Everything You need to know when choosing the China Sourcing Agent.

Those who are importing materials from China probably know how important it is to have a sourcing agent. Your task of importing the materials from China becomes all easier if you have managed to land up the right sourcing agent.

Before we delve deeper into the article, let’s shed some light on who is sourcing agent is.  

A sourcing agent is someone who breaks the deals for you and someone who acts as a mediator between you and your suppliers. A sourcing agent is a local person who is well versed with the local conditions and specializes in these works. He plays a very important role in establishing your link with the best supplier while making sure that the whole process from finding the right supplier out of many suppliers to getting your documents verified to allowing the seamless export of goods to your location, everything is handled by sourcing Agent. 

China Sourcing Agents

If you were to perform all these tasks all by yourself, then the process can become a bit complicated for you, it might consume a lot of time, it can seriously divert your attention from focusing on business to focusing on getting your goods imported from China. 

If you leave all these hassles to your China souring agent, he will let you take care of your business while making sure that your goods are delivered on time. 

However, you can not go on selecting any agent you come across as there are many, it can seriously hamper your business prospects there. Therefore, there are some parameters that you have to look at while selecting the right sourcing agent in China. Let’s look at all these parameters in detail. 

  1. Transparency 

Transparency is key to choosing the right sourcing agent. It means how fair he is when it comes to dealing with you. He must reveal all the terms and conditions beforehand. He must tell you how much he will charge for his services and he must follow up with you after actions that he performs with the suppliers. He must not do something without you knowing about what he is doing. He must divulge all the written documents to you. 

  1. Business license

You would not want to hand over your work to someone who does not possess proof of his qualifications and ability to work. Hence, you must see the license of the agent that you are going to work with. The license gives authenticity to the ability to work. 

  1. Testimonials 

If you want to know about the work of the agent that you want to work with. You need to find what others who have already worked with an agent, say. You can see the testimonials of the people with whom your agent has worked. You will get apt clarity from the opinions of people. 

  1. Language 

Your agent should be well versed with the local language as well as the language that you speak. Language may act as a huge barrier to your business. What you say can be interpreted wrongly by your suppliers and your supplier can implement something otherwise that can cause a huge loss to your business. Therefore, it is important that your agent is fluent in the languages and should be able to convey your requirements to the client clearly and vice-versa. 

  1. Location 

The location of your agent near the supplier plays a vital role in the successful implementation of your needs. If any problem occurs with the suppliers, your agent can take prompt actions to resolve that problem as he is located near the supplier’s location. The nearer your agent lives to your supplier, the better it is for your business when it comes to taking prompt actions. 

  1. Supplier network

The supplier network of your agent can help you a great deal when it comes to getting a great product at a great price. This can be done by your agent if he has a good network of suppliers. He may present to you a list of suppliers, you will have many options to choose the best as per requirements.

However, if your agent does not have a good network of suppliers, then he will present to you a limited list of suppliers and you won’t have any option but to choose out of them.

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