How to Change Your Country in Google Play Store Account [United States Account]


The Google Play Store is the only online store that has been already loaded with over 2 million apps, over a million songs, books and movies. But there is always this problem of not having the access to this data if you are not from the specific country which has the access to a complete Google Play Store. Most of the time people can’t access their favorite app, game, movie, song or book just because its not available in their region/country.

So overcome this issue, we have come up with this complete guide to let you know how to change your country in Google Play Store Account and get an access for the United States Google Play Store which is regarded as the most loaded store with almost all apps, game, movies, songs and books are available in their charts.

Now there are several ways to change the country or location of your current Google Play Account to access the most needed data on the play store. There is always the difference between the stores of different countries/regions, showing different of top apps, recommended apps, and new and the updated apps list. Beside this in the United States store you can access the top entertainment channels including the movies and songs for the Google Music app.

First we will discuss the method in which you can change the country or location of the current account that you are using on your device.

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Method 1: ( Google Wallet Account)

In this method you have to change your payment method.

1- Go to your Google Wallet app, or if you don’t have it, simply download it from here.

2- Once in this app you can add new payment method  or just simply skip the process if you don’t have the payment option enabled.

3- After moving forward, now you have to add the new Payment method and address, You can select from the given country options. ( Use United States)

4- Write down Name and post code or simply get it from the

5- Now close this app and access the Google Play Store and download any paid app, once you click on purchase the wallet app will continue loading. Keep on going until you reach ” Accept and Buy” Option, You don’t need to purchase the app. Simply close the Google Play Store.

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6- Go to Settings >> Applications >> Google Play Store >> now got to data and clear data on the play store.

Close all apps, simply open the Google Play Store app again, and you will be able to see the United States.

Method 2 : ( Add a New Account )

The above method is the standard way to change your current country for the Google Play Store account, but we have several users complaining of that method not working on their devices.

So we have come up with the new method in which you have to sign up for the new account to get the access to the specific country’s Play Store account. In this method you will need a better working VPN, like Tunnel Bear or currently best Opera VPN which is free and reliable one available for Android.

1- Open Opera VPN and tap on connect ( Make sure your are connected with USA VPN)

2- Go to Settings >> Accounts

3- Add new Account and then click on Google as you have to add a new the Google Account.

4- Now sign up with new Email and Password and then add a US phone number, which you can get easily by signing up on TextFree web.

5- Add the number that you get on this app on the newly registered United States Google Account.

6- You will receive a new verification SMS on the text free web.

7- Add the code and here you go, you get a new Google Account from US.

That’s it, Now you can simple go and again follow these steps to remove/ Clear data of the Google Play Store. Or simply you can disable the app and install a brand new Play Store from here.

Once your new Play Store is installed make sure to turn on the Opera VPN before opening the play store to access the United States version of Google Play which is loaded with all the most needed Apps, Games, Movies, Songs and millions of Books.


I personally have used this second method and I am currently using 2 Google Accounts on my Android device. I get the access to my local play store and the United States Google Play Store Account. Moreover I have added my local Credit Card to the US account and purchased some music and rented a couple of movies and its working absolutely fine for me. Hope you guys won’t have any issues too.

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