What is Optimum Stream? and how it’s a Game changer in Streaming World.

With new super-fast Fiber Cable Internet Connections, more and more streaming services are popping up. This includes the Optimum Stream service that provides convenient streaming possibilities with the best internet plans for the users.

Here we dwell deep into the Optimum Stream services to let you know how this super-fast ISP is specifically designed for high-end video streaming online.

Optimum Stream

What is Optimum Stream: Key Benefits and Features

Here are a few notable advantages of the Optimum Stream and some compelling arguments why you should consider one in your home.

You can now stream your favorite movies and TV shows

When it comes down to offering users a large selection of streaming and app services, the Optimum Stream Device really shines. The Optimum Stream Device allows users to choose from both popular cable channels as well as streaming services. The Optimum Stream Device will cover your needs whether you want to binge watch a Netflix show, keep up with the latest episodes of Hulu shows, or rent a newly released film on Amazon Prime Video.

Enjoy Unlimited Videos & Content

Optimum Stream lets you access a variety of providers and content without being restricted to a single ecosystem. You can watch sporting events, shows and news without cable thanks to the ability of this device to stream both live television content as well as on-demand videos. Thanks to the flexible content options, it is possible to personalize your entertainment through an easy-to-use interface.

It is even easier for users because they can rent and buy TV shows or movies directly on the device, eliminating the need for additional transactions across different platforms or devices. The Optimum Stream device offers a wide range of streaming choices, transforming your television into a multimedia center.

Optimum Stream Remote [Voice enabled]

It’s a revolution in user interface design. The voice remote on the Optimum Stream device is a real game changer. Using voice commands, you can easily find specific content, navigate menus, switch channels or control playback.

It is easy to use the voice remote to control your television, thanks to its speed, accuracy and understanding of natural language. The Optimum Stream is a great addition to the home entertainment system. Because of its interactivity and ease of use, it makes navigation easier and reduces irritation.

If your TV is one of the brands listed below, use this method. If your TV brand is not on the list, go to the Auto-Search Programming Method below and follow those instructions instead. Get the complete list of Remote Codes here.

    1. Turn on the TV
    2. Press and hold the TV POWER button and the number button for your TV’s brand simultaneously for 3 seconds, then release – the status light will turn on
      • 1 = Insignia
      • 2 = LG
      • 3 = Panasonic
      • 4 = Philips / Magnavox
      • 5 = Samsung
      • 6 = Sanyo
      • 7 = Sharp
      • 8 = Sony
      • 9 = Toshiba
      • 0 = Vizio
    3. Press and hold the TV POWER button until the TV turns off
    4. Press SELECT to store the code – the status light will turn off
    5. Press the TV POWER button. If successfully paired, the TV will turn on.

Mute for the TV Volume Confirmation settings.

  1. Confirm that the remote is working for the TV Volume, and MUTE functions
    • If any functions are not working or your TV brand is not listed above, try using the Auto-Search Programming Method.

This method works on all Optimum Stream Boxes. You can check this guide if you are facing any issues with the Optimum Stream Remote Controle.

Optimum Stream Channels List:

This streaming service comes up with a list of 58 channels. You can program these channels in your favorite order.

  1. News 12
  2. Cheddar News
  3. i24 News
  4. NBC News Now
  5. ABC News Live
  6. USA Today
  7. Newsy
  8. XUMO Free Movies
  9. Movies Page
  10. XUMO Free Westerns
  11. American Classics
  12. FilmRise Action
  13. FilmRise Classic
  14. FilmRise True Crimes
  15. FilmRise FREE Movies
  16. World Poker Tour
  17. Outdoor America
  18. Adventure Sports Network
  19. USA Today Sportswire
  20. Bon Appétit
  21. America’s Test Kitchen
  22. Food52
  23. GoTraveler
  24. Architechural Digest
  25. Motorvision.TV
  26. NatureVision
  27. Nosey
  28. Real Nosey
  29. Family Feud
  30. Reelz Channel
  31. Divorce Court
  32. Fuse XL
  33. Chive TV
  34. Kocowa
  35. TMZ
  36. PeopleTV
  37. The Hollywood Reporter
  38. FailArmy
  39. Funny or Die
  40. Just for Laughs
  41. It’s Showtime at the Apollo
  42. The Pet Collective
  43. WIRED
  44. PBS Digital
  45. Glamour
  46. GQ
  47. Vogue
  48. HooplaKidz
  49. Kabillion
  50. Mr. Bean & Friends
  51. Billboard
  52. Stingray HitList
  53. Stingray Hot Country
  54. Stingray Greatest Hits
  55. Stingray Soul Storm
  56. Stingray Classic Rock
  57. Qello Concerts by Stingray
  58. Stingray Karaoke

Read the detailed guide here.

