How to enable OK Google hotword detection for Google Voice on your PC.

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Everyone is well aware of the Googel’s excellent search service which has been around for quite a while. Even now the service is being used on mobile devices including the ones running on Android and iOS operating systems and it has been transformed into a very helpful assistant in the form of Google Now. One thing that especially stars in the Google’s Search app is the robust, fluid and lightning fast voice search. Voice recognition is top notch and the fast execution makes it a real pleasure to use.

What’s best here is that Google has just introduced the “Hotword Detection” feature that allows your device to initiate voice search as soon as you say ” Ok Google” while inside the modified Google Search App. However in the latest Android 4.4 KitKat this feature can be used from any where in the device, thanks to the new official Google Launcher that comes with the new Android Favour.

Privacy issues aside, this hotword feature is really useful as it provides hands-free control over your phone and performing a voice search is a quick and real time-saver as compared to the older Google text feed in methods. The same feature has been made available on but still the hotword feature has been mission as you need to manually click the microphone icon in order to start the command for the voice search.

But the solution to this is finally announced with the introduction of a new extension for its very own Chrome browser that enables your computer to listen for the “Ok Google” command in order to trigger the voice feature which is based on the same “Hotword” method used in the smartphones. However the extension is still in beta version but yet it has been reported that it works quite well and have a good response on any command, beside there is still no major bug found in this extension yet. You can download and install the extension with minimal necessary settings by following the steps below.

How to Enable Ok Google Voice Search command for PC:

1- Open your Chrome browser and search for ” Google Voice Search Hotword (beta)” in chrome sore. [Link] 2- The extension is free so you can install it by clicking the free button.
3- After installation a new settings tab will open. It’ll automatically take you to options menu.
4- Make sure that both the boxes in the settings section are checked.

That’s it you are all set to use the smartphone voice search feature on Google Chrome browser on your PC. Hope you would like the new feature for your chrome browser. The only drawbacks it has is that it will only work in the Google Chrome browser and it will work if you open a new tab or if you are at, in other cases “OK Google” command will not work. Here is a cool video to let you know how this extension actually works.

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