Eight Ways Technology Makes Life A Lot Safer.

Although you can credit technology with most of the advancements made in the last two decades or so, such leaps into unknown territory come with tons of drawbacks. A more interconnected and sophisticated world means that data is now more accessible, for better or worse. Cybercrime is one example of the dark side of technological advancements.

At the same time, such advancements can drastically improve the efficiency and safety of our interconnected world. We’ve built better systems to monitor illegal activities such as human trafficking. We also use technology to generate large volumes of data to help companies gain insight into customer needs to develop better products and services. We’ve developed smart tech that lets people monitor their health without visiting the doctor’s office and instituted improved agricultural management to increase crop yield. Technology is now keeping humans safe, both physically and technologically. That said, listed below are a few ways that technology can make our lives more safe and secure.

You can now control alarms with your mobile phone

Suppose you have a security system inside your house. In that case, you can most probably control and monitor it with your smartphone, regardless of your location. Are you leaving for a vacation? You can now ensure that your house is safe as it can be while you’re away. You can also monitor carbon dioxide detectors and smoke alarms, access your cameras to spot intruders, and lock your doors with the touch of a screen. You can also install a CCTV doorbell to have 24/7 video surveillance capabilities for your front porch.

Technology Easier Safer

Storage units now offer 24-hours monitoring services

Smart self storage units are the way of the future in the self-storage industry. You can now rent self-storage units that provide 24-hour monitoring services to ensure all your items are secure. Some of these smart features are; 24/7 video surveillance, fingerprint-based locks, climate control, temperature regulation, etc. So, if you want to declutter your home and keep all your precious belongings safe in the process, go for a smart self-storage unit.

You can use data encryption to keep your information private

Remote device hacking, be it a computer, tablet, or mobile device, has become more common these days. Hence, encrypting your data to a local hard drive or a set of smaller capacity hard drives will allow your data to remain safe from prying eyes. Software and hardware-based encryption system encrypt your data so that only you can retrieve or read it. Plus, usually, you’ll have to input a password to do so. This will prevent other users from viewing your personal info and stuff.

You can use tracking software to lock your computer or mobile devices

If by any chance you lose your computer or if someone steals it, the first thing that’ll go through your mind is people going through your private data. Fortunately, you can now keep all your prized data safe and secure with the help of tracking apps such as Lojack or Prey. They allow you to locate your devices and lock them through the internet with the help of a second device.

For Apple devices, the ‘find my’ app allows you to easily track your lost or stolen Apple products and lock them through iCloud. If you’re an Android phone user, you can go to the Android play store and download any available mobile device tracking apps.

Fingerprint and facial recognition are now the norms

Traditionally, you would use an alphanumeric password to gain access to a secured device or digital lock. However, most devices and locks these days have a built-in feature to unlock them via fingerprint or facial recognition. A hacker might be able to guess your passwords through trial and error, but they can’t replicate your fingerprint or your face.

But, as far as face scan goes, one can fool the device with a picture of your face. That said, it is still far safer than an alphanumeric password. After all, all it takes is some guesswork, and voila, your information will be up for grabs!

You can now charge your mobile phones wirelessly

Connecting your mobile device to a strange charger, outlet, or charring wire, can severely affect your device’s health. It can also allow hackers to interlope it and access your private data. However, through the power transferring capabilities of metal coils, wireless charging technology reduces the risk of connecting your mobile device to a dangerous power source. Plus, it will also leave you with a mobile device that isn’t inactive in times of need. Not to mention the wonder wireless charging does for your mobile device’s battery’s health. It lives longer and is less likely to burn out because of a power surge.

Online banking is now safer

Online banking has its pros and cons, with pros being ease of use and cons being information theft. However, online banking is now more secure than ever. If you regularly access your bank account online, a digital banking app will save you a lot of time.

Other than asking for your username and password, you’ll have to ensure you log in from a device with access rights. Furthermore, your digital banking app will also have a feature that allows you to utilize facial recognition or fingerprints instead of alphanumerics. Setting up such a feature will make your account a tough nut to crack.

You can now lock your vehicles remotely

Ever left your car in a car park, only to come back and see your stereo missing? Well, people still steal from vehicles in the 21st century! In fact, one should always apply for a good car insurance plan to tackle care theft. That said, preventative measures such as installing a smart monitoring and locking system on your car will save your car and the items inside it from theft.


Technology is now more involved than ever in the public and personal safety arena. Sometimes technology and the internet get a bad name when paired together. But they play a vital role in keeping us safe in today’s modern times. You might remember the time when you would go on a drive without your mobile phone.

If for some reason, you got lost or your car broke down, you would have solely relied on your instincts to get through such tricky situations. Technology would have made your life a lot easier and your family a lot safer in such a situation- like it has now.

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