How to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Lag issues making it slow.


The current flagship device from Samsung is the Galaxy S5 which has been released earlier in 2014. But with all the powerful chips inserted under the hood the Samsung Galaxy S5 has some issue which are reported by many users worldwide. The main issue is the lag and freeze issue that has been experienced by many users. Today we will guide you how to fix Galaxy S5 Lag issue which slows the device performance.

The main reason of this performance issue with the device is the overlapping TouchWiz User Interface which has been a trademark and a recognizable look of the Samsung smartphones running Android. If you get any Android smartphone with the stock Android version installed on it, you will not face any problems regarding these interface issues resulting in freezing the device every now and then.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 however has the powerful processing unit installed in it. So all these issues that can cause some issues can be removed. In some cases we have found that some third party apps can cause the lag issue, specially the ones with loads of ads and are updated frequently even on daily basis can cause a huge stir in the performance of the Galaxy S5. Such apps can cause a visible lag when ever you tap on the screen So to remove these issues you have to follow all the steps given in the guide below to get most out of your Galaxy S5 smartphone and its powerful processors installed on it.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Lag issue effecting device performance:

All you have to do is follow all the steps given below to get back the speed and performance of your device.

1- First of all make sure that you are not using any third party Free Home or Launcher apps on your device. If so remove it first.

2- If you are facing any app opening and closing issue, it can be caused due to heap of Cache memory gathered. You can remove it using any Cache clear app.

3- Make Sure to update your device to the latest system version available / provided by the makers.

4- Install the performance boosting apps like Clean Mater to get rid of usual lag issues found in Galaxy S5.

5- Uninstall all the useless apps which can free a lot of space and even RAM.

6- You can install any paid Home Launcher which are more responsive and agile then the free ones.


Now if you own a Rooted Galaxy S5, then you can have all the powerful apps available there to fix all such issues. The best among them all is the Seeder which can fix all the Lag issues on Galaxy S5 or any other Samsung device. With Seeder 2.0 or higher you can speed up your device performance by many times.

After spending some time in researching we have come to 100’s of unique task killers and memory swap apps, but most of them failed to fix the Lag issue in Galaxy S5. But still there is this awesome app named Seeder. This app have been found to be the most powerful app made for the Samsung Galaxy S5. It makes your Galaxy S5 better and faster and smoother and if you want to get the real experience of Butter Touch on the custom Samsung Touch Wiz UI than this app is surely made for you. Its recent version is SeederĀ 2.0 and is available for Rooted devices only.

You can download the app from the given link below from the Google Play Store right now and install it on your Galaxy S5 device to make it even more powerful in utilizing all the power it owns.

Seeder 2.0 [Google Play Store]

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