New Alleged image of LG Nexus 5 or LG Optimus G2 leaked.

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One of the most rumor publishing twitter account @evleaks came up with yet another image of the most talked about next LG Android smartphone. We have seen the same device image in another tweet published by the twitter. However the new image shows the same device with new angle showing the device laying over a tangle of wires which make the spy fact even more stronger, Or may be the account @evleaks has several images of the same device and they are publishing them with in the set schedule.

Comparing the two images ( this one and the one published last week ), we can see quite clearly that the device bazzle is same in both images and the top of the leaked device has a tiny aluminium strip covering the earpiece area of the phone. There are some sensors quite visible in this particular image which shows that the device has more than one sensor which often used to be the image sensor. The extra sensor option revealed shows the LG’s intentions to add some new spicy features to the device as the Samsung did with its Galaxy S4. The LG trademark logo didn’t appeared in this image but we are quite sure that it will be printed at the bottom end of the screen or at the Home button of the device.

Older image

The front facing camera can also be seen quite visible and according to the leaked sources it could be 2 megapixel. However the new image of the handset doesn’t show the same blue display as was shown in the older image posted above. This one even looks more cool with whole new black look and the bazzel less look seems more prominent  in the latest image.

We are still looking for the device name yet is it the next Nexus device that could be Nexus 5 or is it the Optimus G2 which has also been rumored to be the next Android LG smartphone.

The display of the device is most probably another IPS LCD display which has been used in many LG devices already, with the most expected addition of Gorilla Glass 3 at the front of the device. However at the sides of the device. It’s almost as if a non-reflective screen guard has been applied, but we can barely spot any differentiating lines between the display and edge of the phone to confirm that. If it’s non-reflective, that’s a pretty good thing.

There are lots of reports that this next LG device will be Optimus G series phone which can be Optimus G2 smartphone. On the other hand rumors are hot about the launch of next Nexus phone and LG is again the best contender to manufacture the next Nexus smartphone which has been named as Nexus 5. In either case we are still quite happy with this cool designed future LG smartphone. We have reasons to believe that the unreleased LG phone is the Optimus G2 (due to the LG branding) and that it will pack a Snapdragon 800 chipset (as our internal sources tell us LG is working on one such phone for a Q3 release). Hopefully the dust settles and we find out more concrete details about the phone soon.

We have collected all the leaked images of this suspected device yet to be named either LG Nexus 5 or the LG Optimus G2.

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