docs

With this program you may share and collaborate online, that’s why it is regareded as the best Microsoft Office Alternative. There are a number of programs that you can use such as the document opener and writer. You may use the spreadsheets, databases, editors, drawing programs, etc. There is a presentation function that allows you to do many of the things that Microsoft PowerPoint does. There is also the fact that it is free, and that you are plugged in with other Google services such as their cloud system, email and social media networks.

Google Docs is compatible with a lot of online programs and there are lots of services that welcome information in Google Docs formats. The fact that it is so well known has helped to make more people accept it as a legitimate form of document. This means that when you save something after using the service, then you are not going to have to rely on Google to open it for you every time. Google Docs link

7- KOffice

This has tools such as a word processor, presentation applications and spreadsheets. It allows you to create images and charts and it makes using them very easy, such as allowing you to zoom and preview your creations. You can create business related spreadsheets and add in calculations that help you complete your business work. There are even plugins you can use with the program, and creating charts and data images is very simple. here is the download link.


Stay Tune as we will be updating more Microsoft Office Alternative, once the new ones are available.

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