Top 5 Best iPhone Hacking Apps [2019]

Best iPhone Hacking Apps 2019: Although most people take refuge knowing that an iPhone is very secure, like most smartphones it can be hacked. Regardless of the secure platform, with the right hacking tool, you can hack an iPhone.

Best iPhone Hacking Apps

iPhone hacking apps allow you to remotely hack an iPhone using a PC, tablet or any other device. App developers have come up with thousands of app that can hack any device.

Uses of iPhone hacking apps

Most people use hacking apps for good purposes. Some use hacking apps to distance themselves from bad relationships. Even business owners use hacking apps to detect unethical employees in their organizations.

Although iPhone hacking apps eradicate the need to be a computer prodigy, there is a proper way to follow. In this article, we highlight the top 5 best iPhone hacking apps.

Part 1: Spyic – The best rated iPhone hacking app

Spyic has the best customer approval rating of any iPhone hacking app available today at 96%. This is a professional phone hacking app that is trusted and used by millions of users across the world.

Spy on iPhone with Spyic

Spyic is a revolutionary phone hacking app is legit and can hack iOS and Android devices. Although there are many iPhone hacking apps, Spyic is the recommended app. With Spyic, you can hack iPhone remotely.

This phone hacking app is easy to use.

1.1 Reasons Spyic is the preferred iPhone hacking app

Spyic is a legit phone hacking and surveillance app with capabilities to match. Apart from being a trustworthy app, Spyic has some capabilities you should be aware of.

  • No jailbreaking needed

To hack a target iPhone, you don’t need to jailbreak the target device. The app uses state-of-the-art technology to hack the target iCloud and access everything on the iPhone.

This eliminates any need for physical access of the iPhone.

  • Remote hacking capabilities

Spyic has remote hacking capabilities using any browser. The app is web-based, which lets you use any browser to hack any iPhone discreetly. This way, you can hack every app installed on the target iPhone.

1.2 Spyic features

With Spyic, you have at your disposal more than 35 features to explore every area on the target iPhone. Some of the features include:

  • Hacking all installed apps

Spyic lets you hack all messaging apps on the target iPhone such as iMessages. Also, the app hacks various social media apps such as LINE and WhatsApp.

  • Hack calls and call list

Spyic hacks into all incoming, outgoing and missed calls on the target iPhone. It retrieves all call logs, history and duration. Also, Spyic lets you access contact details of the caller.

1.3 Using Spyic to hack an iPhone

To hack an iPhone through Spyic, there are several steps to follow. These are:

Step 1: On the official Spyic website, register for an account. Also, subscribe for a plan that suits your needs.

Spyice Sign up

Step 2: Next, setup the target iPhone. Here, provide the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone and verify.

Verify Cloud ID Guide

Step 3: The app will take some time to sync. Once ready, hit ‘Start’.

Finish Installation

Step 4: Login to your Spyic dashboard using any web browser of your choice.

Spice Dashboard

Here, you will be able to hack every app on the target iPhone.

Part 2: Cocospy

Cocospy is among the best iPhone hacking apps available. Like Spyic, Cocospy is a legit and safe app that you can use to hack the target iPhone. Also, it has gained the trust of millions of users online.


If for some reason you feel Spyic is not for you, you should try Cocospy. It has everything you would expect from a phone hacking app. For instance, it is a web-based solution that lets you hack the target iPhone remotely.

What’s more? You won’t have to jailbreak the target iPhone for the app to work. This technological feat is not supported by all phone surveillance apps. Also, you get a keylogger feature among many other features.

Part 3: mSpy

This iPhone hacking app is one of the best phone surveillance apps around. This app gives you two options of hacking a target iPhone. It lets you hack an iPhone without jailbreaking it.


However, there is a catch. Doing so only gives you access to limited features. This form of hacking requires only access to the target iCloud credentials.

If you need to access advanced features, you must jailbreak the target iPhone an install the app. Clearly, you don’t want to invest an app that leaves the target iPhone vulnerable as a result of jailbreaking.

Part 4: Spyera

Spyzie is a good iPhone hacking app. It works on various platforms and is equipped with several features. However, the drawback of using this app is its installation requires jailbreaking the target iPhone.


Some of the basic features are not available without jailbreaking the iPhone. So, using Spyera requires you to have extensive technical skills.

The wise choice would be to use a safer spy app like Spyic that provides considerable hacking features. Spyic does not require tampering with the target iPhone everything is done remotely.

Part 5: Appmia

Appmia is an iPhone hacking app developed to hack all the installed apps on the target iPhone. The app provides several features that let you hack into hardware and software on the target iPhone.


The user interface feels technical unlike the smooth design you get with Spyic. Also, using Appmia to hack the target iPhone demands you jailbreak the iPhone. Compared to the convenience of using Spyic, using Appmia is hectic.


We have highlighted the top 5 best iPhone hacking apps. Among these, Spyic stands out as the most trusted and reliable iPhone hacking app. Cocospy is a good alternative to Spyic.

The other iPhone hacking tools require technical skills to be able to use them fully. So, we recommend you use Spyic for a convenient and safe iPhone hacking experience. 

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