27 Best SolarMovies Alternatives to Watch Free Movies

Are you facing any issues while opening SolarMovies or movies don’t load up or you just want to check out SolarMovies alternatives then you are at the right place. We are here to help you know some of the best SolarMovies alternatives that will allow you to watch movies, TV shows, and TV dramas online for free.

Here you will get sites similar to SolarMovies or the ones that have features like SolarMovies.

SolarMovies Alternatives

New SolarMovies Working links: (September 2023 SolarMovies Mirror Links):

On research, we have found that there are many domains with Solar Movies names. However, two of them are more considerable than the rest.

  1. https://solarmovies.win
  2. https://solarmovies.one

Above mentioned websites are 100% working movie streaming sites. Seems like both sites have the same content but the difference is in website design, layout, user interface, and playback options. You can even try the app for more features.

You will have to face redirects and ads upon every first one or two clicks on Solarmovies.win but the playback is so smooth with two servers available for each playback. While solarmovies.one doesn’t redirect to a new tab upon every click but first, it redirects you to a page for creating an account once you click play to stream a movie for free. solarmovies.one shows three servers on playback to stream movies so you could switch to a different server if the first server doesn’t work.

The other two working domains are https://solarmovies.cr and https://solarmovies.lol.

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27 Best SolarMovies Alternatives:

Now it’s time to show you the best SolarMovies alternatives that you can visit to stream all popular movies and TV shows for free SolarMovies site can be listed as banned sites then you won’t be able to access Solar Movies.

We have thoroughly researched the best free movie streaming sites and prepared a list of the 27 best alternatives to Solar Movies. You can check all these movie streaming sites and let us know in the comments section about the best one according to you.

You will see the overview of each site with the main features followed by the working link.

1. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix - Alternative best free movie streaming site

PopcornFlix is one of the best SolarMovies alternatives that contains movies of different categories including action, comedy, horror, family, documentary, foreign, etc. You will find over 1,500 movies and TV shows to watch. You don’t need to create an account or sign up to stream movies for free.

The homepage has a great catalog of Movies to find the ones that you love to watch. Many sections like Trending Now, Most-watched, New Movies, etc., and some other specialized sections in the catalog are also added like War & Military, Creature Features, Disasters, Adventure Hour, and a few others. The best thing about PopcornFlix is its Large library of movies, decent interface, and minimal ads.

Main Features

  • Nice user interface
  • Buffer-free streaming
  • Fewer ads

Here is the working link for Popcorn Flix.

2. AZMovies

AzMovies - Alternative best free movie streaming site

AZMovies is a popular and long-standing site with a vast collection of free movies to stream in HD and FHD video quality. There’s a wide variety of movies that are organized into helpful categories. You can locate and watch your favorite Movies from the movies catalog or by using the search bar which has helpful filters.

The site has well-organized content, interactive menus, and an awesome user interface as a whole. It is also mobile-friendly.

It features HD streaming capabilities and you can watch your favorite movies totally for free with bearable ads. Two drawbacks or shortcomings of this site are that you can’t switch between different video resolutions and you will have to face many popup redirects before the start of streaming.

Salient Features

  • You have many Categories to choose from
  • A friendly user interface
  • Default video streaming in High-quality

Site Link AZMovies

3. Vumoo


Vumoo is another popular site to watch free movies and TV series because of its vast library, and simple and friendly user interface that makes it easy for the users to browse all movies.

Vumo lets you watch content in HD quality. You will find almost every movie in 720p and the minimum quality of video would be 320p. However, I haven’t found the option of switching between multiple video resolutions. One of the best things in playback is that you also choose to show auto or English subtitles on every movie playback.

You don’t need to register an account to stream free content. Keep in mind that you get less number of categories of movies to choose from.


  • Buffer-free streaming in HD quality
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Vast content library
  • No registration required

Vumoo Link

4. Flixtor


Flixtor has an extensive collection of high-quality movies and TV shows and has almost every option that needs to be associated with watching free movies and TV shows. The smooth interface of Flixtor makes it easy to use the site.

