Here are all the iPhone 6 #Bendgate jokes on the web.

The iPhone 6 bending or not

It seems like a ritual for Apple now for last 3-4 years they have been in involved in the major viral jokes on the social media. The first iPhone which was hit by the storm of taunts was the iPhone 4 with its issues with the radio antenna which was then called the “antennaGate”, later the iPhone 5 launch brought the scuffgate issue as some scuffed iPhone 5 found out of the box.

The iOS 6 maps gate issue was all over the place as well, but now the most striking jokes came up with the iPhone 6 Plus bending issue which was broke on some sites including ours. We covered it on when the first images of the bent iPhone 6 plus emerged on the web and the first thing came up on our minds was, Bend it Like Beckham.Screen-Shot-2014-09-26-at-8.08.50-PM-640x538

The issue was so viral that it made a new twitter hashtag #Bendgate and the worlds pounds on with their ideas about this bent smartphone. Below we tried to gather all those images of the bendgate issue that pops on the social media. These are funny and we are quite sure that they will made your day.

By posting these little gems of satire and having a shared laugh about it, we in no way give Apple a silk glove treatment for failing to ensure its big, beautiful phone retains its form under the most regular stress a smartphone faces in its life – being carried in a pocket. And have we mentioned the iOS 8.0.1 update problems? Apple isn’t one to slack off when such issues arise to tarnish its name, so we’re expecting it to intervene soon. And we’re not talking about patenting and making wide jeans.






The iPhone 6 bending

The iPhone 6 bending or not  these  bendgate

The iPhone 6 bending or not  these  bendgate jokes are too funny


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