iPhone 5 camera showed Purple spots, What Apple says about it.

Yet another Glitch has been found in the new iPhone 5 and this time it involves the latest so called iSight camera. A purple spot has been noticed whenever someone try to shot an image straight in-front of strong light, which has been never seen before on any phone camera.

Purpel tint, Apple Purple tint, Purpel tint iphone 5

When the owner of the smartphones which faced such issues contacted Apple, the reply was historical, as was given by Steve Jobs, ” you’re holding it wrong ”(keep it wrong) made ​​history when Steve Jobs was responding to an iPhone 4 owner unhappy with his problems with the signal. Apple now give a similar response to the problems iPhone 5′s camera glitch.

Apple believes that the spots appear only when the camera is pointing towards a strong light source, but users say that this happens in normal shooting conditions. Thus, Apple advises users to “ straighten phone in another direction ” . The Above is a comparison between a photograph taken with the iPhone 4S and one iPhone 5 , under same conditions and the one captured with the new iPhone has a nasty purple stain at the top. The source of this problem was discovered, but speculation says that if it were a new layer covering the room’s iPhone 5 , while professional photographers put the fault down to “ lower standard room problems . “

iPhone 5 Camera

We already have found number of complains about the Scratched Black iPhone 5, and Also the yellow tint issue in some screens which makes the users to change their devices. I suspect that the new errors and glitches bundle have to stop here, otherwise would be worrying for Apple. And don’t forget the Apple Maps, which made Tim Cook for an official letter of Apology.


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