Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Vs Galaxy S3 Mini.

You might think why Samsung is the top seller smartphone manufacturer in the whole world? The answer to this is that they make smartphone in every possible size and shape. They know the rules of dominance as the milk the most out of their best flagship devices. Just take Galaxy S4 as an example, The device itself is no doubt the most powerful smartphone released in year 2013, but what Samsung has done is the introduction of it’s variants including Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini which has been unveiled in a press release a couple of days ago.

Meanwhile the smartphone makers have some more Galaxy S4 variants in pipeline including Galaxy S4 Active, which will be the rugged version of the Galaxy S4 and we saw it’s leaked rendered press images yesterday , while we also have reports of Galaxy S4 Zoom which will be the camera variant of the Galaxy S4 with a special 16-megapixel camera made for photographers. We also have some reports of a bigger 6-inch Galaxy S4 variant which will be called Galaxy S4 Mega.

¬†Samsung did the same with their previous successful smartphone of the year Galaxy S3, by introducing it’s smaller version named Galaxy S3 Mini. We have put the past and the future products all together to measure what is actually different between these Samsung Smartphones, in this detailed specs Infographics which was originally made by AndroidPit, showing a comparison between Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the older Galaxy S3 Mini.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Vs Galaxy S3 Mini:

The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is found to be much more powerful as compared to it’s older mini cousin the Galaxy S3. However you can find more design and dimension changes below.

Galaxy S4 vs galaxy s4 mini galaxy S4 mini vs Galaxy s3 mini S4 mini vs s3 mini What is the difference between S4 mini and S3 mini Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S4 mini vs Galaxy S3 mini galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3

Hope you will find it quite easier now to choose between these devices according to your preferred needs. My personal is obviously the bigger Galaxy S4 as I have no problem with the size after using Galaxy S3 for last 9-10 months. Anyways feel free to comment below and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google +. 

Image Source : ©AndroidPit

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