Get 100% Working Merge Dragons Cheats [Free Gems]

I have been an addict of this Merge Dragon game, but during the recent event after losing almost all 26 dragons from my Camp, I decided to look for the Merge Dragons Cheats 2024. Luckily I came across many but none of them gathered the actual working ones in one place.

So I decided to gather all the best 100% Working Merge Dragon Codes in my blog along with all the details of these cheats.

Merge Dragons Cheats

Merge Dragons Cheats:

Most of the cheats available on mega sites are mostly expired now. Especially the ones that were posted before this WildLands event that took place recently.

So using the new working Cheats you can heal all the land in no time. While Merge Dragons do provide cheat codes from time to time. Unfortunately, all of the Merge Dragons whoops code 2023 that used to work before have now expired. Beware of fraudulent websites saying that they have a working Merge Dragons cheat code, especially those that require you to shell out some cash.

So, now that cheating is out of the equation, we can show you a few of the codes that worked in the past just so you would know what kind of cheats may be available once the devs roll them out.

Merge Dragons Cheats reddit

Here are some of the Working Merge Dragons Cheat Codes in 2024 or the Famous Whoop Codes:

Cheats Effects
OC_ML949Mjnd This cheat code lets you get a 30-day Dragon Gems payout
IN_jf2MMJIm5 This code gives you a Bag of 400 Dragon Gems
T3_98NmDjn This cheat code gives you a Chest of 960 Dragon Gems
N0C_Jfm2MiPaEW This code gives you a Bag of 250 Dragon Gems
JN_93MMniPooli This code gives you a Pile of 100 Dragon Gems
FR_NaaFRR299 This code gives you a Pile of 160 Dragon Gems
AK_8MqipQm This code gives you a Cauldron of 3200 Dragon Gems

Best way to apply Merge Dragon Cheat Codes in the game:

If you have been playing the game for a long time now, never use these cheats. Instead, go for the fresh account and start pasting these cheats in the game.

The funny Hiccup Merge Dragons Cheats Reddit:

Can we use Merge Dragons Whoop Codes in 2023 on Mobile devices (Android/iOS):

No, You can’t use these Merge Dragons Cheat Codes provided above in your Android or iOS version of the game. However, you can download the modded apk file of the game to get some free coins and gems.

How to get free gems on Android and iOS devices without using whoops Codes/Cheats:

Since you can’t use the Cheat Codes on Mobile devices, you still can get free gems in the game. The 3 most used options include one Paid Option and 2 more free options for players to earn free gems in the game.

  • Purchase gems from the dragon gems shop.
  • Play Quests and collect purple stars
  • Find gems on land in camp.

How to get Purple Dragon Stars?

To get Purple Dragon stars, play quests. When you complete a quest there is a chance to get a purple star instead of a normal yellow star. Getting a purple star is totally random and depends on luck.

How to get Dragon Gems from Purple Dragon Stars?

To get Dragons Gems from Purple Dragon stars, first, save 3 or more purple stars and merge them. After that tap them to get gems.


  • Don’t merge 3 purple stars merge 5 instead for a more efficient result.
  • If purple stars appear in the level, then don’t tap them and leave them as it is. And, once you complete the level, then that stars show up in the reward menu to bring back to camp. By this, you can save them up and merge them in camp.

Why are Merge Dragons Cheats Codes not working?

If you are facing this issue, this may be because you are still using the older version of Merge Dragon on your devices. Update your game and you will see all cheat codes working. The latest update is from April 2023.

Find dragon gems on land in camp:

Finding dragon gems in land is also a way to get free gems in Merge Dragons. Sometimes gems or purple dragon stars are found on dead land in camp.

The chances to get gems on dead land are rare.

Here, if you have enough Dragon Power, then you can unlock premium land under the Gold clouds to find a bunch of purple dragon stars and gems. Hope this Merge Dragons Hacks will work on all your devices.


Hope these Merge Dragon Cheat Codes are the ones you are looking for. I will be updating this post regularly with fresh and working codes for the game.

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