You will find any title in high definition including 1080p quality upon search. New movies can be streamed for free like 123. FlixTor also has an Android app that it will advise you to download but here we are recommending only the site. Its VIP users can also download movies and episodes of TV shows for free.

You will be treated with additional information regarding movies like movie ratings, IMDb page links, their popularity in any country, language, a link to watch the trailer, and more.

Key Features

  • Easy to use with its smooth interface
  • Minimal ads
  • A brief synopsis show up upon hovering over the movie titles
  • VIP Membership option available

Flixtor Website Link

5. 123Movies

123 Movies

Like the name, 123Movies is the site to stream movies for free like 123 go. It is an old and long-lasting streaming service site that offers thousands of movies. This site’s URL keeps changing sometimes but if you don’t find the site available on our provided link then just search 123Movies on Google, and you will get an active site link in the search results.

This site works perfectly and has three servers to play movies and TV serials. You will experience a smooth and buffer-free streaming service. Upon searching any term, you will find a bunch of related movie results to choose the one that you were looking for. You can also switch between different video quality resolutions on playback.

You won’t be bothered with so many category options and tabs, if you like this aspect then this site will become your favorite one.

You have added a few working domain links below.

123Movies Pros:

  • Superior Quality
  • Comparatively fast video loading time
  • Extensive collection of movies
  • Simple interface

Recommended 123Movies site Link

Other Working Domains:





We have published the 123Movies alternative sites here.

6. FMovies


There’s almost no match to FMovies when it comes to the best free movie streaming sites. This site has an extensive library of Movies and all types of TV shows. This can be a click-to-go place to stream movies online for free as when you click on any movie it leads you directly to playback.

It is the most popular site on our list of best free movie streaming sites. Its search filter is perfect and you get multiple servers with multiple options on playback while watching your favorite movies.

There are multiple URLs of FMovies and all of them are getting millions of views monthly. You can see all active URLs here.

Salient Features

  • A huge amount of content is available
  • Multiple working links of FMovies
  • Buffer-free streaming
  • Multiple servers
  • Minimal ads

Here is the FMovies site link.

7. MyFlixer

Another great consideration as the best Solar Movies alternative streaming site is MyFlixer which brings you a large collection of HD movies in all movie genres. Popular TV shows are also available on this site. Its neat user interface makes it easier and simpler for users to watch movies without spending a penny.

It’s so simple to stream free movies on this site and you will have the best experience in terms of buffer-free streaming. You can stream movies with multiple Streaming capabilities including FHD, HD, and SD with multiple servers to play media content.

The site works perfectly on a VPN and you don’t need to turn off the VPN in order to start movie playback. The site does Load up ads with redirects.


Key Attributes

  • Slick user interface
  • No need to signup
  • HD Streaming capabilities
  • Numerous categories to choose from

Here is the MyFlixer Link

8. Plex

Plex is a great free movie and TV show streaming site offering a lot of entertainment content. This site is 2nd most popular free movie streaming site on our list with over a million daily visits.

You will have to create a Plex account to watch available entertainment content and it has smooth playback with multiple media player features. You can also minimize the streaming player while watching movies.

The site also offers live streaming of a few popular entertainment TV channels. Users can optionally give their views and recommendations about the content and can also suggest new uploads. Don’t forget to add your favorite movies to your Watchlist to stream them anytime later.

Plex - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Significant Features:

  • Wide variety of content
  • Community features
  • Multiple media player features
  • Buffer-free streaming

Working Plex Link.

9. StreamLord

StreamLord with high-quality movie streams is one of the best free streaming sites for watching movies and series online. Its fast and efficient user interface makes the site easy to use for free movie lovers. The homepage has a great catalog of available content. After choosing genres you will be led to a page where you also get a filter to narrow down the list of titles by genre, year of release, and type of content.

The movie content includes popular releases and you get high-quality content with good stream servers and sources. Yes, multiple servers are available to switch to try as an alternative when one doesn’t work fine. You can also turn the light off during playback for a focused and comfortable movie time.

This site is almost totally ad-free as it doesn’t redirect you anywhere nor do you get popups. Just an option shows up. You can click Stay Here in order to avoid the ad.

