[Fixed] Optimum Stream Ott-1000 Error

Many new Optimum TV users have been getting this annoying Optimum Stream Ott-1000 error while they try to switch on their streaming Boxes. The error was found persistent if the user is connected to a new WiFi device.

Since this is more of a connectivity issue so here is how you can fix the issue.

Optimum Stream Ott-1000 Error

Optimum Stream OTT-1000 Error Fix:

To fix the issue you need to follow this step-by-step guide. Optimum Stream OTT-1000

  • Step 1: Switch on your Optimum Stream Device
  • Step 2: Go to Setting
  • Step 3: Inside Settings go to the Network Area.
  • Step 4: Select Already Connected WiFi Connection tap on it a little bit longer and then tap on Forget Connection.
  • Step 5: Once done, Now Connect with the same WiFi Connection but make sure to select the 2.4 GHz bandwidth
  • Step 6: Now when the device is connected, restart it and let it connect with WiFi automatically, this will fix the OTT-1000 Error.

Similarly, there are some other errors like OTT-1025 and OTT-1026.

Optimum Stream OTT-1025 Error:

This error can be fixed by updating the OS of the Optimim Stream Box. If you are getting this error on a 3d party TV device you can easily program the remote control codes and get rid of the error.

Optimum Stream OTT-1026 Error:

This error is mostly seen on the smart TVs connected with the Optimum Stream Box. The official helpline confirmed it as a network error and can be get fixed by simply resetting your Optimum Stream device and reconnecting it to the internet.

Once the device is reset, you can re-pair the remote by following this guide:

Re-Pairing the Remote:

You can repair your remote with different brands of tv’s using these simple codes.

    1. Turn on the TV
    2. Press and hold the TV POWER button and the number button for your TV’s brand simultaneously for 3 seconds, then release – the status light will turn on
      • 1 = Insignia
      • 2 = LG
      • 3 = Panasonic
      • 4 = Philips / Magnavox
      • 5 = Samsung
      • 6 = Sanyo
      • 7 = Sharp
      • 8 = Sony
      • 9 = Toshiba
      • 0 = Vizio
    3. Press and hold the TV POWER button until the TV turns off
    4. Press SELECT to store the code – the status light will turn off
    5. Press the TV POWER button. If successfully paired, the TV will turn on.

Mute for the TV Volume Confirmation settings.

  1. Confirm that the remote is working for the TV Volume, and MUTE functions
    • If any functions are not working or your TV brand is not listed above, try using the Auto-Search Programming Method.

This can also fix the remote control not working error.

New Updated Optimum Stream Channels List:

This streaming service comes up with a list of 58 channels. You can program these channels in your favorite order.

  1. News 12
  2. Cheddar News
  3. i24 News
  4. NBC News Now
  5. ABC News Live
  6. USA Today
  7. Newsy
  8. XUMO Free Movies
  9. Movies Page
  10. XUMO Free Westerns
  11. American Classics
  12. FilmRise Action
  13. FilmRise Classic
  14. FilmRise True Crimes
  15. FilmRise FREE Movies
  16. World Poker Tour
  17. Outdoor America
  18. Adventure Sports Network
  19. USA Today Sportswire
  20. Bon Appétit
  21. America’s Test Kitchen
  22. Food52
  23. GoTraveler
  24. Architechural Digest
  25. Motorvision.TV
  26. NatureVision
  27. Nosey
  28. Real Nosey
  29. Family Feud
  30. Reelz Channel
  31. Divorce Court
  32. Fuse XL
  33. Chive TV
  34. Kocowa
  35. TMZ
  36. PeopleTV
  37. The Hollywood Reporter
  38. FailArmy
  39. Funny or Die
  40. Just for Laughs
  41. It’s Showtime at the Apollo
  42. The Pet Collective
  43. WIRED
  44. PBS Digital
  45. Glamour
  46. GQ
  47. Vogue
  48. HooplaKidz
  49. Kabillion
  50. Mr. Bean & Friends
  51. Billboard
  52. Stingray HitList
  53. Stingray Hot Country
  54. Stingray Greatest Hits
  55. Stingray Soul Storm
  56. Stingray Classic Rock
  57. Qello Concerts by Stingray
  58. Stingray Karaoke

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