How to remove Predictive Text over keyboard in iOS 8 on iPhone 6.


The latest version of iOS is out and is loaded with lots of new features mostly inherited from Android operating system. One of such features is the predictive text option added over the keyboard. The feature has been liked by most of the users of the device but some of them feels it as an annoying update and they feel that they didn’t ever wanted such an addition to the iOS 8 keyboard.

The most effected with this upgrade is the iPhone 4S users, who are regretting their choice of upgrading their device to the latest iOS 8 operating system released by the developers at Apple. This new predictive Text Keyboard has been found quite lagging and slower in response then the previous stock keyboard that was present in the iOS 7 update.

Same is the case with the third party developer keyboards as their predictive text line turns out to be all over the place and the users using those keyboards on iPhone 4S can’t even type properly. So today we will let you know how to get rid of such predictive text overlay on your Keyboard and make it a simple keyboard that you used to have with older iOS versions.

To remove or turn off your iOS 8 predictive text over  Keyboard you have to follow these steps given below.

1- First of all tap on Settings menu.

2- Tap on General option and go to Keyboards.

3- Here you can turn off the Predictive option and all other options that you would like to remove from your keyboard, including the Auto Correction, Auto Capitalization, Spell check as well.

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