Samsung Glaxy S6 Edge passes the bend test.


The world might never tested the smartphones like this until the huge scandal of the iPhone 6 plus erupts, this leads critics to test the smartphone in a whole new way and that is now regarded as the Bend Test. Just after the release of the iPhone 6 Plus some of the owners claimed that their device started to bend while putting in tight jeans pockets and the theory come up stronger just after the number of claims increased.

So the whole bendgate situation didn’t ended at all, and converted into a new test for smartphones mentioned as bend test. We have the recently announced future flagship device from the Samsung named as the Galaxy S6 Edge a uniquely designed Galaxy S6 partner with the round edges.

The Galaxy S6 got the same build material as found on the Apple’s recent flagship the iPhone 6 Plus but the makers of this Korean brand doesen’t seem to be ready to accept the bendgate issue on their smartphones. This video clip posted on YouTube shows that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge stood its ground even though a huge amount of force exerted on both bottom and top of the device to let it bend.

The video posted on the Chineses Smarthone review channel shows the whole test and made it clear that there is no way that you can bend your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge device exidently or even intentionally. This makes the device among the proud list of most rugged devices who passed this brutal bend test recently.

Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE Bend Test   YouTube

You can use to test your own device bearing in mind the basics of physics that if you can’t bend it you would end up breaking the device. The video shows that even exerting a lot of pressure on the device, it didn’t loose it shape and size and remain in the same design shown before the test. Here is Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Bend Test video for you to see it with your own eyes.

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