Download Beats Audio Drivers for Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge.



The HTC Android smartphones has the integrated Beats Audio technology. The best thing is that the Beats Audio drivers are now available for other Android devices including most sold Android smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge.

The Beats Audio drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S7 has been made by a developers team at MotionCoding. So all this credit goes to them on boosting the audio features of the Samsung Galaxy S7, but the most important thing is that your device must be rooted one, to get these drivers installed because they aren’t official audio drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S7.

What this app does is that it installs the beats audio drivers to any android phone, as long as the phone is rooted. It is advised that one makes a backup of their data (nandroid and titanium will suffice), because once you install this app and run it to install beats audio, you can’t uninstall this. The only thing you can do is factory reset. Beats audio drivers contain all the beats audio drivers for Galaxy S7 needed for the  Galaxy S7 audio boost which makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Beats Audio even more prominent and better then the ordinary Samsung Galaxy S7.

Download Beats Audio Drivers for Samsung Galaxy S7:

We have used this app and it worked for us. The music quality is substantially better. You won’t need any Beats Audio headphones or earphones to feel the Audio quality but instead you can sense the change in Audio quality even when you listen it through ordinary headphones or the official handsfree available with the Samsung Galaxy S7.

We can’t confirm yet if this app will give you beats audio quality sound if you use youtube, pandora, or spotify, but we believe that it shall, if you use headphones to listen to your media, because a “Beats Audio” notification appears every time you use headphones. It is quite unique experience and you will surely feel these official Beats Audio drivers have boosted your Galaxy S7 audio quality.


The official app was available at the Google Play Store with the name of Beats Audio Installer but it has been removed, Still we are lucky to find a 3rd party app link available online. You can download the drivers by clicking on the ZIP file below.

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