StreamLord - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Main Features

  • Virtually Ad-free compared to other free movie streaming sites
  • You can download videos
  • Easy to use

Here is the StreamLord Link

10. Yidio

Yidio is basically a movie streaming platform aggregator and provides a directory that leads you to sources to watch that listed or searched Movie or TV show. It doesn’t contain content on its servers but provides the content for free to access from different sources.

It can be your best go-to site which can work as a free movie search engine referring to the best online movies and TV show sources to stream for free. However, you can’t watch movies without signing up to the source site and it requires you to create a trial account.

The integrated media player available on the sourced site is ideal for changing playback resolution as you can choose your preferred video quality.

Yidio - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Significant Characteristics  

  • Aggregates movies for you
  • Huge directory of movie resources
  • Best navigation and user-friendly interface
  • Signup is required and it offers a legitimate source of streaming movies
  • Free trial available

Get Free Access to Yidio

11. Tubi

Tubi is another top-notch SolarMovie alternative site that features thousands of free movies and TV series to stream with minimal ads. It has a smooth and eye-southing design and friendly user interface, providing ease of use and it is also a mobile-friendly site. You can also try the Tubi tv mobile app. Its homepage has a great catalog of movies with sections including trending now, popular, latest, etc.

It has an extensive library of movies with HD streaming capabilities to stream without any subscription or even you are not required to sign up.

Tubi may not be available in some regions around the world but its visitors can bypass their location with the use of VPN.

This free movie streaming site features parental controls and also focuses on content for kids and teenagers.


Key Attributes 

  • Minimal ads and no pop-ups
  • Buffer-free streaming and so many options on playback including the choice to select switch to different video resolution
  • Doesn’t require an account to watch movies for free
  • Additional options for registered users

Working Tubi TV Link

12. Pluto TV

Like Tubi TV, Pluto TV is another legitimate free movie streaming site that is also known for featuring live TV channel streams. Overall, you will be having an experience like Tubi TV. It offers a smooth playback experience with complete buffer-free streaming with minimal ads and pop-ups and you get an interruption-free experience.

You will find thousands of free on-demand movies in various categories. It features hundreds of live entertainment channels from multiple partners.

Pluto TV - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Major Features

  • Completely buffer-free streaming
  • Great user interface
  • Hundreds of free TV channels to watch live

Get access to Pluto TV Here.

13. LosMovies

Another site offering a smooth streaming service for free is LosMovies which can be your click-to-go arena for movie entertainment. It is an excellent movie streaming platform and it doesn’t redirect its visitors to annoying ads, spam, and pop-ups during playback. You get extensive libraries with a wide range of movie genres.

Enjoy buffer-free content of all types of movies and TV series. You get new additions of content on a daily basis. Every latest movie is available on this site because of the constant addition of new content. This is the best option irrespective of the movie genre. It has a vast library and all content is absolutely free. You won’t experience any hidden costs.

Every movie is packaged with its overview and other information including genres, ratings, actors, directors, etc.

LosMovies has all the important features that free movie lovers should be looking for.

Los Movies - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Main Features

  • Wide range of movie genres
  • No annoying ads, pop-ups, and redirects
  • Availability of content for kids and teenagers
  • No need to sign

Here is the Los Movies Live Link

14. XumoPlay

Xumo Play is another site that resembles Tubi TV and Pluto TV and has many common features. This is the place where you can watch Live TV along with free movies. It has many free titles available live to watch and provides the option of VOD (videos on demand). It offers buffer-free playback but you will have to face video ads of a few seconds each before and during streaming for at least 10 times.

You can stream thousands of movies and TV shows totally for free with just the click of a button. It also provides access to over 190 TV channels without making any account. It’s a legal streaming site but still has limited content to watch.


XumoPlay Features

  • App available with the same content
  • Live and on-demand movie content available
  • Smooth playback

Working Link for XumoPlay.

15. Onion Play

Onion Play is a free movie streaming site that must be included in the top list as it features a great collection of the latest movies for its visitors and has several amazing features. Every latest and top-rated movie is available on this greatly interfaced movie website.

