How to download Specific Parts of YouTube video [ Chop YouTube Video]

Download YouTube Video Parts Chop Video: There are billions of videos on YouTube right now, Downloading all of them is quite easy with or without 3rd party apps. But what if you need specific parts of YouTube Video and don’t want the whole video instead. In other words, you are looking to Chop YouTube Video where you think there are some needed parts and the rest of it should not be downloaded just cause it might waste your precious internet data.

I have come across many such 4K HDR videos that are quite lengthy and would have consumed 5-7 GB of my data while watching or even when I go to download my favorites. But I can’t simply ignore some of those wonderful scenes in those videos and I want them to download those most needed parts of those 4K Videos.

While searching I came across a new third party online download tool which will help you download the video from a specific time to your needed ending spot on that video.

Download Specific parts of YouTube Video

Download Specific Parts of YouTube video, Why I need so:

For larger videos, it seems quite easy to simply use the Internet Download Manager (IDM) little popup showing on top of each video and simply download it. But the image below shows a Video with 4K resolution which I have downloaded and once completed, I started Watching it but right in the middle I lost getting any sound while the Video was playing.

Chop YouTube Video

This continued to happen for 10 minutes then I realized the IDM had some issues downloading the larger files and you can lose Picture quality or sound any minute in those downloaded files. So I went to download the 10 minutes slot which I missed while watching this above discussed video.

So I went to see something helpful which helps me to Grab that specific part of the YouTube Video I already have but missed the sound. In some cases you even experience the Sound lag as compare to video, This especially happens when you download Large movie files from YouTube.

I came across much available software but all came up with a price tag or they were loaded with too much spam ( Advertisements ). Somehow there was a tool known as Clip Converter You can access their simple site at It’s quite easy to use to get the most needed parts of YouTube Video or you can simply Chop Any YouTube Video using this online service. The best part is you can do use this for services like Vimeo, Daily Motion or even for large Facebook videos too. You can do this with youtube to mp4 converter apps too.

How to download Specific parts of YouTube video or Chop YouTube Video:

Now I will tell you how you can get the most needed part of any YouTube Video using the site.

Step 1 :  Open Chrome browser and type

Step 2 : Now get the video link from YouTube and paste it in the link bar.

Step 3 : Once done click on the button and select any Video quality you want. You can download up to 4K quality video using this online tool.

Step 4 : This online service also lets you choose the Video File Format, which you can see as an option given below. I would suggest checking the MP4 option here. Because its the best quality-wise and an *.mp4 video file can run on any media player or device.

Step 5 : Once done you can un-check the whole video box.

Step 6 : Now put the right value of time in the start Video box and the End Video Box, just like I did in this pic below.

YouTube Video Parts

Step 7 : Once completed simply click on the start button to get it started. In some cases if your IDM don’t shows up to download this video simply right click on the Start button and copy the link address and later paste it in your IDM.

A minute later you will have the Specific Part of that YouTube Video downloaded and saved on your hard disk. Alternatively, if you want to download an entire video you can try using a YouTube video downloader. You can similarly do this stuff on your smartphones, but you have to follow a different procedure which I will post in another guide.

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