How To Defend Your Windows Device From Malware Attacks.

An essential part of having an Antivirus is to know what features it offers to protect your computer from malicious malware. If your Anti-malware software is missing one important feature, your files might be at risk.

So, the question is, “Do you know the dangers of not having all the security software features?” If your answer is no, don’t worry because 99% of people that use AV software don’t know either.

However, not having technical knowledge will eventually become a victim of viruses. To prevent this from happening, you must find the most critical things your Anti-malware aspects should have. 


Check below the features your antivirus must have to protect your computers from different malicious software.

Email Scanner

Most hackers around the world use any form of email to spread viruses to your computer. Once the malware is inside your PC, your essential files will be at risk. According to a study, a high percentage of malware attacks come from this type of threat. 

Malware Attacks

That’s why a key feature like this must be included in your security software to protect your computer. Email scanner works by scanning all the incoming emails and will alert you if your Anti-malware finds a threat within the email.

Download Protection

Another asset you should have to protect your Windows device is download protection. Any form of download file can have a hidden virus inside. If that’s the case, you figure it out until your computer has been attacked by malware.

To protect your device, you must select a security software that offers a high level of filtering security. In this way, your AV software will scan and quickly detect if the file has an encrypted virus.

Spyware Scanner

Most people believe that malware is the only threat to your Windows device because of the package’s name — Anti-VIRUS. If you think that viruses are the only threat to your computer, well, you should think again. 

While the virus is trying to bring down your front door, the spyware with its best friend malware is trying to get inside your files through the backdoor. These two crook characters can trespass your computer while you’re smoothly browsing the internet. Spyware and malware pose significant dangers to your security, especially for your private files or data.

Security software packages with built-in scanners will find malware and spyware to provide an additional level of security to your Windows device.

Quick Scan

Are you afraid of scary viruses? If so, your antivirus software must have a quick scan. That’s because complete scanning usually takes up to seven hours, which is inconvenient for a computer user like you.

During the scanning, you won’t be able to use your Windows device. Because of this, you need to schedule your scanning throughout the night. It is the perfect time when you don’t need to use your device.

However, if your security software has a quick scan, it will be very convenient for you. You can check and scan your computer whenever you like because of its high-speed scanning capabilities. Although it’s not a full scan, it is created to provide convenience for users like you.


If you plan to buy security software, ensure that you’re purchasing a product that will fit your system’s compatibility. Sometimes we indeed make mistakes when it comes to buying Antivirus software. That’s why you should buy a package that will perfectly fit your computer system.

Get Protection Within Your Budget

If you don’t want to buy payable security software or you can’t afford to purchase it, there’s still a way to protect your Windows device by downloading a free one. Microsoft Security Essentials provides a security package for those who use a Windows Operating System.  

Furthermore, windows malicious software removal tools such as Avast and Windows Defender provide a free version of their security software. However, while Windows Defender offers an entirely free package, Avast, on the other hand, can be upgraded, but you need to pay for it.

One downside of having a free package of Anti-malware is that it cannot provide all the essential protection for your computer needs. So, it’s your choice to buy a complete package or just use a free version of AV software.

Technical Support

If you need a little help with your Antivirus software for any devices, don’t forget to call their customer service. Some technical assistance channels are available to help you, such as Q&A, Videos, and Online Forums.


Some Antivirus Software Companies share the private information of their customers. That’s why, if you value your privacy, which of course you are, start by researching their privacy policies. Another way is to ask them straightforwardly to inform them upon your request.


In choosing a security software, ensure that you follow all the information above to avoid problems. In this way, you can defend your Windows device from malware attacks.

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