How to open View Source in Safari Browser on Mac.


I know for most of us it is not the thing to be viewed, more or less people are not interested in what is going behind the webpage, well for your information the things the images the advertisements and stuff we see on the webpages behind this, there is an extensive complicated source code in HTML a high level computer language, which only expert programmers would understand but for a lay man it would be like something nonsense written.

This source code is the main thing through which we are able to see what is there on webpages. If someone is interested in seeing the source code of Safari webpages written below is the guide you need to follow actually the source code is something which is considered to be only for developers so we need to tick mark developers mode I’ll tell you step wise guide to see the source code. Today we will let you know how to open View Source code in Safari Browser, with the help of these tips given below in this guide.

Step no 1

Go to safari > preferences > advanced tab in menu bar and enable “show develop menu in menu bar” at the bottom of page.


Step no 2

How to see source code.

Now there are three ways to open the source code.

  1. Open any webpage, go to develop in menu bar and select show source code.
  2. Open any webpage and press Alt+command+U keys simultaneously.
  3. Open any webpage and right click on screen and select show source code.

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