You get all the information about the movies and TV shows. Every movie available on the site has a rating and review. You can stream movies for free but downloading is available for selective content. Each movie page also features IMDb and TMDb ratings.

Sometimes you may face lag in streaming videos and you may also face some technical issues but changing the IP to a different country by using VPN can solve this problem. There’s also a directory page of the Onion Play domains network.


Salient Features

  • A large collection including the availability of all the latest movies
  • Great user interface
  • Few movies are also downloadable

Onion Play Link

16. Freevee

Freevee owned by Amazon is another free movie streaming site where you can watch free movies. This site doesn’t contain any illegal content and it’s totally safe and secure so you don’t have to worry about anything regarding this aspect.

You can stream movies available on Freevee through Fire TV, Apple TV, Google TV, Prime Video, Echo Show, etc. However, it has a comparatively low amount of content and you won’t be able to watch the latest releases for free. Another drawback of this site is that it doesn’t support many third-world countries.


Key Characteristics 

  • Safe, secure, and 100% legit site
  • Decent collection of movies and shows
  • Eye-catching user interface

Get free Freevee access.


MoviesJoy is another station for many free movie lovers like FMovies and 123Movie. This can be the best Solar Movies alternative. You can see trending movies and TV shows on top of the homepage catalog. You also get the option to watch movies from many countries. It features a great search function that helps free movie lovers to watch their favorite movies as well as TV shows.

The site gives a buffer-free streaming experience for free and you don’t need to create any free account either. You may see annoying ads but provides mostly a disturbance-free streaming experience. It plays the content with numerous server options.


Primary Features

  • Features content from many countries
  • Comparatively higher number of servers to try
  • You can watch up to 1080HD videos

Get access to the official website here.

18. Vudu

Vudu is the site where you can watch thousands of movies including popular and latest releases in the most legitimate way. You can choose to watch free movies by going to the “Free” tab shown on the top menu. Most of the content is premium and you will have to pay for it in order to stream online.

This site has a great filter on the catalog and also on the search bar when you search for your favorite movies. Browse or search movies by genre, most watched, release date, country, and more.

You will see movies available from all genres including action, romance, comedy, fiction, crime, and more. Most movies can be streamed in HD and some of them are also available in FHD. You need to create a Vudu account in order to stream movies.

Vudu - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Vudu Features

  • Extensive collection of movies
  • A legitimate source of streaming free movies
  • Buffer-free streaming
  • Legit platform with some movies that can be watched after buying or through rent

Check out the new Vudu Website.

19. Roku

Roku is another SolarMovies alternative site that provides the latest HD Movie content. Here you can watch Roku Originals and selective content for free. You can watch movies and TV shows totally for free without signing up. There are serval ways to search your favorite content.

The Roku Channel is supported with an ad-supported model that provides disturbance-free streaming to free movie lovers. You can also enjoy the free content on your smartphone by installing the Roku app.


Main Features

  • Disturbance-free ad-supported model
  • Offers Full HD streaming
  • Nice search filter

The new updated Roku link is here.

20. Crackle

The Sony Crackle is another alternative to Solar Moviez with a library of high-quality content and a bundle of playback features alongside with extensive list of free movies including all the Sony Pictures films. It’ has unique categories like British, Foreign Language, Stand-Up, Variety and Unidentified. So, you can browse through these interesting categories and then there are also dozens of genres. Don’t forget to try its Watchlist feature.

It doesn’t require you to make an account in order to watch free content but users can sign up to utilize features like parental controls. You can try the Crackle app as well on your smartphones.

Crackle - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Crackle Pros

  • Save movies and TV shows to Watchlist
  • A smartphone app available
  • Minimal ads

Crackle Site Link.

21. Filmzie

So now we are heading to the 21st movie site if you don’t stop browsing this article and want to check all movies in our best SolarMovies alternatives list, then you should know Filmzie is another ad-supported free legit movies streaming source in our best free movie streaming sites list.

The site content is based on horror and action films that are mostly no-hits and low-budgeted but you will also find hidden gems that you can watch totally for free. Short ads load up during the stream.

This site is available for US, UK, France, and Germany but you can use a VPN to bypass your location. You can also check for the availability of subtitles in English or any other language.

