Four Things that You Probably Did Not Know about Toner Cartridges.

Do you have a laser printer? If you do, how well do you know it? The fact is that a toner printer is a complex unit that uses advanced technology to generate images or texts on paper when you give a command. The most important part of the printer is the toner cartridge.

In this post, we will look at the top four things that you probably did not know about your toner cartridges. If your ink or toner cartridges are expiring soon or aren’t eligible to be sold through our website, then sell toner cartridges for cash or have them recycled for you.

How the Toner cartridge Works

Unlike the inkjet that operates rather directly, where the printer print head releases the ink directly into the paper, the toner cartridge is indirect. To print an image or text, the printer first gathers some toner from the hopper with some developer unit.

Notably, the developer is made of negatively charged tiny beads that are attached to the roller and gathers toner as it rotates. The toner that gathers on the developer is positively charged and is brushed on the drum assembly, which has the electrostatic image or text to be printed on the paper.

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As the drum moves on the paper, which has strong negative charges compared to the drum, the toner particles are pulled from the drum, taking the shape of electrostatic texts or images.  As the paper moves through the printer, it passes via the fuser roller that is heated by quartz lamps.

The heat helps to melt the toner particles, making them to be absorbed immediately into the paper fibers to create the image or text that you want. Although the process of printing using a toner cartridge might look complex, it takes place rather fast, and you can print your work rapidly.

There are Different Types of Toner Cartridges

When you bought a laser printer, the chances are that it came with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) toner cartridge. However, when the first toner cartridge is used up, you have a number of options for replacement, including the following:

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Toner Cartridges: These are the toner cartridges that are designed by the same company that manufactured the printer or copier that you use. Because they are designed for specific devices, and with the latest technologies, the toner cartridges produce the highest quality printouts.

The main shortcoming of OEM toner cartridges is that they are expensive. Most manufacturers sell their printers cheaply, but the toner cartridges more expensively make high profits. So, if you want to buy toner cartridges at a lower rate, you should consider the next two options.

  • Compatible Toner Cartridges: When original equipment manufacturer (OEM) design printers, they anticipate that users will continue buying their toner cartridges. The high cost of OEM toner cartridges and the development of toner cartridges made designers come up with more affordable alternatives. One of these options is compatible toner cartridges.

These toner cartridges are designed with the same technology used by original equipment manufacturers, but they are sold at a relatively lower price. The print quality from compatible toner cartridges is also awesome, and you should not shy from using it.

  • Remanufactured Toner Cartridges: These are the cheapest toner cartridges in the market today. They are designed from previously used toner cartridges, which means that remanufacturers do not incur high costs of making new cartridges. However, they replace all the damaged sections to ensure that the toner cartridges work as good as new.

Although cheap, the print quality from remanufactured toner cartridges is likely to be poorer compared to what you get from OEM and compatible toner cartridges. It is because of this that recommends you consider using this type of cartridge for printing drafts.

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You Can Refill a Used Cartridge to Extend its Utility

When you use a toner cartridge, it will, at some point, get used up. While most people simply toss the used cartridges in their waste bins, you should not because the chemicals used to prepare it are dangerous and can harm the environment. For example, the chemical can pollute the water and harm marine animals. The good thing is that you can extend the utility of the toner cartridge using the following two ways:

  • Refill the toner cartridge: Using the right refill kits, you can refill the toner cartridge and continue using it. Make sure to acquire the right kit and carefully follow the instructions on the kit to avoid damaging the printer and to enjoy quality prints.
  • Return the toner cartridge to the manufacturer: Most manufacturers take back their cartridges and recycle them. They can either reprocess, refill, and resell, or grind them into fine powder for making other products.

Only Buy Toner Cartridges from the Best Sellers for High-Quality

The toner cartridge market is very big because of almost every home and office prints some documents. Therefore, it has attracted all sorts of sellers, but not all of them are focused on quality. If you buy from a profit-only driven dealer, there is a danger of getting poor quality toner cartridges and low value for your money. This brings about one question, “How do you know a good toner cartridge seller or dealer?” Here are some useful steps to follow:

  • Check for the toner cartridge seller who has been in the market for some time and demonstrated commitment to quality.
  • Only buy from the dealers who sell their products with warranties. This implies that the toner cartridges have been designed with the focus on quality, and you can expect to get high-value for money.
  • The selected seller should have a wide range of toner cartridges, allowing you to select the best option for your printer. This means that whether you want an affordable compatible toner cartridge or a high-quality OEM toner cartridge, the dealer will have them all.
  • Finally, check for the dealer with good customer support. With customer service, it implies that you can seek assistance about anything on your toner cartridges and its operations. For example, if you get stuck trying to select, install, or refill your toner cartridge, the dealer’s customer support should be there for you.


If you have a laser printer, it is important to understand how it works, and the best methods of keeping in top conditions. More importantly, you should understand how the toner cartridge types and how they work in your printer. Note that to get the assurance of high quality, it is prudent to always buy from the best dealer.

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