What Is Email Verification

Email verification helps you clean your list of emails to improve your email reply rates. It is the process that’s done through a special tool called email verifier. 

Usually, you can upload your file with emails that you want to verify into the tool and let it clean the list. In the result, you get the same list only with the added line, where it’s said whether an email is a working one or not.

How to verify my email addresses?

The most common way to verify email if you have a list of emails is to upload that file into an email verifier. 

For instance, let’s see how it’s done in Closely – LinkedIn lead engagement and email provider. 

So, you have this list of emails and you want to know which of them are working (can be used in your email outreach) and which one is outdated, meaning nobody will receive that email. By the way, the cleaner your list of emails, – the better sender reputation you’ll get. How? If you send emails to addresses that don’t open your email, it gets recorded. The lower your reply rate, the poorer your sender’s reputation. 

Ok, now let’s see how to clean your email list to get rid of those not-relevant emails that can spoil your sender reputation and your reply rates.

  1. First, you go to Closely and log in. 
  2. Then you go to your list of emails. 
  3. Select the needed emails and hit  “Verify emails”. Let the tool run the verification process. 
  4. Once it’s finished, you’ll get the results on the screen.

Email Verification

Emails that are valid will have the green circle next to them. Invalid emails will have the red circle next to them.

  • What’s next? Then click on all the emails that you want to export, excluding those with a red circle and click “export”.

How to verify Emails

Now you have a clean list with emails that you can use in your email outreach. 

How does email verification work?

If you need to dive into technical details, here is a quick round-up.

Usually, email verifiers go through a three–step process to understand whether an email is valid or not.

  • Step 1: Syntax check

In this step, the tool checks whether an email has any missing symbols that make an email irrelevant. For instance, the absence of this @ symbol automatically makes the email invalid. It means the email sent to this address will bounce and spoil your campaign’s performance.

  • Step 2: Domain Check

During the second step, the tool checks whether the domain address is correct and whether the server can receive emails.

  • Step 3: Email ping

In this step, the tool sends an EHLO message to the email and waits for the response from an email server. Then it can understand whether the email can receive messages or not.

In general, the process works as described.

Is there any other way to verify an email address?

We’ve suggested a proven method. Closely email verifier can clean it quickly for you. Besides, it offers a base of business contacts that can be filtered to access the group of leads that is of interest to you. 

Closely Email Verification

So, once you get your email list with leads’ emails, you can clean it right there, without the need to sync a third-party verifier.

If you want to know how to get a valid email address in the first place, we can say that there is no way to ensure the quality of the email base in advance. You can only try different email bases and then compare the quality of emails you source from them regularly.

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