Download I am Magicami Apk Mod v2.3.1 +OBB/Data for Android. [MGCM]

Download and install Magicami Apk mod for Android. The Korean マジカミ Studio MGCM DX Inc brings the most needed update in August 2020 for the game. Making the best PC Girl Game back to smartphones with better gameplay and features.

The modded version of I am Magicami Apk Mod v2.3.1 +OBB/Data is here. This great mod is loaded with unlimited coins, gems, money, and in-game free resources. You can buy dozens of resources using the free shopping feature enabled in this mod.

Here are some of the main features of the マジカミ MGCM Magicami Mod Apk followed by the download link and installation instructions.

Magicami Apk Mod MGCM

MGCM Magicami Apk for Android:

App Name mgcm-dx-mobile_27.Apk
File Size 150 MB
Latest Version v2.3.1
Operating System Android 5.0 and Above
Developer MGCM Studios
Updated On August 2020
Google Play Store Play Store Link

Magicami Android Gameplay & Features [マジカミ]:

It got a lot of attention as it was released last year MGCM “Majikami”, which boasts the largest production cost in the history of PC girl games, is now available as a smartphone app!

A new Magicami World is Open:

Stylish visuals and BGM overturn the conventional concept of beautiful girl games, and it easy to play with auto-battle function with 120% more immersive. Casual and hardcore fans can enjoy more with additional content added in the game.

Enjoy the powerful 3D battle by 12 magical girls, the main scenario where the mystery and the shock intersect, and the changeable dressing function!

This is a must-see for those who are tired of the “futsu” smartphone game, a story and production that could only be drawn in the original Bishoujo game! A new Sexier Hotter girl has born in MGCM DX App.

MGCM DX Apk Mobile


Do you believe in infinite possibilities?
The world of “possibility”, the story of a magical girl and her daughter

“Use the magical girls to defeat the devil.”
I can’t remember anything about the words of a mysterious girl named Kamisaman.

With many mysteries, there was no choice but to obey the words.

The days of magic and battle were suddenly visited by girls who were “normal girls”.
I was confused by the “potentials” that I had never known before, but I was full of hope.

But one day, the hero knew.
What defeat means. The “potential” of despair.

And he understood.
That it was me who got them involved
I can only save myself from there.

What do their eyes see and what do their hands choose?

Let’s start.
A story of “potential” filled with despair and hope.

Battle system through Party Building

Guide 12 magical girls to defeat the enemy and prevent the world from collapsing!

Because it is a familiar turn-based command battle
A simple and deep deck-making that you can enjoy!

If you combine the skills hidden in the dress,
“First move victory,” “Kendan counterattack,” “Advantage closed”

In addition, the dress is a unique ability with equipment items!

Derived from many options
“Strategy” = “possibility” is truly infinite!
Enjoy your bargaining with your unique strategy!

New Content I am Magicami Apk


The theme song and the song inserted in the game are in charge of the popular idol group “GANG PARADE” belonging to WACK led by producer Junnosuke Watanabe!
In addition, the in-game BGM including the above songs are all produced by SCRAMBLES headed by Kenta Matsukuma!
Rock and pop songs accelerate the world of “magic”!

MAgicami World Apk

Updated I am Magicami DX tier List:

・With quest battle, “auto-battle function” and “auto circle function” are included! Normal training is automatic and comfortable play!
-Falling solo quest “Demons Babel”! Eliminate the enemies lined up and climb to the top!
-A huge devil to defeat as a team “Black Five”! Consult the strategy and beat the high score!
-Fighting battle inevitable interpersonal battle “Sabat”! Capture and attack the enemy with your own strongest strategy!
・Data linkage with the PC version is also possible!

The Half-year celebration pack added in MGCM DX Apk:

Thank you for playing Magicami.
The game has been updated as follows.

  • Half-Year Celebration Jewel Packs (~2/28)
  • Half-Year Packs (~2/28)
  • Half-Year Jewel Shop Sale (~2/28)
  • Half Year Login Bonus (~3/4)
  • Half Year Celebration Daily Free Draw 10 Gacha (~2/28)

Man-eating Demons:

  • Into the Demon World box gacha event added (~2/16)
  • Chocolate Covered Bonds added (~2/13)
  • Man-Eating Demons gacha added (~2/16)
  • Event Jewel Packs added (~2/13)
  • Event Login Bonus (~2/15)
  • Valentine’s Day skit added (~2/13)

I am Magicami DX Opening 1 & 2 (MGCM APK DX):

Also Download: 

I am Magicami DX Mobile Variants:

There are 2 different variants of the game available in the English version.

  • I Am Magicami Johren

This version is available in MGCM Apk

  • MGCM DX Nutaku

The Nutaku version is loaded with new 12 girls added to the party.

Download and install I Am Magicami Apk  for Android:

Follow the instructions given below, The English version of the game is released under the MGCM DX apk version on Android.

  1. Download the latest Magicami Apk Mod v2.3.1 OBB + Data by following this guide.
  2. Now on your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
  3. Now locate the downloaded APK file on your phone and tap it to begin the installation.
  4. Proceed with the installation and finish it.
  5.  All Done. Here is the certified link of the latest apk app to download now.

Note: Updated links uploaded on Gdrive and MediaFire sites.

Download | MGCM DX Nutaku

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