Optimum Services Integration

The Optimum Stream device provides a seamless experience that integrates Optimum internet and television. You can now access all of your favorite Optimum television channels, as well as On Demand content through your device. Optimum Stream simplifies the process of accessing Optimum’s extensive content library by providing a convenient way to view your favourite shows, sports events, news and updates.

Integration goes beyond channel access. The device can communicate with the Optimum connection to ensure an excellent and stable streaming experience. Synergy among Optimum products makes managing your entertainment at home easier.

Optimum Stream Apps for Android and iOS:

Optimum Stream Apps for both Android and iOS make it easier to access the device using your smartphone. Moreover, it helps in streaming your favorite tv channels on the move.

All your shows in one place. Stream Live TV or catch up on your Cloud DVR recordings from anywhere within your home. Plus, you can watch TV on the go with some of your favorite shows and networks available, anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection with the Optimum TV App.

Optimum stream Channels

Main Features of the Streaming App:


Watch Live TV for your entire channel lineup, On Demand programming and your Cloud DVR recordings from anywhere in your home
• Rent and watch On Demand movies directly from the Optimum TV app
• With the TV to GO feature, watch programs from top networks anytime, anywhere
• Start watching a recording on your device and resume watching the same program on your TV
• Use Restart to start select shows from the very beginning, even if you tune in late *


• Schedule Cloud DVR Recordings
• View Scheduled and Recorded Lists
• Manage Scheduled and Recorded programs


• Use your device as a virtual remote control for your Optimum TV Box
• Search using your voice by actor, director, title, genre or keyword
• Set up parental controls to restrict what your child can watch through the Optimum TV App
• Turn on features like Closed Captioning and SAP


• Available content and features are based on your current programming package and premium service. Not all content is available to stream at this time.
• An Optimum ID and Password
• A WiFi connection
• Visit optimum.net/app for more information

4K Ultra HD Videos streaming at 120Hz support:

The Optimum Stream device supports Ultra HD in 4K. This will make those who already own a 4K capable television happy. The clarity of the video and its detail enhances your experience when viewing a 4K movie. The Optimum stream device ensures you make the most of your 4K TV when streaming documentaries, action movies, and TV shows.

This also allows the smoothest 4K video streaming at 120hz or 120fps without even being connected to hardwired. This is due to the latest WiFi 7-supported antenna in the Optimum Stream device.

Thanks to 4K Ultra HD, the visuals can look more vibrant and realistic. They also have a higher level of clarity and detail. It provides a superior visual experience to people with high-end televisions that support 4K.

The Wi-Fi 6e/7 Connection Support:

Wi-Fi connection is a key component to the Optimum Stream, which ensures a non-stop and seamless streaming experience. This device comes with the support of the latest Wi-Fi bands including the latest WiFi 6e and WiFi 7 routers support.

This device is connected to your Wi-Fi home network. No need to use bulky wiring and you can move the TV and streaming devices around more freely. Wi-Fi connectivity is strong enough to allow you to watch movies and TV shows with no interruptions.

You can place your device in the most convenient location for you, as you are not restricted to where you have your router and modem. With the Optimum stream device, you can place your television anywhere you want within range. Wi-Fi connection ensures that you can watch your movies and shows without any interruptions.

The convenience of portability

The Stream device is a portable addition to your home entertainment system. Its small size, low weight and portability allow you to easily transfer the Stream Device between TVs in your house. It is perfect if you want to use the same streaming service in different rooms.

It is also portable. The device is portable, making it a good travel companion. With a WiFi-enabled TV and HDMI connection, it is possible to watch streaming videos wherever you are.

How to Set Up an Optimum-Stream Device

It is easy to set up the Optimum Stream Device:

  • The HDMI port of your TV must be open.
  • The power adapter is included to power the device.
  • To connect your gadget to Wi-Fi, follow the directions on the screen.
  • Sign in to your account using your Optimum credentials and link your streaming accounts.
  • You can now start streaming and viewing media content from the services you prefer.

Contact Optimum en Spanish for installation and professional help if you can’t set it up yourself.

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The user-friendly and adaptable Optimum Device will enhance the functionality of your home entertainment systems. It is a streaming video player that offers an enjoyable and flexible experience for cord-cutters or those who want more viewing choices. The device is useful for improving TV viewing because it provides access to streaming providers and 4K Ultra HD.

If you can’t get an Optimum Stream in your area, Spectrum deals are also a great option for investing! Spectrum deals can be a fantastic option if an Optimum Stream is not available in your locality.

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