iPad mini 2 coming in Space gray color.

iPad Mini 2 Gray

According to newly leaked images, It is suggested that in upcoming Apple’s device, the best iPad mini will be seen in the device’s slate coloring dropped in favor of the company’s new gray.

Hopefully you would like the grey color a lot. The Black has really suffered on the iphone 5 and ipad mini especially around the edges. The Space gray is introduced with the new flagship iPhone 5S, which succeeded the Black and slate as the darkest color on offer Cupertino.

iPadmini space gray

Ming Chi Kuo, who has a solid Track record in predicting Apple’s products plans, says that he believes we will see two new tablets from the company this year a fifth generation iPad and a second generation iPad mini. And both of them will have an A7X chipset.

A7X would be a huge upgrade for iPad mini line, which is currently running an A5 processor. But the big boost is needed considering that this year’s iPad mini is expected to feature a Retina display which will require substantially more power.

Apple’s event in October will be expected to come with the announcement of the 2nd generation iPad mini, as well as a new fifth generation iPad. It’s expected that Apple’s next 7.9 inch tablet will feature a high resolution Retina display, while the new full size iPad will sport a redesigned chassis similar to the iPad mini.


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