Erase or Reset Apple Watch without connecting with iPhone.


Apple Watch is the most personal and reliable gadget that provides list of features including fitness details, digital wallet, checking notifications, using instagram, facebook and many more. It also eases the user by storing Apple pay credit and debit card details used in making transactions on shopping stores. For this reason your personal details need to be secured, the users can easily secure data by creating pass code on Apple Watch.

But one issue associated with pass code is if the users forgot his password or enter wrong pass code more than six times consecutively the Apple watch will be locked and display a following message on the screen “Try again in few minutes”. Now the user is left with two options to Erase or Reset Apple Watch without connecting with iPhone.

1) Erase all the data on Apple Watch

2) Reset Apple Watch pass code

You can easily erase data through iPhone but if you don’t have it at the given moment then you need to follow the given steps below. Before erasing all the data make sure you have backup of your Apple Watch saved on Apple devices.

Steps for reset or Erase Apple Watch without iPhone – Erase all content and settings

Step 1: Hold Apple Watch and

Step 2: Press and hold the side buttons until it displays the power slide option

Step 3: Now, force touch on power off

Step 4: A message will be displayed on the screen “Erase all content and settings” tap on it to complete the process.

That’s it all data will be erased and Apple Watch will be unlocked.

Steps how to reset or erase all content and settings of Apple Watch using iPhone.


If you have iphone then you can also erase all the contents by using Apple Watch app on your iphone. Make sure both devices are in parallel in order to complete the given steps.

Step 1: Click on the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on My Watch.

Step 3: Click on general and

Step 4: then tap on reset.

Step 5: Click on the first option “Erase all the content and settings” and double tap to confirm the process.

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