Best Email Extractor Apps for Android and iPhone for Free.

Best Email Extractor Apps: The world is moving toward online marketing and recently with the worst pandemic hitting us, email marketing becomes the most effective way to reach the masses in no time. And since more people are turning online with each passing day, connecting with them is easier than before.

Some studies suggest that well over 34% of the world population uses Email for connectivity with others. So one can say that Email Marketing is way more successful as compared to paid Social Media marketing services available. Mobile devices promptly notify users about the new email arriving in their inboxes. And let them read the main subject in Notifications. So people’s interaction with emails is getting more and more with each passing day.

So today we are here with a list of some of the best free Email Extractor Apps for Android and iPhone devices for Free. All these apps will help you extract the sender’s email address and stack up all their info in the database for future use including the latest Email Extractor 1.6 for all devices.

Email Extractor Apps for Android and iPhones

Best Free Email Extractor Apps for Android

Using Extracted Emails by the following apps can be used for Email Marketing and Data gathering from different apps on your device.

Here are some of the best Email Extracting Apps for Android and iOS.

  1. Email Address Extractor
  2. Webpage Email Extractor
  3. Extract Email Address
  4. uScraper: powerful scraping app
  5. Track – Email Tracking
  6. Email Extractor 1.6

Now we will read more exclusively all the features and reviews of these best Email Extractor Apps for Android. Each review is followed by the download link and installation instructions.

1st App

Email Address Extractor

Email Extractor is a very powerful and professional tool to extract e-mail addresses from various sources: like website URLs, all kinds of local text files of your device.

✔ Extract the email address from the website URL.
✔ Extract email address from files: text, excel, HTML, php, xml, json, eml, word.
✔ Save Extract email address to text, excel, and Database.
✔ Export address to text, excel
✔ Copy the E-mail address and database.
✔ Remove duplicated e-mail address
✔ Create a shortlist database from the Extract email address.

[appbox googleplay id=mobi.dailyapps.emailextractor]
2nd App

Webpage Email Extractor

This app will help in extracting email addresses from a webpage text. Its quick and easy. Just enter the webpage URL and all the extracted email addresses will be displayed and can be copied and shared.

Let us know if need any update.

[appbox googleplay id=com.ilyas.ilyasapps.webpageemailextractor]
3rd App

Extract Email Address

The application will help you extract email addresses from web pages.

You can navigate to any web page. As soon as the page loads, this app captures all the email addresses on the page and saves them.

You can then export the saved email addresses to your email.

Email Extractor Email address Scraper Email Hunter harvest

[appbox googleplay]
4th App

uScraper : powerful scraping app

uScraper is a most powerful web-based app to extract emails from thousands of websites by URL crawling, text files, and searching in modern search engines. uScraper turns the web into a database and allows users to extract structured data from websites without writing any computer code.

* extract email list from multiple sources
* scrape data in multiple file format (e.g. text / JSON / XML / docx and pdf)
* extract data by well-known techniques such as crawling and deep searching in popular search engines
* product managers, advertisers, marketers and computer hobbyist can extract and generate insights using the uScraper app
* bulk extraction and making multiple lists is also available

Love uScraper?

[appbox googleplay id=com.unelmaplatforms.uscraper]
5th App

Track – Email Tracking

The only app that allows you to track email directly from your Gmail on mobile and desktop★

✔✔ Track Email Sent from Gmail or Inbox on Android
✔✔ Track Email Sent from Gmail on Desktop
✔✔ Supports Gmail, Inbox by Gmail and G Suite email accounts
✔✔ Know When, Where and For How Long Your Email Has Been Read
✔✔ Know Who Exactly Opened Your Email (Individual, Per-Recipient Tracking)
✔✔ Links and Attachments Tracking
✔✔ Email Forwarding Tracking
✔✔ Get Instant Email Confirmation About Sent, Read, Forward, Click and Open Events
✔✔ Select When To Receive Each Notification
✔✔ Totally Invisible to Recipient
✔✔ Get Follow-up Reminders for Unread Emails
✔✔ Smart Tracking Labels For Sorting Read and Unread Emails

Sign Up Once, Use Everywhere
With Track you can track email on any device you use – Windows PC, Android Phone, Tablet, Wear, iPhone, or Mac.
The track also works with any email app you use – Gmail for Mobile, Inbox, Gmail for Desktop, Android Mail, etc.

[appbox googleplay]

Special Edition: Email Extractor Lite APK For Android is also coming soon for all smartphones.

Best Free Email Extracting Apps for iPhone

Now is the time to turn to the iOS devices and bring around some of the best Email Extractor Apps for iPhones, iPad or iPod Touch that works perfectly for the latest iOS 14 devices.

1st App

Easy Email Extractor

The easy way to extract email addresses from any website in a click. This is the updated version as known as the Email Extractor 1.4 for Android and iOS devices.

Compatible with social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

Obviously, the target URL must contain emails on the page.

This tool will not be able to extract emails from a private database (I had to explain that because I received strange questions those days :)).


– Fuzzy Strings Detections: scrape addresses with at sign and dot replacement (like “(at)” rather than “@”).

– Bad Addresses Filter : catch only addresses that seem real with listed extension (like .com, .de, .fr, …).

– Progress bar to follow the extraction process (not on screenshots but present ;))

[appbox appstore id720978756]

2nd App

Email Extractor Lite

Email Extractor Lite – an easy tool for collecting email addresses from local files and web pages. The updated Email Extractor 1.7 has also included the Lite version to add extra features in the app.

This app ONLY works with the latest version of Microsoft Outlook.

The program has a variety of settings that allow you to achieve even better results in the creation of your list of contacts.

The application doesn’t duplicate addresses. It also works as the best IG Email Extractor app to get you the required Instagram user email address and all the required data from inside the app.

The program scans emails from different sources:

– Local files with txt, csv extensions;

– .DOC/.DOCX files;

– .XLS/.XLSX files;

– .PDF files;

– Apple Mail;

– Microsoft Outlook;

– Web pages;

– Links that require Authentication;

– Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

The Lite version of the program doesn’t allow to save found emails. You can find the full version without limitations on the App Store.

[appbox appstore id1202217342]

3rd App

System-i Email Extractor

You can try the LITE version for free! It’s available for free on the App Store!

Email Extractor is a little software that allows you to extract email addresses from any text file, you can view them into a list and then you can export as text ONLY email addresses.

This little application is useful when you want to create personal mailing lists getting addresses from web pages or email messages.

Note: System-i Email Extractor can read-only email addresses that are present in the document or webpage scanned!

Supported document types:

– all text files

– html, php, asp files

– xls and xlsx files

– doc and docx files

– pdf files

– many other not encrypted files

– webpages

[appbox appstore id464820762]

Extra: Email Extractor 1.8:

The latest and updated Email Extractor 1.8 is still in the beta stages, So once the stable version of the app launches and is made available to the public, we will surely review the Email Extractor v1.8 and would post the pros and Cons here.

We would like to add more working apps that help extract the most useful email account data, but the issue is that all those apps are paid or have bad reviews.

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