Leaked Reports suggest Galaxy Note 5 to have the best 4K display coming.


The Korean smartphone makers Samsung, famous for their Galaxy line of smartphones wants to upgrade their smartphone displays equals to the resolution that we see in some of the latest LED televisions. Yes we are talking about the 4K display for the smartphones which seems to be launching with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 device.

According to a leaked report the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will show up with a 4K ultra HD (UHD) display that will have a resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels and will have a pixel density of 762 ppi.  This would be the sharpest and most brightest display among the smartphones to be released till then. However this would drinks up more battery juice and we hope that the authorities at Samsung would shift a larger capacity battery with the device.

The reports that showed up on PhoneArena.com says that there will be two variants of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 same as we see in the Galaxy S6 launch. The Galaxy Note 5 will have version with the Edges on both side of the display. It could be Galaxy Note Edge 2, or the one similar to the Galaxy S6 Edege. This dual Edge variant of the Galaxy Note 5 will even have a better 5.89 inches display with a better 789 ppi pixels per inch density.

The Galaxy Note 5 is reported to get released in September 2015 and with the dual-Edge variant company the standard Galaxy Note 5. There are already some leaked reports suggesting that the Korean smartphone makers are already working with the same 4K displays that we thought would be installed in the future Galaxy S7 brand.

Here are some of the images of the Galaxy Note 5 we found interesting on the web.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-5-concept-6 Samsung_Galaxy_Note_5 Samsung-Galaxy-Note-5 (1)

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