Most Promising Tech Careers and How To Apply For Them.

The technology industry is exciting for many reasons, including the fast pace of constant innovation, the potential for career growth, and the availability of high-paying jobs. However, breaking into the tech niche can be difficult and overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure where to focus your efforts. 

This article will break down four of the most promising positions within the tech industry and include some tips for how to successfully apply to each type of job. Of course, you will need to start with a strong resume no matter which type of tech job you decide to pursue—a resume builder like can help you create a compelling, effective document that will jumpstart your tech career search.

Tech Careers

Cloud Architect

As a cloud architect, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining an organization’s cloud computing strategy, often using Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and/or Amazon Web Services. You will need to be an expert in cloud application usage, networking, programming, governance, vendor management, security, troubleshooting, team management, and communication.

In order to successfully apply for a cloud architect role, you either need to gain a substantial amount of on-the-job experience and training or take a professional certification course. Understandably, most companies will not want to trust the migration of all of their data and information to an inexperienced and unproven cloud architect, so you must be able to communicate your experience and expertise to a potential employer in your application to gain their trust and confidence.

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts are in charge of designing and implementing security systems that protect a company’s networks from breaches and ensure privacy. In this role, you will monitor complex systems, run security tests, analyze the results, upgrade security protocols as necessary, and work to anticipate any future security threats.

Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in computer science and/or an MBA in information systems. In your application, highlight your experience with full-scope management of security systems as well as your educational qualifications and any relevant certifications that you hold. Showcase your critical thinking and analysis skills as well as your communication abilities, as all of these, will come into play for documentation and reporting.

Systems Manager

Systems managers may be responsible for computer systems, information systems, or both. The role is sometimes also billed as an IT manager. Duties typically include assessing a company’s current tech stack, identifying any shortfalls, and recommending new or upgraded technologies. You’ll have your finger on the pulse of the computer hardware and software industry and be constantly on the lookout for more efficient and effective solutions.

System Managers

To apply for a systems management position, you will likely need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information science and several years of relevant experience. In your resume and cover letter be sure to highlight your hard skills, such as hardware and software expertise, engineering and math skills, and familiarity with business principles. Additionally, showcase your relevant soft skills, like communication, management, customer service, and innovation.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are in exceptionally high demand since most business owners now prioritize making data-driven decisions and as such, they need a wealth of actionable data. You’ll use machine learning, algorithms, and models to gather and analyze data, and then present the information to executives in a digestible format to help them make wise business decisions.

To apply for a data scientist role, you will need a bachelor’s degree and, in many cases, a master’s degree in data science. You can also take continuing education courses and various boot camps to become more specialized within your field. On your application, be sure to highlight your degrees and certifications prominently.

Also mention your experience and skills, including your expertise with analytic coding languages, algorithms, AI, machine learning, modeling, forecasting, and so forth.

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