Download SatFinder APK Pro for Android, Catch Any Satellite signals for Free.

Here you will be able to download and install the SatFinder APK Pro latest version on Android with so many advanced features. You can download and install the Mod APK of the Sat Finder APK as we are going to give you the mod apk and all the necessary instructions. 

Many Satellite Finder Pro users want a Satellite Finder Pro Mod APK to use advanced options that you can’t get in the free version. So here you are going to get the complete details and step-by-step instructions on how to download and install this digital Satellite Finder helping app on their devices. Let’s first go for a detailed overview of the app.

SatFinder Apk Pro

Overview: What is SatFinder?

SatFinder with the real name Satellite Finder 2023 is a satellite finder and dish pointer app that can save you enough time and a few bucks at the same time. 

As the name suggests Satellite Finder 2021 is the app to help you in adjusting the position of Dish for your channels. Dish TV has become an essential part of our life. But most Satellite Dish users face difficulty while aligning, pointing, and installing Satellite Dish antennae to the direction of the desired satellite. As it is complicated if you don’t know enough about it. You need to adjust the satellite dish according to the satellite’s direction. You can’t find the exact location of a satellite simply and you require enough time to keep looking for the exact match.

Satellite Finder Pro Features:

The process of finding a specific satellite while testing, again and again, is a very painful activity. It is also a waste of time otherwise you also need an expert for this task. That’s why a Satellite finder app named Satellite Finder 2021 is here to help you out in this activity.

SatFinder APK shows the horizontal and vertical direction to align the Dish antenna. You will be able to orient the antenna easily to the satellite you are looking for. With the new Satellite Dish Pointer feature, you can get 100% signals if you find the right angels.

Satellite Finder 2021 uses gps to find you a specific satellite dish’s required location, and direction with angle and antenna settings.

Satellite Finder 2021 is developed in the way to solve your problem of Dish TV adjustment. You just need basic knowledge and common sense to follow this app’s instructions like the direction it pointed you with the angle. Point your phone on the dish antenna so the app could tell you the exact direction. Follow the instructions attentively.

The app tells azimuth, direction for satellite director elevation and LNB tilt with the help of GPS. You also get the list of over 300 satellites so you could choose your desired satellite simply and can also set any satellite to default or favorites. A digital compass helps users to quickly set their phone to the appropriate direction and then put their phone in that direction on the Dish antenna to move the antenna comfortably.

The digital compass must be working for the accurate working of App. Rotate your phone towards the icon of the blinking satellite to get the right direction at a specific satellite and the app also alarms while pointing the phone in the given direction.

However, Satellite Finder 2021 also has helpful instructions and a great user interface that make it easy for you to understand and master the app. App guides you through the process with every single step. You can also customize the settings according to the TV and Dish antenna. 

SatFinder App Information:

App Title Satellite Finder 2021
App Size 3.2MB
Category Tools
App Version 1.0.1
Platform Android
Developer Satellite Finder Pro
Rating 4.2
O.S. 4.0 and Up
Price Free
First Released June 2023
Mod Yes

How SatFinder Apk or Satellite Finder Apk works:

Satellite Finder apps, also known as SAT Finder apps, play a significant role in maximizing satellite signal reception. These applications utilize the GPS features of your device, providing an effective means of aligning your satellite dish for the best possible signal strength. Here’s how they work:

  • Geolocation:

SAT Finder apps use your device’s GPS to determine your exact location. This data is vital as the app calculates the optimal angle for your satellite dish based on your position.

  • Augmented Reality (AR):

Some apps feature augmented reality technology that superimposes specific satellite positions onto a live view of the sky on your phone’s screen. By pointing your device toward the sky, the app can visually guide you to the exact location of your desired satellite.

  • Compass & Inclinometer:

SAT Finder apps usually feature a built-in compass and inclinometer. The compass helps with azimuth calculations (horizontal alignment), while the inclinometer aids in determining elevation (vertical alignment).

  • Calculation of Azimuth and Elevation:

These apps calculate the optimal azimuth and elevation of your satellite dish based on the satellite you wish to tune in to. It guides you to adjust your dish until you achieve these optimal settings.

  • Signal Strength Meter:

Some SAT Finder apps feature a signal strength meter. This feature helps you fine-tune your dish’s alignment by providing real-time feedback on signal strength as you make adjustments.

By using a SAT Finder app, you can considerably expedite the process of aligning your satellite dish, eliminating much of the trial and error associated with manual adjustments. It’s an efficient way to ensure you’re getting the best signal reception possible.

Download and Install Satellite Finder Pro APK Mod for Android:

Now it’s time for the step to step guide to download and install Satellite Finder 2021 Android Package file (APK) on your Android device.

Step by Step download and install SatFinder APK Pro instructions:

Follow the steps below:

  • Download the modified version of the latest Satellite Finder APK Pro
  • If installation from unknown sources is not allowed on your phone then allow unknown sources for app installation by going to your Android device settings >> security and selecting “Allow Unknown Sources”
  • Now locate the downloaded APK file on your device
  • Tap on the APK file to install Satellite Finder 
  • Wait, as installation may take a few seconds
  • Now open the app and get relief in setting up your dish antenna for your favorite TV Satellite

You can also download the SatFinder Lite for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad or iPod using this link.

SatFinder Lite for iOS

Frequently Asked Question

What is Satellite Finder Pro APK?

Satellite Finder Pro APK is a satellite finder and dish pointer app to help you in adjusting the position of your Dish for your favorite channels. 

Does SatFinder Apk work?

Yes, Sat Finder is helpful when getting a better dish signal as it works by measuring the signal strength of different satellites in the geostationary orbit. So it makes it easy for you to align your dish in the exact direction so the TV reception could get a strong signal.

What are the alternatives to the SatFinder 2023 app for Android?

Here is the list of the alternatives to the satellite finder app:

  1.  Satellite Tracker
  2. Satellite Pointer
  3. NASA App
  4. ISS Detector
  5. Satellite Director.
  6. GoSatWatch Satellite Tracking
  7. Dish For My RV


The latest SatFinder Apk Pro or Premium featured app helps you detect any satellite signals and you can easily direct your Dish Antenna in that direction to receive signals via the LNB. The digital Satellite Finder apps are way useful on new Android devices due to the overwhelming new GPS features loaded in these devices.

Keep in touch as we will be bringing more new Satellite Finder apps for Android in the near future.

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