How to read someone’s WhatsApp Chats without having their Phone.

When WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for a whopping $19 billion, it made some massive headlines. WhatsApp, the third most downloaded app in the world, now has over 1.5 billion monthly active users who send 60 billion messages daily. WhatsApp claims that all messages are encrypted, giving users a strong reason to use the IM service. But even a platform like WhatsApp can be exploited easily.

There can be many reasons why a person might want to track someone else’s WhatsApp chats. Usually, people interested in something like this are those suspecting a cheating spouse, employee, or a secretive teenager. Bumping into your partner’s phone to read their WhatsApp messages isn’t the best way around. For once, if you know their passcode and using that to access their cell phone, they could easily suspect you being around their phones too often.

How to read someone’s WhatsApp Chats without having their Phone

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Chat:

Therefore, you need a more advanced approach to access someone’s WhatsApp without the risk of being caught. The big question here is: how to read WhatsApp chats without having access to a phone. And to answer that, we present you with four different useful WhatsApp hacks.

  • Hire a WhatsApp hacker

If you search over the internet, you could find several hackers willing to offer WhatsApp hacking services. The hacker will ask you for the phone number of the monitored person to hack their WhatsApp account remotely. The hacker will charge you based on the activities you ask to monitor. They usually take a week or two to gather the required information of the monitored device.

This is an easy approach if you want to read someone’s WhatsApp chats as the target is never going to notice or suspect anything. Though this isn’t a reliable approach as online hackers can scam or blackmail you. They can also access the financial information of the target person; therefore, you can’t trust them. Plus, the hackers charge a very high fee. Another limitation of hiring a professional is you will have to hire a hacker every time you want to read someone’s WhatsApp messages.

  • By spoofing

Another commonly-used method for accessing others’ WhatsApp is spoofing. This method can give you access to all WhatsApp chats, but it requires some technical skills. So, tracking the WhatsApp account using this method can be quite challenging.

You start by acquiring another person’s MAC address, which is a 12-digit code that is assigned to each device connected to the Wi-Fi. It allows you to run a duplicate copy of the target person’s WhatsApp account on your phone. You will have to retrieve the MAC address of the device you want to monitor.

To get the MAC address of your phone, follow these steps. For Android phones, you will have to go to phone settings, check the status, and locate the Wi-Fi MAC address. For iOS devices go to; Settings >> General >> About >> Wi-Fi address. Now uninstall WhatsApp on your device, and change your MAC address with the target device. Reinstall WhatsApp using the phone number of the monitored person. Now you can reset the original MAC address. Though it is a time-consuming process, if executed carefully, you can access all WhatsApp chats and multimedia files.

  • By sending a malicious code

If you have robust coding skills, you can use this method to hack WhatsApp without access to the target phone. You have to insert malicious code into an image and send this image to the monitored person. When the target person opens that image, the code starts working and infects the device to give you access to WhatsApp files. This isn’t as easy approach as it requires technical expertise, but it can give you access you the target person’s phone within seconds.

  • Using WhatsApp Monitoring App

If you need a quick and reliable solution to access someone’s WhatsApp account, a WhatsApp monitoring app could be your best option. There are several junk apps available on the internet so watch out for them. Our recommendation is Xnspy as it is a very popular WhatsApp monitoring app

Xnspy WhatsApp monitoring app tracks both Android and iOS devices. It works in a stealth mode so that the user under surveillance never gets to know about it. With this monitoring app, you can get access to WhatsApp messages, shared multimedia files, and contact details of the sender, along with the date and time stamps.

How does it work?

Before installing the app, ensure that the target device is compatible with Xnspy. Once set up, this WhatsApp monitoring app starts accessing the hacked WhatsApp at once. It uploads all the gathered information from the target person’s WhatsApp account to your Xnspy dashboard. You can access all WhatsApp data in real-time by logging into your online dashboard. Xnspy offers two subscription plans: Basic and Premium. Once you have selected the desired plan, you will then need to download the app on your target device. You will be able to read all sent and received messages with the monitored device.

read someone’s WhatsApp Chats 2019 with XnSpy

Case 1: If the target phone is an Android Phone

You need to install the WhatsApp monitoring app on the target device. The setup will take less than five minutes.

Case 2: If the target phone is an iPhone

You have to provide the iCloud credentials of the target device, to begin with, WhatsApp monitoring.  Once you have set up this WhatsApp monitoring app, you need to head to the Xnspy dashboard using the login credentials provided by the company. Click on Messenger, and choose WhatsApp from the left-hand pane to access all sent or received messages. By clicking on any chat, you can read all messages that have been sent or received on the monitored device. Further, you can also sort WhatsApp messages by date. Plus, you can view all pictures that are shared via the WhatsApp platform by clicking on the Photos tab from the left-hand pane. You can filter the images by selecting WhatsApp from the search menu.

read someone’s WhatsApp Chats 2019

What do you get with Xnspy WhatsApp Monitoring App?                                                                                                                                      

Apart from WhatsApp monitoring, Xnspy offers a bucket load to choose from, including:

Call Monitoring – Access contact list, view call logs, record phone calls, and block incoming calls

Text Messages Monitoring – Read text messages, IM chats, and add particular words and phrases to get instant notification on their usage

GPS Location Tracking – Track GPS location, access past locations and add places to create virtual boundaries

Online Activities Tracking – View browsing history, access emails, and bookmarks, monitor all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Line, Kik, Skype, Viber, and others, view all installed apps, and block any app you find inappropriate

Remote Controls – lock the target phone, wipe off data, and take a live screenshot


There are several reasons why you may feel the need to track someone’s WhatsApp account, be it for personal or business purposes. We have given you four different solutions, but the most effective and reliable way to access any WhatsApp account without the physical access to the device is by using the WhatsApp monitoring app, which you can get by paying a few dollars.

Xnspy goes above and beyond just monitoring WhatsApp messages such as call monitoring, location tracking, and more.

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