Samsung increases production of its Galaxy S6 Edge with curved screen

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has finally justify the use of a flexible display on a device, though far from offering new and interesting features, the fact is that the effect ‘wow’ that Samsung has managed to version edge of the Galaxy S6 is concentrated more on their appearance.

Flexible displays are precisely one of the biggest bets of Samsung in recent times, and although the Korean giant has not found much use, the fact is that the announcement of hisrecord in R & D investment for 2014 confirms its strong strategy innovation regardless.

Anyway, after positive preliminary analysis we saw in Barcelona, ​​it seems that Samsung has begun to blindly trust their new Galaxy S6 Edge, which has started a production increase initially planned .


Samsung has risked its new flagship, and its radical change seems to have gone quite well in both classic version as adopting this curved screen to the frames already premiered with more pain than glory limited Galaxy Note Edge .

For now, from Korea and Announce Alps Electronics, until now only provider of Samsung for their panels flexible AMOLED, is no longer able to cope with the demand, so the guys from Samsung have already begun to seek new display manufacturers that they can keep the stock.

Despite its obvious price increase unjustified for many because of its almost no use, it seems that Samsung and its versions “edge” are serious , so if you do not know why we offer the new Galaxy S6 and innovative variant, here we we save our analysis from the MWC 2015.

Vía | SamMobile

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