[Fixed] StreamLord Video Not Loading?

Are you facing a StreamLord Video Not Loading issue on your PC or smartphone browsers? Even though you are trying the right alternative domains or proxies for the StreamLord website. Then you are at the right spot. Here we will brief you on some of the proven steps you should take to make your StreamLord site start loading the video content you need to watch.

StreamLord is one of the best free streaming sites for watching movies and series online with high-quality movie streams. Its fast and efficient user interface makes the site easy to use for free movie lovers and playback is also great. The movie content includes popular releases.

This site is almost ad-free as it doesn’t redirect you anywhere nor do you get popups. Enjoy high-quality content with multiple streaming servers and sources. You can also turn the light off during playback for a focused and comfortable movie time.

You can access the best working StreamLord website here.

But since many new sites like StreamLord are also not loading the movies or TV shows content in the browser, here are some ways to fix this video not loading issue.

StreamLord Video Not Loading

Simple Steps to Fix the StreamLord Video Not Loading Issue:

Following are the steps to fix the video not working issue for the StreamLord website. This simple testing procedure can be done for other websites too, to make sure that the not working status can be fixed.

ISP Blocked issue:

One of the major reasons behind the video not loading issue is ISP blockage as sometimes local ISPs also block sites like StreamLord. The reason behind the ISP blockage could be the regional or national government or the copyright notice given by the movie production house. For whatever reason StreamLord site faces ISP blockage, but you can still access the movie content using a VPN or Proxy server. VPN helps make a secure tunnel bypassing your ISP hence this solves the site or video loading issue.

Hosting Server Not Working:

Free movie streaming sites like StreamLord use 3rd party video hosting providers and embed all video content to stream online and offer different servers. If you see either an error or a black screen or it shows continuous buffering, you can also try switching to alternative servers.

If the issue still persists because of the hosting server issue, then you can fix this problem by using a VPN. You can try installing a VPN extension on the browser or any VPN software.

Clear Browser Cache & Data:

If you are facing a StreamLord video not working issue or site loading is taking enough time, then you can try to fix this problem by cleaning the browsing data and cache. You should purge Chrome browser data & cache. Check the site or video streaming after deleting the data.

Chrome Browser Settings

To clear browser data and cache, go to Chrome settings >> Privacy and security option > Clear Browsing Data > Choose Advanced tab from the pop-up settings box > Select “All Time” as the Time range.

Chrome Clear Data

Now choose to right-tick for options like “Browsing History”, “Download History”, “Cookies and other site data”, and “Cached images and files”. Then click the “Clear Data” button to fix the StreamLord Video Not Loading error on Chrome Browser.

Clear Browsing Data in Chrome

Change Browser DNS:

Another way to fix StreamLord’s “Video not loading” issue is changing the browser’s DNS settings. Changing your DNS in the browser to a different DNS service can help you access blocked content. Changing DNS settings won’t impact the internet connection. Follow these steps to change DNS Settings on Chrome:

  1. Go to Privacy and Security from Chrome settings and the “Security” optionsChrome Browser Security
  2. Now click “Use Secure DNS”
  3. Choose “Customize” and set the DNS shown in the dropdown menu or enter any DNS. You can also check the DNS list belowChrome Browser Custom DNS
DNS Server DNS Alternative DNS
Google Public DNS
Quad9 DNS (IPv4)
Quad9 DNS (IPv6) 2620:fe::fe 2620:fe::9
Cloudflare DNS

You can also use DNS changing browser extensions to change DNS settings like “DNS Changer” which is a Quick and Secure way. Go to the Chrome web store and search for it. Open and configure the extension with your desired DNS server settings.

Remove or Re-install Chrome Extensions:

There are several browser extensions that block content or sites. You should check your installed extensions if you find any extension that might be becoming an issue for loading StreamLord video then you need to disable or remove that extension in order to fix the video now working issue.

To remove extensions open chrome extensions by entering URL chrome//extensions and check any extension possibly blocking the StreamLord content or restricting the page loading like any ad-blocker extension.Chrome Extensions

Now disable that extension by toggling off like pointed in the screenshot below and then reloading the StreamLord site.Disable Chrome Extension

By following any or all of the ways explained above, StreamLord should be working now. If your StreamLord is still not working, Try these StreamLord alternatives.

We hope this simple guide on how to fix video loading issues on StreamLord was helpful. Please feel free to comment below for any queries regarding the video loading issue.

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