MoviesJoy - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Best Features of Filmzie

  • Less intrusive ad-supported platform
  • Offering a legit way to watch movies totally for free
  • Option of subtitles available
  • Smooth playback with less intrusive ads

Visit Filmzie website here

22. Kanopy

This is an interesting and different site in our list of best SolarMovies alternatives as this site once was created to provide educational resources in 2008 and later turned into a free movie streaming site. It requires a library card to create an account and a library card can be from your university or even public library.

Kanopy provides completely free movie and TV shows streaming to its users. You can watch unlimited content after creating an account. It is the most user-friendly site and you won’t find any single ad on it.

Kanopy - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Main Points

  • 100% legit site with a totally ad-free experience
  • Parental controls
  • Different types of movies to watch

Kanopy working link.

23. Yes Movies

Yes, Movies is another alternative to SolarMovies with a significant collection of movie content. Its helpful navigation feature makes it easy to find the titles you are looking for. You can utilize search options featuring advanced filters to search your favorite movies. You aren’t required to sign up in order to watch free movies.

You can stream movies up to 1080p resolution and the content is not limited to English language as you can also watch movies in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.

YesMovies - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Key Attributes

  • Less ad annoyance
  • HD Streaming
  • Movies in Multiple languages

Working links for Yes Movies

24. HiMovies

One of the greatest sources on the planet to watch online movies for free is HiMovies. Being a new site in the contest of free movie streaming sites, it is gaining a great amount of attention day by day.

Upon test, we came to know that it runs only two ads on a movie stream and streams videos without buffering.

Coming with various genres, it features overall a diverse selection of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. You will have a holistic experience with its helpful playback features and less intrusive ads. You can use a Chromecast device to watch movies directly on your TV.

HiMovies - Alternative best free movie streaming site

Main Points

  • Low ad annoyance
  • Large collection of movies in the catalog
  • Multiple playback features
  • It supports Chromecast

You can access HiMovies here.

25. Streamm4U

Streamm4U being the simplest site in terms of design and user interface is the site where you will find almost every popular movie and TV show totally for free and you can watch without making an account. That’s why we have added this site to the best SolarMovie alternatives list.

Streamm4U comes with great filters and a navigation system to sort the content throughout a wide variety of movie genres and categories.

It features a backup source system that you can utilize when your chosen video from a normal source doesn’t load up.


Main Characteristics 

  • So many categories to choose from
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Almost no ads at all
  • Fast video loading speed

Here is the working Streamm4U Site link.

26. YouTube

Do you know YouTube? Yes you know it but you haven’t checked about the availability of free movies in remarkable numbers that’s why we have added to the queue of SolarMovies alternatives. Here we aren’t going to talk about YouTube overall but YouTube’s own Movies Segment.

It’s a legitimate way to watch free movies that are uploaded and managed by the YouTube team. Almost all movies have subtitles. You can give feedback by liking, rating, and commenting on movies.

It has the simplest user interface and a great catalog that most users would feel comfortable with because of familiarity with YouTube itself.


Key Points 

  • Original rated movies
  • You can comment
  • Nice and easy interface
  • Great catalog
  • Subtitles for available almost for all movies

Get access to YouTube Movies here.

27. 123Chill

123Chill hosting thousands of free movies and TV shows is another best alternative to SolarMovies which comes with a bunch of great features for free movie streaming fans. This content-rich site has many categories to make it easy for users to find their movies along with a helpful navigation system.

You don’t need to sign up to watch free content. The playback is also amazing along with some additional features. You won’t experience buffering while streaming movies and you can choose alternative servers upon video load issue.

123 Movies

Primary Traits

  • Great design and user interface
  • Extensive content library
  • Content is well-organized
  • Simple and buffer-free streaming

Currently working 123Chill site link.

Hope you found this list of 27 Best SolarMovies Alternative helpful as these sites can be the best places for you to watch your favorite movies and TV serials for free. Stay tuned as we will keep updating the list and links of the sites. Don’t forget to give your feedback and tell us in the comment section about the best movie streaming site according to you.

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